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Hi all this is my first post in Collectors section. I collect militaria and a friend of mine brought back these six medals a while ago from china. I dont know anything about Chinese items or their worth. The second medal has 1940 on the reverse. The third medal has 1951 on the reverse and the fifth has 1938 on the reverse. I have spend hours looking for the same medals on google to no avail. Maybe someone here has seen such. What they are, awarded for and roug price. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to comments.

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I think this is one. Details are scarce. maybe the Chinese embassy or indeed someone from the Chinese community on Parnell street]

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To me they *look* like the sort of labour medals that are very common in Russian markets with an occasional generic military medal thrown in.
I remember my ssiter buying a similar group for about $10 a few years ago.

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