shortlegs Registered User

Does anyone know how to export email from laptop - live mail- to Nokia c7 mobile phone? I just want to have some on the phone while I'm moving.

yoyo Moderator

That site won't help OP I don't think. He will have to convert the wlm mailbox to a format compatible with the phone, I'm not sure its that feasible tbh, unless someone made a conversion tool.
Allot of pop3 clients delete mail from server on receiving, so they wont re download when op connects to the mail server on the mobile


Verres Registered User

AFAIK, the C7 supports Live Mail natively, so export / import of files shouldn't be an issue.

Apols if my first response seemed a bit glib.

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shortlegs Registered User

thanks for the replies, but it's not working for me

shortlegs Registered User

what I have done is set up a new email for work, it's gmail, which allows me to receive my mail on my mobile.
it's just that I have to be in a wifi area, which are growing in popularity anyway, and I'm covering a huge area.
Also with gmail I can filter the emails down to only the ones I want to receive on my phone.

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