aujopimur Registered User

Can somebody please translate the word "ciatain", threre's a fada on the second "a".

Oranage2 Registered User

Can you give the context how the word is used or some of the sentence.

aujopimur Registered User

Gleann Ciatain, it's old Irish place name in Cork.

mr chips Registered User

Is the name of the place "Gleann Ciatáin" or "Gleann Ceatáin", i.e. Glankittane? The Valley of Awkwardness!

aujopimur Registered User

It's Gleann Ciatain, but this may not be the be the original or correct spelling.
The anglesised version of the name of the name is Clank Kitane.
The use of the word "gleann" is a bit confusing as the area in question is on high ground.
Having said that there is an area fairly close by that is known as The Glen.

Oranage2 Registered User

Well my guess would be Ciatáin's valley, Ciataín being a family name.

As you said if could mean something else but the only way to know is by asking somebody with local knowledge/history.

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