Pilot script review....Justin Hartley is turning green with disgust


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DeWitt Registered User

Looking forward to this. The lead looks good, and apparently they're selling it as Bourne with Arrows o_O I'm rather intrigued.
Any word on a female lead, or if they're going that way? Bow chicka wow wow, Black Canary will surely come into play somewhere down the line.



Willa Holland will play Thea Queen, Oliver’s celebutante younger sister who’s testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Katie Cassidy will play Laurel, a young legal clinic attorney who shares a romantic past with Oliver in the CW's Arrow pilot. Susanna Thompson is Oliver’s mother, Moira Queen. David Ramsey is John Diggle, and Stephen Amell plays the title role.
Regular roles yet to be cast are Quentin Lance, Robert Queen, Tommy Merlyn and Walter Steele.

^ some well known faces, pretty good cast tbh....Katie Cassidy!!!!

DeWitt Registered User

Really like Holland. Glad to hear Cassidy won't be playing Dinah, it'll be nice to have her pop in somewhere down the line as a guest star wreaking havoc.

DeWitt Registered User

Oh wait, now I'm reading Laurel is Dinah aka Black Canary. Or at least according to imdb she is. They have her listed as Dinah 'Laurel' Lance. Has this been confirmed yet?


More casting news, as the comments state....a very solid cast is being assembled:


JP Liz V1 Registered User

Colin Salmon would be good as a villian

DeWitt Registered User

I'm there.

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