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Have enetered the Boyne 10km which is on the May bank holiday weekend so want to keep a log to try and keep my training on track. Entered the race last year and finieshed in a time of 46.34 which I was disapointed with. Was my first ever race and ran off to quick at the start and really suffered in the last 3km. Anyway want to get in around 41 or 42 mins this year.

I have run 10km in 40.23 but that was 5 years ago and I was much fitter as I was in the army. Would love to get back to that standard as I know its in me. Anyway made a start tonight even though I still have a cold, cant get rid of it!!

3.33KM - 15.51 (4.45 min / km)

Will be taking it handy enough this week and maybe get an 8 or 9km run in at the weekend. I want to try and build up the distances for the first few weeks and then I can start doing a bit of speedwork. Thats the plan anyway, lets see how it goes.

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Another short run, cant believe how unfit I am atm.

3.05km - 15.03 mins (4.55mins/km avg)

Hopefully stick to the plan and get a longer run in at the weekend.

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Hang in there m.j.w., dont be getting frustrated, its too early. Your body will need a little time to get back into the hang of running, so take it gradual and dont do anything that could end up in injury. There's a lot of people that would be happy with the 46 mins 10k for a first race. A mix of speed work some days and pushing out the distances on other days is the key. Dont try too much too soon

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Didnt get out at the weekend but went for a run last night and felt good. Much better than last week.

7km - 34.56

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Out again this evening, running around football pitches and a lap was 700m. Done 5km and then walked and ran 3.5km just to get a bit of distance in. Wind was blowing a gale!!

5km - 24.16
8.5km - 46.44

m.j.w Registered User

5km - 24.52 mins

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