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Hey wondering if anyone can clear this up for me, I'm dumb at this CAO stuff.

Basically I applied online the the 27th January. Added details etc but I didn't select courses then as I wanted to look around some more.

I logged on today to add courses and I can't see where the option is to change/add courses, the only one I have added is the one my guidance councilor selected just to show me how to do it when I got the time.

I'm wondering is it to do with the closing date, eg you can't change courses after the 1st of February. If this is so can I change/add them after the 5th March?

Hopefully one of you can help me out thanks for the time o/

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The 1st of Feb is when you really should have had your courses selected. Have a look at page 14 of the CAO handbook. It tells you how to amend your application after the 1st of Feb. It will cost you another €10 to do so.


Course Choices:
It is very important that you check your Course Choices immediately to ensure that they are absolutely correct. Use the online Change Courses facility on the CAO website if you need to amend or add courses. (See ‘Reasons to amend your application’ in the next column.)This facility is free of charge until January 31st 2012. You may use the online Change Courses facility from February 5th until March 1st. An Additional Processing Fee of €10 must be paid by Credit/Laser Card for this service.If you use the online Change Courses facility, please check, no later than March 1st, that your courses have been updated by using the ‘My Application’ facility.Failure to do so may have very serious consequences

Reasons to Amend your application Feb 1st Applicants:
You will need to amend your application details no later than March 1st, if :a)you made an error or omission in Restricted- Application Courses or ;b)you are a mature applicant who made an error or omission in your courses or have entered your date of birth incorrectly or ;c)you are applying to certain HEIs and presenting certain qualifications (see Page 4 of this Handbook).Since these categories of applicant may be involved in early tests, it is vital that their courses be absolutely correct. This procedure enables you to correct any errors in good time so that you will be included in the early tests.Note that you may use this procedure to introduce courses which you had omitted earlier. If you are not in the categories mentioned above, you do not need to correct any course errors at this stage. You may use the Change of Mind facility (see Page 17) to make any course changes (except the introduction of Restricted-Application Courses or mature applicant course codes for nursing/midwifery, see Page 4) before 1st July and at no charge.14

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