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Radian is now fixed - got some parts from today and fixed it. All controls working as they should. Just need to perform a range check. Got the small case for the DX6i.
Also got the pheonix simulator.
Time to fly...


Nice one Miami. I must get over to radio control shop some day to see what they have in stock (I presume its ok to drop in?). The guys who run that also ran my local flying club but it appears to have been kicked off its flying field and is thereby defunct.

The Phoenix sim is quite good for practice but flying in the real world is a different kettle of fish as the wind, the sun in your eyes, people/dogs distracting you etc affect you. Saying that however, my daughter learned to fly on the Phoenix sim and when it came time to fly my supercub, it was pretty easy for her.

The WOT4 is a great plane and one I've been tempted to buy myself but leave her be for the moment as she will be a big step up from flying the Radian, and you've yet to do that. One step at a time, eh, or you could let me "mind it" for you.


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Dave & Robbie any chance you guys want to fly today?
Weather seems gorgeous dont know about the wind.
That shop Dave is the best I have seen in Dublin for electric planes and helis.I had seen 3 or 4 other shops in the last 2 weeks.

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OH and if you guys wanna try the WOT4 (promise you wont break it) I can bring it as well. although you will need to bring a nattery for it and some velcro to secure it. otherwise she is ready to go.

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Miamiheat said:
So does this mean that the 1.3 figure i plugged in was correct for the 1300mah battery?

Yes 1300mah charge at 1.3 amps, 2200mah = 2.2 amps, 5000mah = 5 amps for 1C charging and so on.

Miamiheat said:
Dave & Robbie any chance you guys want to fly today?
Weather seems gorgeous dont know about the wind.
That shop Dave is the best I have seen in Dublin for electric planes and helis.I had seen 3 or 4 other shops in the last 2 weeks.

I was flying at 8 this morning, it was calm enough. Fairly windy when i did the last flight at 12 mid day though.

Its very windy here now in navan. Not a nice one for starting. Maybe it will calm later.


Very windy here in Kildare at the moment.

Miami, I know you're itching to fly but trust me, it would be a handful flying for Robbie and myself in gusting winds, never mind a guy starting out.

Just hold off until the winds are calm-ish. You'll have enough on your plate flying the Rad for the first time without having the wind causing you bother by throwing the Rad around the sky.

I'm under the weather at the moment with a lousy cold, shivers, headache etc and I wouldn't be up to flying as I can hardly talk and my ears are blocked. Therefore I wouldn't be much of a teacher today


Hi Miami

Well did you go to the Phoenix Park and try to fly???

Next weekend is looking promising with calm winds.

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Hi Dave,
Sorry for no responding sooner I was on a business trip to Germany.
I did not get to fly as when I got the the park on Sunday the wind had picked up horribly and the lads with nitro were packing up. One of them helped me by checking the plane and helping me reverse some channels as I must have messed around with radio and i had changed a few settings.
So it is ready to go. Saturday I am comited to fishing from noon forward, but I am available early. Sunday I am technically free.

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Oh and they recommended I set the dual rates on the radio.
Can you help? (by telling me what rates to set?)


Hi Miami

I don't think you messed anything up with the radio. It probably came that way and the channels for the elevator/rudder had to be reversed anyway. This is normal. On some of my planes, they came with the control surfaces operating the way they should while others had to have one or all channels reversed. This is part of the set up routine for any new plane. While it's simple to do, it can be easily overlooked even by those who think they are experienced flyers like me. I had a brand new Mustang last year and after a cursory check, I thought all was well. So I launched her and pulled back to climb, except I hadn't checked the elevators direction of movement. It should have been reversed but I didn't do it and so instead of climbing away at full throttle, it dived into the ground. Luckily, damage wasn't to bad but it stopped me getting too complacent.

As for dual rates, this is the method of setting how much you want your control surfaces to move. There is a low and a high setting. I usually set my low rate at 70% and high at 100%. When launching, keep her on low rates so you won't pull her up into a loop over you and into the ground behind you. The Radian is not an agile plane and so she turns fairly slowly but she can climb and dive quite quickly. Have a look at your DX6i manual and see if you can set the dual rates. Then try and fix the dual rates to the one switch so you'll have the same low and high rate on your rudder/elevator.

I have Daddy duties Saturday morning bringing my kids to horse riding and swimming lessons. I plan on going to the Dublin mountains in the afternoon to try slope soaring my Radian. I'm free Sunday though.

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it is Sunday and almost 4AM: just got back from fishing.
I will be out of commission this morning but may want to try this afternoon. Give me a heads up if you plan to go anywhere to fly.

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Finally got her to fly....
What a pleasure!
BIG THANK YOU to Robbie and son who coached me through it. We got about 1 hour flying time out of 2 batteries.
Cant wait to start again - I have a feeling the week will be long...


Congrats on a successful maiden flight.

Always a good one when you bring the plane home in one piece.

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Lads any of you fly in curragh kildare? i was there a few weeks ago, nicely done up grass strip and there was plent of rc planes and helis around.

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I believe Dave flies there.

Lads any recommendation on 2200mah batteries (any particular brand?)
3S 11.1V?

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