brianregan09 Registered User

Will try and get a video up later but for now chec out my youtube channel have reviews and stuff on there

snowserpeant Registered User

nice 1,thanks for the link.of all the pecies i have my favorite would be my action force z-force "whirlwind" from 1983.its still in mint condition and unassembled,the box is also 95% mint,the stickers / decals have not been applied to it and it even still has the "join the action force club" membership form in the box.its still in as good a condition now as it was back in the day

brianregan09 Registered User

Recieved me pride and joy the other Marvel Legends Ares all 120 euro worth of the bugger !

tro81 Registered User

So 49ers fan said he was going to invasion dublin this weekend. I was disappointed with the number of stalls when i went 2 years ago. was wondering if they have improved in that area. When i went there was like 5 and only 1 was selling star wars action fig. I was going to see if i could do a stall myself but at 660 for the weekend it was just out of my league.
As for myself i collect all sorts of action figs. But these day i tend to sell more then i collect. Really concentrating on robot and droids at mo. Have a nice r2d2 and c3po collection going as well as my old childhood favourite ZOIDS

snowserpeant Registered User

i was at invasion dublin last year and there was about 8 stalls [including a guy from up north who took both euros and gpb] and ALL were selling starwars,wont be going this year but i imagine it would be the same....zoids,there is a real blast from the past,are they the original 1980s zoids or the recent versions?

tro81 Registered User

.zoids,there is a real blast from the past,are they the original 1980s zoids or the recent versions?
yep the 80's got quite a few now. but only one large one "red horn" sadly thou he is not complete. if any one has any i would be interested or even spare parts.

snowserpeant Registered User

nice 1.i dont have any myself but would not mind getting a few,where did you get them from?

tro81 Registered User

adverts, ebay, and a few deals i've done around the place with other toy collectors

snowserpeant Registered User

nice 1

ChopShop Moderator

A word of warning: Vintage Zoids can get expensive pretty quick. Quite a lot of international color,tooling, variations.

ESP the Japanese market.

snowserpeant Registered User

that would not surprise 1 bit.

Tok Registered User

Title say it all really. I have recently started to buy the 3.75 inch Marvel Universe figures, I am getting the in the boxes (cards) But I would love to a case full of them.

Is it really worth keeping them in there packaging, I have no aims to sell them on. This would be great ( but I do not have a full room to devote to the collection.

Oddly though I am going to collect the DC 52 Jim Lee figures and not take them out of the box.....yet.

ChopShop Moderator

Tok said:

Is it really worth keeping them in there packaging, I have no aims to sell them on.

Even if it doesn't involve increased monetary value...packaged, unopened, toys will usually move quicker than opened ones.

brianregan09 Registered User

I collect the Marvel Universe ones myself and theres about 5 maybe 6 that go for mad money Vision, Warpath(black and Silver), Blade, Classic Havok , and Iron Patriot(osbourne variant) Rest of them have been rereleased multiple times so lost any value they had , I open all mine and display them comes down to personal preference really

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