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Hey guys,

I used to bowl when I was younger & I've recently started bowling in a league again. The ball I used to used has been in an attic for almost 10 years. Would it still be ok to use. I'd rather not buy a ball yet until I see if I get into it more seriously again.

Any ideas?

the groutch Registered User

just buy some ball cleaner in your local pro-shop or on ebay, should clean up pretty well.
avoid the temptation to cut corners with dettox or anything like that, I tried it once and the ball was as sticky as anything, and almost impossible to play with.

r3nu4l Administrator

Yeah, as the groutch says, get it cleaned. If it's an old fashioned urethane (not reactive urethane) ball with a sanded finish then you could always get it sanded back.

p Registered User

Thanks guys. Got it out of the attic and will get it cleaned up.

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