Bad_Faerie Registered User

Hi, was just wondering if anybody has tried applying for RA/TA jobs for CTYI 2012. I tried to download a form on their DCU site but it says I have to register using my DCU account number (which, not being a DCU student, I don't have) has anyone else had this problem?

ruadhan Registered User

Yeah i just saw this too. I'm assuming its a mistake and its been uploaded just within the dcu system or something. Give them an email and they should sort it out. Or make friends with dcu students!

Scoobydooo Registered User

Anyone heard anything back?

ShamrockGirl Registered User

emm, I got an email last week telling me there were over 300 application and they would get back as soon as possible. Anyone else heard back/been given a date for an interview?

Bad_Faerie Registered User

I just got an email today to say that I got a job as a TA. Anybody else here working on Session 2?

sarah333 Registered User

I'll be there for both sessions too. What are you TAing? Shall see you there!

airurando Registered User

I got offered TA for the second session - Japanese. See you guys there!

Bad_Faerie Registered User

Oh, just saw these replies now, I'm TAing Medicine session 2. Can't wait :-) What course are you TAing Sarah333?

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