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Hi guys, I'm a long time follower of boards yet this is my first post.

I just put on a €1000 accumulator bet on Ireland, Man United, Newcastle and Tottenham all to win. I'm not a wealthy man and this is last chance saloon stuff. I'll see over 30 grand if it comes off. Can everyone that sees this please cross their finger for the underdog. Thank you.

I apologize for my first post here being a plea of desperation and I'm sure I'll get and probably deserve some abuse for what I've done but I've decided to leave it in the lap of the gods. Any feedback is welcome.

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What kind of feedback do you want?

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Shield said:
What kind of feedback do you want?

TBH I just wanted to hear reactions. I know its a stupid thing to do and I haven't done it before but I'm sure alot of us casual bettors have fantasied about landing the big one. Would you ever chance it?

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Put a grand on the probability of predicting 4 wins in a row?

Ehhh... I'd have to do a lot of recon work first!

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Shield said:
Put a grand on the probability of predicting 4 wins in a row?

Ehhh... I'd have to do a lot of recon work first!

I'd love to disagree with you but you're right. Not sure where the rest of my thread is, I think its in AH where I originally posted it, there's a copy of the slip there if you're interested.

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Your nuts. Fingers crossed for ya though, be class if it comes in

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Balls of steel man. Without a doubt, it's a ridiculous thing to do.

I really, really hope it works out for you though


Idle, how long does it take you to earn a grand?

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You're crazy!

It's hard enough to pick four odds-on winners at times! Your lowest odds are @1.44 and even that match could easily go either way. Your other three teams are @2.10, 2.75, and 3.50 and are all matches I would have trouble predicting the winner.

All I can say is good luck, but I worry for your bet, especially if it's money you can not afford to lose.

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And Demba Ba gets the ball rolling.

Man Im actually gonna say a prayer for you this comes in, 30k would be unreal.


Uh oh

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Back in the game.

Cisse, super strike. 2-1 Newcastle.

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Ireland will let u down and maybe Spurs.

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