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Just signed up for the theory test on the 10th of March, getting the DVD tomorrow from the brother.

Do ye reckon a month is enough time to give myself to study for it?

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pithater1 said:
Just signed up for the theory test on the 10th of March, getting the DVD tomorrow from the brother.

Do ye reckon a month is enough time to give myself to study for it?

Oh yeah, I should say so. I've done more of them than most normal people (three, in fact - motorcycle, ADI category B and Trucks) and I find if you give it an hour or so on the CD doing practice tests for a couple of weeks, until the stats tell you you've covered >80% of the questions and you always hit >39/40 you'll be just fine. Best of luck.

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is there multiple answers in the actual theory test?

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aramush said:
is there multiple answers in the actual theory test?

Used to be a fair few questions like that, but since Edition 5 they seem to have gone very scarce.


I passed my theory and driving test first time and if I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to read that theory test book until you're sick of it.
Seriously--I read it and watched the DVD so much that I was getting bored of it, but that's good because by the time your test comes round, you'll automatically know the answers.
Best of luck!

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Ya a month is loads of time. I gave myself two months from the time I booked it, so that I pass and do well not just be studying to just about pass.

I used to study the book for about an hour a day go through each chapter individually set for each day, then revised over them maybe three chapters a day and then eventually maybe half the car theory of the book in a day and then looked at every chapter then in one given day nearer the time of the test.

I study bit by bit in small chunks then bigger chunks gradually and then revise the whole lot together a lot easier to remember stuff I find studying it that way.

I would also have practised testing myself with the CD everyday after each study session. Most days it was one hour a day I devoted myself to the book and then what ever time I needed with the cd. When studying more chapters probably 2 hours in the day but not more than that. Regularly testing myself was very good to keep things in mind especially practising the difficult and tricky questions over and over again. Found one of the ones with the motorbike pic was one of the difficult ones.

Be careful with some of the questions you might need to think before you choose your answers and watch out for the questions that require more than one answer! Try not to rush your answers take your time. Most of it is common sense and testing you on the rules of the road mainly but what might make sense might not actually be the correct answer some questions can be a bit funny like take. Take note of new and extra questions too in the new edition. You'll have 40-45 minutes I think to do the test anyway.

Best of luck with it OP

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I passed my theory test first time too. Read the questions carefully before answering anyway try not to rush it and take your time when answering.

I still use the theory test cd to test my knowledge of the rules of the road. Handy to go back over when learning to drive and getting to understand and knowing the rules of the road, and testing yourself the oral section of the driving test too so in that way the theory test is very handy and not always having to depend on the book unless to clarify something but that's only when you have passed your theory test and learning to drive now mind!


The first time I went for my TT test I was very nervous, But thats a big mistake to make. I read quistion wrong and rush myself and I failed. The secound time I went for it, I was way more relaxed and chilled out. Just make sure to take your time and read the quistion very carefully.

I also found that the cd was more usefull to me, than the book. I used the book the first time more than the cd. I dident absorb the the info fully. I found it better to pactice on the cd and I brought the book into school for when I got tired of learning the same old school stuff. (Im not telling you to bring the book into school or anything, just telling you what I done.) I used an old cd, I got the lend of a friend, I still passed.

Im rambling on anyway.
Best of luck in it.
Keep us posted

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Would you say the actual theory test is harder than the mock theory test you can take on the CD?

I think its a stupid question, but anyway..

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No the mock theory test is the exact same.

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