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The key for my Kryptonite evolution is starting to wear out and has been giving me grief the past few days - it wouldn't open the lock at all today. I can order a new key off, an American site, but I was wondering if there is a local distributor in Ireland who can cut a new one for me?

Many thanks

Bambaata Registered User

Id love to hear about this too. Ive two such locks at home which are not being used as im down to 1 key and dont want the hassle of losing it and having to angle grind the bike free!

CramCycle A wholly unreasonable man

I ordered from the US site, there was a German one but they do not do it anymore. Get the code from the key and place the order online. Worked out about 2 or 3 dollars per key and 6 dollars postage regardless of the number of keys. I think I paid about 12 euro at the time for 3 keys.

Well worth doing. Even better you can just register your key number, and then only order the key of you lose it at a later date.

Apparently they will replace the keys for some models FOC for the first 2. Don't know if that works here.

Personally I just saved the codes in a notebook and if they ever go missing then I'll order again.

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dited Registered User

I got two new keys free of charge for my Kryptonite mini just before Christmas; I sent an email to, giving the code and where I bought it. Got a package from the US with the keys a couple of weeks later.

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tuxy Registered User

I have recently purchased a Kryptonite Evolution Series 4. Very happy with it until today. I didn't insert the key fully before turning it. Realising what I did I tried again but it took me a while to get it to unlock. I guess I moved part of the locking mechanism out of place the first time I tried to open it.
I will be more careful in the future but it got me searching and I found many horror stories about the quality of the key.
Should I be worried? Will the lock eventually fail to open leaving me stranded?

CramCycle A wholly unreasonable man

tuxy said:

Should I be worried? Will the lock eventually fail to open leaving me stranded?

Started to happen to me, I presume because it was left out a bit, blasted it with TF2 and its worked perfect ever since.

I respray it every few months but no other issues, some of the keys do deform with too much force but if you have to apply that much, its either stiffened already or you haven't inserted it fully.

Canis Lupus Registered User

Too lazy to check but I'm fairly sure I got free keys from them. They supply the first set free. Just send a mail with the code. Easypeasy. You're unlikely to find a key cutter that can cut one for you.

bothyhead Registered User

I asked my local bike shop if they could get me a set cut (they're a good shop, and sell Kryptonite). They contacted the supplier in the UK to be told that you can only get spare keys through the Kryptonite website.

bothyhead Registered User

I've been in touch with them by email, and like @dited my lock (Evolution Mini) is covered by their key protect program, and I am entitled to two free keys (free postage as well by the look of it)

check_six Registered User

I was able to order spare ABUS keys through CycleSuperstore recently.

The lock was a basic chain and the new key cost about a tenner at most. However, the key did not quite fit, so don't forget to bring the lock along with you to make sure everything is okay the first time. I had to go back to the shop and get them to file it a bit to get it to work properly.

bothyhead Registered User

Guys, just to let you know that two free keys arrived in the post this morning, all the way from America - I only ordered them a week ago. Fair play to Kryptonite!

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