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Hello guys,
I want to buy a router that can use a usb modem (huawei e353) as its broadband source, it's for my xbox(slim) and laptop.Can you help.


Hey Marston,

As far as I am aware any router that will allow you connect a modem by usb can be used with a dongle.

The only routers on Komplett.ie that I know of are the Sitecom Wireless-N Router - WLR-6000 and NETGEAR Wireless-N Premium Edition Router - N600.

Theres probably several more, but I cant say for certain.

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DIR 655 - i've gotten a few of these for people in the last couple of years (including the parents) and they are smashing - especially considering they're half the price they used to be. I've never used the usb port for a 3G dongle but i'd be surprised if it didn't work as described

EDIT: sh!t, none in stock, sorry

J.Marston Registered User

Thanks guys, much appreciated. I know what to look for now.

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