R.I.P. Paul

antkeane Registered User

**** ending. Terrible tragedy.

My thoughts for the family. R.I.P mate.

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Scruffles Registered User

Eod100 said:
I saw the news on boards.ie last night but hoped it wasn't true.

I never met Paul but judging from what I've read on boards and facebook, he was a really nice guy.

Rest in peace, Paul.

seconding this!

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tinkerbell Registered User

Wexlady44 said:
Thank you all for your lovely, kind words. Paul's brother and I appreciate them so much. They are some comfort at this dreadful time.

My little boy is no longer suffering. We will lay him to rest on Thursday and he will be at peace.

Thank you all again for your kindness.

Thinking of you today, I can't even imagine how hard today was for you and your family.

RIP Paul.

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RIP Paul, I didn't know him but he seemed like such a decent, friendly chap, very sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with his family.

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ToniTuddle Farts Are Happiness

R.I.P Paul

Deepest sympathy to all his family and friends

Partition Registered User

RIP Paul. Thinking of you and all who love you.

spacecookie555 Registered User

God bless him and his poor family. The poor thing, its just awful, my heart goes out to them.
R.I.P Paul.

Wexlady44 Registered User

Precious Son

I Wish I Could See You One More Time
Come Walking Through My Door
But, I Know That Is Impossible
I Will Hear Your Voice No More
I Know You Can Feel My Tears
And You Don’t Want Me To Cry
Yet, My Heart Is Broken
Because I Can’t Understand Why
Someone So Precious Had To Die
I Pray That God Will Give Me Strength
And Somehow Get Me Through
As I Struggle With This Heartache
That Was Caused By Losing You

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sad to hear this, i was following it for a while and because of work issues i forgot all about it only to discover it now.

heartbreaking after all the effort that was put in.

condolences to all .RIP

Wexlady44 Registered User

Thank you all for your kind messages. We appreciate your support in what has been the worst time of our lives. Paul meant so much to us and it is some comfort to know how many people cared about him in his short life.

I have no idea how I, my family and Paul's friends will get through life without him. But rest assured your support will help.

Thank you all once again. My darling son will never be forgotten.

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Wexlady44 Registered User

Emotional day! Paul would have been 20 years old today (Sunday 17th June 2012). R.I.P. my son. Hope you had a good day wherever you are.

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PaddyBloggit Registered User

My thoughts are with you and your family Wexlady44.

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It must be heartbreaking to have to go through this. May God give you strength to understand it and deal with it.

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