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Just thought this could come in really handy, it works well on facebook from what I've experienced.

Basically if you were to make a post and were referring to somebody, you could notify them of the post by simply putting for example, @cormie, and it would just be a link to my profile and then I'd get an email saying I was mentioned in a post.

Maybe it could be limited to once per thread or something like that but I reckon it could be very useful if it wasn't abused.

Seems to be mods in place for it by the way:


No point in linking to a vBulletin plugin, the vBulletin platform is dead to us now; we're moving away from it.

It is a good suggestion though, and one we'll bear in mind for future development - thanks @cormie ....

cormie Registered User

Moving away from VB, really? What will you be moving to for the main forum? I thought VB were the best in terms of discussion forum software?

Gordon Administrator

Uh oh, don't get Danny started! I guess it all boils down to the definition of 'best' and how that applies to massive sites like boards!

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Is there a best? I don't think so. Is there a "best for our needs"? Yeah. And vBulletin isn't it for us anymore.

We're moving over to our own platform with our own code. For a few more limited details see here

cormie Registered User

Ah cool too much reading in that post so I'll take your word

You think @mentions might be possible to throw into that?


Well it'll be talked about when we make our move, so no promises or anything except to consider it

cormie Registered User

No problem, give me a @mention if it ever happens

Gordon Administrator

Maybe the new search could handle such queries. If you made a mention look like @[cormie] (as you have to account for usernames with spaces) then maybe the search could be configured for this and an option in your CP of 'search for your mentions'. The search would just search every instance of "@[cormie]" maybe?

And if, to create a mention, when typing @[ the text box started flipping through names like it does when you use advanced search, on the 'search posts by user..' field, that'd be cool. Or maybe just a clickybutton you hit on the quick reply text box, like the hyperlink box.

cormie Registered User

Sorry Gordon, not sure if you're suggesting a method to Danny for future implementation, or suggesting a way it can be achieved with the current software?

Gordon Administrator

I've no idea, just making a suggestion! Thinking about it more, though, I can see it causing social issues, and hijinx!

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