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I can't edit the original post anymore so no more adjustments can be made

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BhoscaCapall said:
Ah yes, was called the Galway Shawl at one point too wasn't it? Was that not a pub for the gay community or whatever?

The MT Pockets down in Ennis changed their name too, perhaps it was a bit too close to home during the recession

The galway shawl (aka the claddagh ring) is where massimos is now.

The merry fiddler, was once called O'Malleys also. Its up prospect hill on the right heading up towards bohermore. It faces the road leading down to debenhams car park.

That's true but the pub now called the merry fiddler (formerly MT pockets and other names) was *also* named The Galway Shawl, as recently as last year. Bit confusing!

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biko said:
Well done OP :thumbsup:

Hi, can you allow me re-edit my original Galway Pubs post indefinitely for adjustments/additions?


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Good work, OP. I would add Garvey's to the rock/pop group, as they have regular gigs. Also, are all these live music places, or are you including recorded music/DJs? (If so, I would suggest differentiating between live and not-live.)

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Black Cat Salthill jazz Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon.

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