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A lot of lads have been asking for pictures of my Winchester '94 and a review, so here goes!

It's a winchester model '94 in 30-30 winchester. It sports a 20 inch barrel and holds six round in the tubular magazine.

The rifle and caliber are among the most popular in the US. Mine was made in 1961. This means it's a 'pre '64 model' (made before 1964) and more sought after than later models. If you want to know why, peruse this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Model_1894

This rifle could pass for brand new, but for the nice aged look on the walnut, and I am not going to complain about that. After a long search, I ended up finding this in the UK. It had been with the one owner since new and I was told had fired only 200 shots. On close inspection, everyone has agreed with this.

I havn't used the rifle that much since I got it, but it did serve me well on a recent trip to Hungary for two days driven boar. This pig was dropped at 130 yards or so on the run with open sights:

Some would say this pushes the limits of the 30-30 cartridge, but it still had enough knock to power to drop this large sow. I couldn't tell you the exact weight, but it took four me to lift her into the back of a Hilux.

I find the rifle very light to carry in the field. Having no magazine protruding and no scope mounted, means you can hold the rifle around the action while walking. I don't bother with a sling, because I can get the rifle to my shoulder quickly while carrying it like this. I've bet through thick brush and climbed large hills with the rifle like this and found I really don't need the sling.

It is very quick to mount and easy to swing. The open sights are excellent in my experience; the hooded front sight makes it very easy to acquire a running target. There is VERY little felt recoil. I would say it is even less than a .223.

The lever action is incredibly fast. There is no need to drop the rifle from your shoulder to reload, with a small bit of practice. Also, as the rifle ejects straight up, lefties and righties should be able to use the rifle equally.
The downside to this is: if you want to mount a scope, it will have to be a 'scout' style, forward mounted IER scope. Alternatively, you can buy a more recent model as they eject ar an angle and allow for traditional mounts. So far, I have not needed a scope.

In terms of accuracy, I havn't got holes in paper to show you, that's not my thing. I have plinked clays at 100 yards with the rifle using Remington 150 core lokt ammunition. They were difficult shots, and not all hit, but the gun will do it's part if you can. I'm sure there are better shots than me out there!

I think it is a perfect gun for driven game, brush hunting, or deer stalking out to 150 yards. If you shoot on open hill where long shots are the norm, you best look for another rifle.

Over all, I am really pleased with this rifle. I like the old 'cowboy' look, and light recoil and fast handling making it a pleasure to shoot.

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That's just a great classic hunting setup across the board Hibrion. Knife to rifle to cartridge belt. All good old style build.

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Thanks IWM. I threw the hat in there to finish off the picture! haha


smashing bit of kit you have there and you make it look very wild west in the pics. well done.

you make that style of rifle sound very tempting, i know that 4gun will enjoy this thread

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poulo6.5 said:
i know that 4gun will enjoy this thread

I figured he might alright!


I am so f**kin jealous, that is a smashing looking gun and pre '64..the best of the best,
I'm just waiting for news on one that might be going handy should know in the next week or so
Could have really done with one today, spoked a couple of deer from their hiding ther are certin cases when a scope is a hinderance

well wear with it


came across this sit to-day, any one want to check the production year of their winchesters


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