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Hello I would just like to ask anyone, do you have a problem with blushing? That is, in any situation which involves a group of people looking at you and listening to what you are saying? They can be friends or strangers makes no odds. I'm in my 30's and still burn like the Spanish Sun in these situations.
And those anybody have any advice? cheers.

hug0 Registered User

Look up social anxiety, here's a link and see if this describes you

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I'm 28 and have this problem too. I hate being watched while doing something or people listening to me when I'm on the phone, especially at work. I could be serving a customer at work when a co-worker stands beside me untill I'm free and I'll just start to blush then I'll focus on it and it'll get worse.

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I get it really bad. I've found different things that help though.

Regular sleep pattern is good, alcohol is bad. Hypnosis, although I was skeptical, helped a lot. Also, I once caught myself in the mirror when I felt like my head was on fire. My face didn't actually look that bad... so something to keep in mind - it's much worse in your head than what others see.

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bennettcynthia Registered User

Yeah! It used to be a part of my behavior happened frequently with me earlier. But now it has minimized a lot may be I have learnt to counter people.

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Hey yeah l have the same prob. have it for bout 4/5years.
its so horrible & embarressing cause l just know that some people l have gone red in front of think l have a crush on them!!
Try not to be so self conicious (sorry bout the spelling ) or self aware. l know its hard but you have to try & be patient about it.
l have social anixety and this is a symptom. l dont know you so or know anything about you so dont start thinking you might have this.
l find when l have had a good nights sleep that its usually not too bad the next day.
l know this is gonna be hard to do but when you feel yourself going red just start saying to yourself "f*** it if lm gone red" cause sometimes when l start thinking this l do forget bout it & feel a bit more laid back, it doesnt always work but give it a go.
l have started EFT or tapping, & it is making a difference tho should be putting more time into it but look it up! its worth your time! thats one of many videos!

l want you to know you are not alone. l thought l was the only person in the WHOLE world that had this problem but when l did research online etc etc etc l felt so much better when l heard other people have this prob (not in that way ) & hearing their solutions.

l really do believe we can get over this problem. l think that its truely only ourselves that can cure us. for me unfortually l have to change my thinking pattern cause of my social anixety & its tough enough.

Sorry for such a long message & all the spelling mistakes! but look if you need any more help or have any questions ask me anytime cause l wana help people with this problem & lm hear to listen!

good luck

Sponge25 Registered User

I was in centra last week and a girl I was with when I was a teenager said hello to me and I start blushing and she said "there's no need to blush!" and I went even more red haha.

I don't usually have a problem with it though unless I get REALLY embarressed!

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I have lived with this problem since I was about 11, it affects my whole life and decisions I make. I panic in any situation and it can happen any time. I was on medication for it but want to try for a baby and the medication would be bad for the baby's health.
Has anyone ever tried hypnotherapy? I am thinking about trying it. I am having counselling now and find I feel better just for talking about it. For a long time I was so ashamed and embarrassed about it I couldnt talk about it.
I think I too have social anxiety though it is hard to admit it.
It is something that has to be worked at but I'm hoping the hard work will pay off and I will feel more comforable in my own skin - whatver colour it chooses to be!!
Good luck to anyone with similar problems!

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