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Ive been looking at parts on sites like dabs , but cant help to think that im being screwed over.
1. What is your budget? €550ish

2. What will be the main purpose of the computer? Gaming mainly, New and Old

3. Do you need a copy of Windows? Yep

4. Can you use any parts from an old computer? Nope

5. Do you need a monitor? Yeah, but it can wait for now

6. Do you need any of these peripherals? nope

7. Are you willing to try overclocking? Probably

8. How can you pay? Credit card , paypal?

9. When are you purchasing? Within next few months

If anyone could help me at all that would be great. Thanks.

Serephucus Registered User

Something like this, maybe?

Total build cost: €345.17 + €30 shipping
Intel Core i3-2120 Box, LGA1155€105.99
ASRock H61M-S (B3), Sockel 1155, mATX€43.85
Super-Flower Amazon 80Plus 450W€40.11
BitFenix Merc Alpha€31.61
Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB, SATA II (HD502HJ)€75.00
8GB-Kit A-Data Value PC3-1333 CL9€33.20
Samsung SH-222AB bare schwarz SATA€15.41

And Win7 from Software4Students for €45.50, brings the total to €420, leaving you €130 for a graphics card.

I'd wait for a week or two though. There's a new series rolling out, and it'll make the current series drop a bit, and possibly open up a few other options.

Just saw when you're going to be buying it. If we're talking that long, come back when you're a week or two from ordering. No point speccing something out now for you, things will have changed a lot by then.

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deconduo Moderator

Yeah, because things can change a lot in a couple of months, its always better to ask 2-3 days before you plan to order.

SpankThru Registered User

Thanks for the replies , I've heard that i3 isn't that good for newer games ? or is that just marketing ?
And BTW i said few months because im not sure what to get , ill order whenever im sure of what i'm getting. Thanks.

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The i3, i5 and i7 are just marketing labels and don't directly correspond to performance. Although just a dual core it's pretty good and has hyperthreading for those tasks which make use of it. The socket 1155 has good upgrade options so you can easily upgrade to a nice quad core down the road. To really maximise your options, you could get a higher quality motherboard which would support bigger upgrades like overclockable CPUs and would be more suitable for SSDs. However, this would drastically eat into your budget essentially doubling the motherboard cost.

The main concern for a quality gaming machine is the graphics card. There's new cards due on the 15th and you'll have even more options in a few months if that's when you're buying.

SpankThru Registered User

Is it possible to get a Gaming PC that can run games in this quality( for 550 or less?
New and Old?

Jonny7 Registered User

Assuming you get an i3 processor, coupled with a 140 euro graphics card and perhaps a 22 inch monitor - you'll be able to run most games on high or highest and still be as smooth as the video.

However, running every game on ultra highest settings on a very high res monitor usually involves more cash. You'll still be blown away by the graphics on a 550 machine, but obviously you can always go better.

SpankThru Registered User

So What Graphics card would ye recommend?
Is this any good? (fits my budget)

Serephucus Registered User

Wait for the new series of cards, they're out next week.

SpankThru Registered User

So i should wait for the new ones because the price of older models will drop or because the new models are way better?

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Serephucus Registered User

SpankThru said:
So i should wait for the new ones because the price of older models will drop or because the new models are way better?


SpankThru Registered User

Random Question , should i get a better power supply , Like 550w instead of 450w?

Monotype Registered User

450W for that system is enough with a midrange graphics card. You could get a 550W if you were going for a high end card or wanted more room for expansion. The quality of the PSU is very important and some 550W PSUs are much worse than that 450W so choose carefully.

SpankThru Registered User

Would this be a midrange card? Thanks
Oh and what monitor would you recommend for this setup?

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