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Sazh DLC coming out on the 28th for Xbox360 (29th for PS3) for anyone who is interested.

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Just saw this game on for 25. I already paid my 45 but i think it was worth it anyway

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Just bought the aforementioned Sazh DLC. I bought it for 2 reasons: Sazh and poker. It fails tremendously on both counts. The "story" consists of

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That's all I've played so far.
As far as the poker goes, it's Texas Hold 'Em and the rules are quite well explained. Square thought it would be helpful if Sazh gave audio cues to help new players decide what to do. I consider myself to be a decent card player and the cues would have you throw out good hands and ruin your chances.
In short, please don't buy this.

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Are there any battles or new areas to explore in it? It definitely doesn't seem worth it if there's not.

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None so far but I haven't played a lot of it. I do know that Sazh joins the party as a Synergist if you finish it though.

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Just finished it, you don't even need to leave the one room it starts in There are no battles and no exploration. You get fortune tokens or something from winning games and getting enough of those nets you a cutscene and you get Sazh as an addition to your party.
That's it. The whole thing.

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I dunno about it being all bad. I nealry died laughing when I was able to infuse my purple chocobo with Sazh.

Unfortunately that was the only enjoyable part of the experience. Chronobind is dreadful and the AI on the poker was just plain bad. Possibly worth 200 points but definitely not 400.

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It's the audio cues on the poker that really got me. Throwing out top hands while keeping crap ones? I hit a straight and Sazh started moaning about the cards and how folding was the only way to go.
Basically, get good hole cards and go all in. The AI seems to always want to go all in for some reason.

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Just finished the game there, onto gathering the remaining fragments etc.

One thing I'm still stumped on though, maybe I'm just really thick, but could someone explain it to me.

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ancapailldorcha Moderator

Right, my thoughts on this:

It's well established in the FFXIII universe that Pulse is crawling with monsters. Cocoon was a technologically developed safe haven while Pulse is a primitive and dangerous land. Noel states that, Fang & Vanille's pillar eventually becomes unable to support Cocoon and it falls, wiping out all life on Pulse. Living on Pulse is therefore, not a long term option. I'm guessing that Hope was afraid that testing the Graviton cores on Cocoon might break the pillar, killing Fang & Vanille. Creating a new Cocoon gives him the opportunity to perfect his model as well as meaning he would not need to rely on any fal'cie. Also, it doesn't state how his invention would work or what it's form would be, only that it would be powered by the cores. So, if he gets it wrong, Cocoon would fall and everyone on it would perish.

Hope this helped. The writing in this game was truly horrific. I like thinking about things like this but it's way too subtle.

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tread_softly Registered User

Hmmmm, it does seem like the only explanation, albeit a tenuous one.

That's one of the things I disliked about FFXIII, that half the story was told through the datalogs; I hate that getting to grips with the stories in these games involves research!!

Poor Pulse, it really does get a bad rap. I loved that they explored more about it's people and past in this game, I was left wanting to learn so much more about it after XIII. But now it seems that all the humans on it want to feck off back to an alternative Cocoon again!

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ancapailldorcha Moderator

Spot on. The storytelling is some of the worst, if not the worst in the series. It's a shame because I really enjoyed the world the gave us with FFXIII. There was just no way to find out about it except for the datalog. Now they removed the linearity they also lost the momentum of the story. There are some brilliant moments (mostly featuring Caius) but it's essentially MGS2 all over again.
And this nonsense with the DLC has got to stop. I caved and watched all the paradox endings on youtube and it turns out collecting all those fragments is a complete waste of time.

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Anyone get Jihl Nabaat? She's tough so be warned.


how long is the story roughly, i heard it was pretty short

ancapailldorcha Moderator

I'd say about 20 hours. It's not long. That's if you completely ignore the sidequests mind.

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