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pleaase help... i was hacked in facebook last week and my hotmail as well! it gives me the option to ask friends to help me but when i continue it says my account is temp unavalible... what i do now? the help centre sucks!

biko Arbiter

Did you try ?

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ali21 Registered User

yeah it just brings you back to asking your friends to help! its a pain

rmacm Moderator

How about you follow the steps there first and see if it sorts out the problem for you.

ali21 Registered User

yeah i have but it always just brings me back to ask friends to help and then it would go straight to the eorror page again. im just seeing like if there is any way i can contact them directly because doesnt seem to be any way. or if there is another way to get my account back, that i havent tried. or why it wont let me. maybe the hacker deleted my account? thanks for suggestions though


Is it saying its unavailable or that the account is disabled? Can you give us the exact text, obviously leaving out any personally identifiable information that it might have? Try contacting them using the link on this page where it says

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ali21 Registered User

it says
The only way to prove that this is your account is to show that your friends know you.More

You'll need to:

Step 1Choose 3 trusted friends

Step 2Call your friends to get security codes.

Step 3Recover your account.

This process takes a few minutes for your friends.

Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable..

Please log in to from a computer and follow the instructions given.
but sure i just went through that process.

actually that linked kinda helped it just like that it might take a few days for it to un block

ali21 Registered User

ok so that didnt work..

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