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There would be two main problems.

The initial panic and confusion.
If we have any chance of survival on a national scale , we need to react quickly and contain.

Big urban centres will suffer the most casualties particularly those that have an international airport. Get out of heavily populated areas, the more people, the more potential carriers.

the second worry is if the virus develops and is easier to contract.

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As other people have said. Individually or in small groups.. easy enough to deal with.

WWZ make a very good point when it talks about supply. In order to keep even a person alive they need to be fed & supported. Each Z is a self contained & self supporting system. When they kill they recruit. Make us weaker & them stronger.

Ireland as in Island nation has a huge advantage for defensive purposes but we may not have the man power or equipment to exploit it. If the Americans/British show up with Navy ships it'll be in their interests to protect the coastline. At that point arguments about who rules who wont matter a damn as long as people are fed & protected.

And lets face it. Do you really want the Irish Government in charge of defence in this situation?

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#7. They Have Too Many Natural Predators
Not here we don't and even in the countries where humans do have animals that can kill them those animals have had thousands of years of fear built into them. Humans are an intimidating beast, we stand very tall and simply being taller is often enough to scare away another animal. The other thing is zombies are toxic and other animals would be able to detect that pretty quickly.

#6. They Can't Take the Heat
Again not a problem in Ireland, and many parts of the world for that matter, I think humans tend to live in temperate climates he's also talking of speeding up the bacteria which won't be present any more.

#5. They Can't Handle the Cold
This is mostly true, but again the majority of humans don't live in very cold climates.

#4.Biting is a Terrible Way to Spread a Disease
This is true but I don't really see how the disease could be restricted to just bites, if it takes over the entire body and it has to, then every fluid would spread the disease.

#3. They Can't Heal from Day to Day Damage
This is true but broken bones and missing limbs also has the potential to increase the risk zombies pose as they've turned a fleshy paw into a pointy stabby thing.

The Landscape is Full of Zombie-Proof Barriers
I think this overlooks the treat of millions of zombies. Most built up areas have made it as easy as possible to get around.

Weapons and the People Who Use Them
Pretty much only applies in America, and those guns will be killing as many living as dead more than likely. The proliferation of guns in America may not be that big of an advantage when all hell breaks loose.

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