emmetjordan Registered User

ok man i was on a team called omen but im not any more and anyway the old team logo is stenciled on both guns but both can be easily removed.
. so the muzzle energy for the m4 is 0.86 joules and the m16 is 0.83 the last time they were chronoed any way here are the pictures http://s1059.photobucket.com/albums/t423/dailynutcracker/(Invalid img)

THC AIRSOFT F Registered User

Sorry man cant see the pics, could you send them to me pm or something thanks

gilbertotron Registered User

Hey mate,

What SUSAT do you have on it? €380 seems very cheap. Is it all good?
I have a G&G L85A2 just ordered the Daniel Defense RIS and Eclan for it. But I think It'd be really useful to have the carbine as a back up.
Could you post some pics?

Cheers bro

THC AIRSOFT F Registered User

very good, reliable gun. will put up pics when I get home

emmetjordan Registered User

do you mean my m4

emmetjordan Registered User

nice man definitley interested what about you

THC AIRSOFT F Registered User

Sorry man, dont think I could swap, although I love the m16 I really want a G&P Magpul M4 so I will have to say no but thanks for offer... Cash very welcome though

emmetjordan Registered User


emmetjordan Registered User

what about both of my guns and the batteries for your gun the battery and the carry handle (no sussat,daniel defence rail , cqb gripor battery case )
i can also give you 2 mags if you give me one

THC AIRSOFT F Registered User

Sorry man I need the money

emmetjordan Registered User

alright but im broke

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