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Whatever to Nell McCafferty? She used to be always all over every radio station. Now she is nowhere to be seen/head.

Was the libel she said against slob Harney on Tom Dunne's show the end of her?

(I was not a fan btw - from what I heard of her she used to go on endless rants about nothing with some weird voice effect where she would vary the volume, inflection and intensity of her voice)


I think so, she's been washed up for years but that moment finally alerted everyone in the "chaterarti" to her being a liability.

coylemj Registered User

I think producers are afraid to let her near a live mic. for fear of what she might say so she now never gets invited to political/current affairs programs almost all of which are broadcast live. The only one that isn't that I can think of is the Sunday night 'Week in Politics' on RTE1 TV but haven't see her pop up there recently either.

Sadly Nell began to believe that she was put on this Earth to say just about anything that came into her head with no fear as to the consequences, she's now paying for her 'devil may care' attitude to the laws of defamation.

Anyway if they want a Marxist with a NI acccent there's always Eamon McCann.

Lapin Banned

Good riddance to the the ould battleaxe.
Mary O'Rourke and Terry Prone are welcome to join her in oblivion.

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mrsdewinter Registered User

Well... She must be on the pension by now - plus, she had that heart scare a few years ago. I'd say she's just taking it easy. You know: at her stage of life...

IRE60 Registered User

No producer wants to take the risk after the Tom Dunne interview

Snickers Man Registered User

Well into her 60s. Not in good health. Probably retired.

bakerlite Registered User

Does anyone know how i could contact nell mccafferty?

coylemj Registered User

For as long as I can remember she was a freelance so perhaps write to her c/o the NUJ.

berrypendel Registered User

Sited at The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) with Brenda Fricker a couple of days ago, looking good. I met her a couple of years back and it was her intention to retire at that time........maybe she has I enjoyed her wit and irreverence in the past

coylemj Registered User

Pandora2 said:
Sited at The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) with Brenda Fricker a couple of days ago, looking good.

I assume you meant to say that you 'spotted' them - how did you tell them apart?


Brenda wearing a skirt!!

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