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Hey all,

Our photographic society have an exhibition on display in NUI Galway all this week. If anyone's around Galway you're very welcome to call in. We've 117 photos on display from 25 different photographers.

The exhibition is in the Foyer of Aras na Mac Leinn from now until Friday 10th, official opening is tonight at 7pm.


dinneenp Registered User

Good luck, hope it goes well.
How come it's on for such a short time period?

J o e Registered User

It's for the Muscailt Arts Festival which only runs for the week. Next week is "shag week" so the art must come down...

dinneenp Registered User

I went in last night and had a look, some great photos. Pity they weren't spaced out a bit more.

Some that stood out for me-
Hegarty- grass with dew & the guinness crowd
Arun thirumaran- flower macro
Aaron Bradley- all. nice style
Denis Wryneck- window/stairs, building
Joe (yours?)- the storm at Blackrock diving board.

J o e Registered User

Thanks dineenp!

Yeah we were hoping to have it displayed across 20 of those display boards... but ended up getting neither the boards nor the space! It's a bit dark in the evening there too.

You didn't happen to see our projection that evening did you? We projected the exhibition onto a building for a few hours!

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