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Hi , I am new member to this forum but have been a fan of reading your threads for months. I am a parttime student who needs a little help. I am trying to organise a information evening for crossdressers as part of my college project. I am aware that there are men living in towns & cities across Ireland who dress as women in the privacy of their own homes but woundn't dream of dressing outside of the four walls.
with this in mind I am looking for help from any cross dressers who use this forum. do you think it is a good idea to have an information evening on crossdressing open to the public? this way crossdressers and those who dont crossdress, but may know some one who does could attend without being identified as a cross dresser.Basically the information evening could be a way to get in contact with crossdressers, indirectly, with a view to setting up a support group after. My questions are to any crossdressers reading this 1. is this a good idea? 2 do you have a better one, if so what? 3. what are the main fears/challanges do men face when crossdressing?
thanks an advance for any comments!!

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Mrsrobby said:
I am trying to organise a information evening for crossdressers as part of my college project.

Could you tell us more about that project (it sounds very interesting!). What are you studying, and how did it come about that this is a project that forms part of your studies?
with a view to setting up a support group after

You should be aware that the support groups that TENI run are open to crossdressers. However, those support groups tend to mostly contain people who are transitioning, so there is actually something of a need for crossdressing support groups, though there are crossdressing clubs in a few places around the country.
what are the main fears/challanges do men face when crossdressing?

I'm not actually a crossdresser, though I used to (mis-)identify as one, and I know a number of crossdressers. I'm actually a trans woman, who now lives full-time as female, legal change of identity, HRT etc etc etc.

I would say that the main fear is that of being found out, and having a relationship breakup as a result. Of course, there are crossdressers who have been "found out", and who are accepted, but those who are still hiding have this as a big fear, and often don't see telling their partner as worth the risk.

And that not only goes for those in relationships - such is the stigma of crossdressing that many single men will also be terrified of being "found out".

That fear will likely prevent such people from attending your meeting, just as it often prevents them from attending a crossdressing club or support group. If you want to set up a support group, I would suggest that you attend a crossdressing club (some are open to non-crossdressers) and speak informally about your intentions and what you are trying to offer. You could speak to the organisers of the clubs which aren't open to non-crossdressers and see what they have to say.

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Thanks for your reply. I am currently studying a degree in Social studies but as my day job , I work as a adult guidance counsellor for long term unemployed. I chose this project because I would have met in the past some unemployed crossdressers. I felt that lots of other socially excluded groups get lots of support but not cross dressers. I have spoken to Vanessa in TENI who was very helpful and advised me that getting crossdressers to attend an information evening would be challanging but not impossible!
My tutor has advised me to contact any crosdresers I can and ask them what they think? what they would recommend? what their needs are? hence my post on this forum.

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