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Hobbyking is probably the best place to get batteries if your not in to much of a hurry for them.These batteries are very good and I have being using this brand for nearly a year and they are still going good .Make sure you check the battery dimensions with the size of your battery bay in your plane so the fit .You might need an adaptor for the battery to connect to your planes lead too.What type of plane are they for ?

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Miamiheat said:
I believe Dave flies there.

Lads any recommendation on 2200mah batteries (any particular brand?)
3S 11.1V?

These are the actual ones i got, and used in the radian. They are the same physical size as the ones Ilyushin76 has linked. So either will fit in the radian.

They are a tight fit in the radian at first, but they will fit. No need to use the velcro strap, it wont reach anyway.

These adaptors will save you cutting off the xt60 plugs, and soldering on EC3 plugs.


I use the nano tech batteries as they are ligther than other equivalent batteries but give more power and longevity in my experience.

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Two of the standard ones i linked can be got for one of the nano tech ones though that have the higher C rating though.

For the radian, the standard ones are fine, it will only be using 16 or 17 amps, or about 8C. We have the one we got about 2 years now. Used it in the t- rex 450 as well, although the nano tech would be better for that.

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hi guys im a beginner like yer selves, i started with a firebird but outgrew it now have a skysurfer and the dynam 330 extra Need batterys for both. The skysurfer nosed dived on me last year and i lost the prop and the nut holding the prop. The motor was hanging out when i found it also . I bought repairs for it but doesnt seem to get air for me. Looking to get a nice radio system, nothing too expensive though.

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The skysurfer is also known as the Hobbyking Bixler (virtually the same). Bits from one will fit the other.

Motors, maybe this:

with a 6x4 prop should get you out of bother.

If you take the bunch of washers out of the front (there for centre of gravity) a 3s 2200mah should work really well, if you don't want to take them out, go for a 1300mah 3s.

Maybe post some pics of the damage - might help with suggestions on fixes?

How much do you want to spend on the radio?

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guess id pay between 100 to 150

ill get some pics up when i can, not much nose damage just cant figure out the motor /prop combo

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Need a plane for holidays in Spain (can stay stored there).
Alicante area so beach and mountain.
Glider # 2 ?
any other recommendations?


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Can someone help me on what set up id need to make my skysurfer into a brushless set up, motor/esc/battery/charger. How to install it into the plane , how do you secure the motor to the plane frame? i understand that the battery must be strong enough to power the motor and the amp of the motor must suit the esc but thats as far as i know. Its hard to understand all the charging and storing (longtime) of those lipos too . I ve 2 dead ones at the moment

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The skysurfer comes as standard with a brushless setup? What have you at present?

Here are some good videos on build and setup (some of them are the first of a series):

Giant RCgroups thread about this plane:

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