Ddad said:
Fair enough, I see where your coming from.

The point I was making is that a lot of people add salt without tasting their food. They've desensitised their palate to the taste of salt. Indeed, I think a lot of people have lost any sublety they once had in their palates and don't taste an iota unless it's salty as seawater. My mother, father in law and mother in law are all on blood pressure medication and they all add a shed load of salt automatically to anything they eat. I've seen them add salt to rashers!

I put a lot of effort into the food I cook. I work hard at it and I'm good at it. It's insulting to see the food seasoned again at the table before it is tasted. It might seem arrogant but I'm not going to facilitate someone to mess up a dish and thrash their health while their at it.

I have a special interest in salt and salt consumption as I've studied it and written some reports on it for some college courses I did in the past. Salt is potent stuff, particularly when it comes to health and it's abuse and that of processed carbs and fats is one of the major contributors to the ill health of a lot of our older relatives. I'm making a stand for the health of the nation in my own little way

When I first started dating my girlfriend, I would make her something and ask "How is it" and she would say "Its nice but its not salty". As time went on I discovered every single meal I cooked wasnt salty, I realised the problem was hers. I stopped putting salt in things as I knew she would add salt anyway. Overtime I have managed to wean her off it.

the beer revolu Registered User

rubadub said:
Past experience I guess. If 99% of the time they ended up adding more salt in the past then some might do it automatically.

Well my experience tells me that sometimes I 'need' to add salt to food that I haven't cooked and sometimes it is almost too salty to eat.

I think chips, from a chipper is a special case as you know that salt hasn't gone near the chips and you know if you like salt on chips or not.

I was talking more about people putting salt on prepared food with no idea of how salty it is or otherwise. I have no problem with people putting salt on food that I have prepared as long as they taste it first.


syklops said:
Overtime I have managed to wean her off it.

Why? What's wrong with her having a little salt in/on things?


Seomra Mushie said:
Why? What's wrong with her having a little salt in/on things?

There is nothing wrong with having a little salt. There is something wrong with expecting everything she eats should taste salty.

Outkast_IRE Registered User

only thing i ever add salt to is over chips which i rarely have . Or a small sprinkle into potatoes before mashing which i also rarely have.

The Lovely Muffin Closed Account

I add salt in when I am cooking, and when I serve meals I always put salt on the table and usually add a little (or sometimes a lot) to my own food, for more flavour.

I always find when I add salt to my own finished meals my family stare at me in horror as if to say "what the hell are you doing?", I find it so rude.

artvandelay48 Registered User

Carawaystick said:
Why do people use maldon sea salt cooking? surely the flakes'll dissolve and just taste the same as any sea salt or rock salt for that matter?

Exactly. But maldon flakes sprinkled on finished food is amazing. The texture of the salt makes the flavour of your dish pop...

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