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Hi Pat,

Just curious if you'll be getting this title in? As far as I know the normal edition is called the "Enhanced Edition" and there's a Collector's Edition too but the Enhanced Edition will do for me if you guys are getting it. Much looking forward to this! Pat Verified representative

AFAIK this isn't out until April so won't have definite news on it until March but in the mean time if anybody is looking for it please post here

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I'll be looking for it anyway.
Hope this title does well.

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Any update on this one Pat.
just a couple of weeks now until its released. Pat Verified representative

Hi there.

Sorry for the delay in responding - I wanted to 100% confirm that we were able to offer the enhanced edition before replying. (our release sheet had said enchanted edition for some reason)

Good news is that we will have the enhanced edition which includes:

  • Game DVD's: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings game on 2 DVD's
  • OST CD: Audio CD with in-game music
  • World map: A map of the game's world
  • Quest handbook: The Witcher 2 quest handbook for both novice and experienced role-playing fans
  • Game manual: A rulebook and interface explanation to help you get started

It is available for pre order now from here

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Thanks Pat, Ordered .
Just out of curiosity, how come its being released on a Tuesday . Pat Verified representative

iceferg said:
Thanks Pat, Ordered .
Just out of curiosity, how come its being released on a Tuesday .

It looks like they're going for a worldwide release on the same day. The vast majority of games that we have released here in Europe on the traditional Friday are released in the USA the previous Tuesday. Sometimes the publishers decide to bring forward the release from the traditional Friday release in Europe and match the USA one - and this is one of them

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Just giving you a head's up.
My copy didnt arrive until today even though it was posted on monday afternoon .The package was stamped by the post office saying [THIS ITEM REQUIRED FURTHER PRECESSING DUE TO UNDERPAYMENT WHICH CENSEQUENTLY CAUSED A DELAY. DUBLIN MAIL CENTRE].
Im not giving out or anything,just letting you know for future reference mabey youll have to charge an extra 50c or so for heavier games like this one . Pat Verified representative

That's very disapointing to hear to be honest. We had cleared these to ship as normal. The full weight of the game / envelope / packing slip etc is under 250g and the dimensions involved are within our specs as agreed with An Post for the postage that was on it.

To the best of my knowledge you're the only person to have experienced a delay with it but that's not saying our An Post rep won't be getting a kick up the proverbial off us on Monday.

I'm very sorry you had to wait that long - if you could drop me a pm with your order number I'd like to get it checked out as to where exactly in the postal system it was flagged as having an underpayment.

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