Willdepaor Registered User

Hi, I have noticed recently that only one of four speakers(front right) in my car are working. The sterio was put in by the previous owner and is not the toyota original sterio (it's a JVC) Could it be that it was put in wrong or that wires are loose or something?

Any help or suggestions would be great thanks!


balance and fader could be set up all wrong.

could just as easily be a wiring bodge.

colm_mcm Registered User

have you adjusted the balance/fader?

Willdepaor Registered User

Yea I've Set balance and fader to zero so it's not that..must be the wiring..the sterio itself seems to be loose

Songok Registered User

Possibly replaced the speakers also and didnt solder the speaker cable properly or at all? But fader is more likely.

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