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There's also They have a facebook page too so any animal put up on their system goes onto facebook.

Don't give up hope, we had a dog come into the rescue once and we scanned it and rang the owners, they said they hadn't got a dog so we described him and the person on the phone started crying, he had gone missing 3 years!!

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awman Registered User

Thank you all so much for being so kind. I've tears in my eyes from reading your lovely replies. I really really appreciate it.

Blogger50 - That's a good idea. I'll try setting up a special page on facebook dedicated the Charlie. If I can do it then i'll post it here (like you say, if that's allowed?)

meoklmrk91 - Not sure why it wouldnt let you share it cause I think people have shared it from that. I'll have a look at it now and see if I can change the settings or something.

Its going to be in the paper tomorrow so I'm hoping that that might stir up a few phone calls, maybe someone has found him and doesn't use facebook and hasnt seen my posters? Its all wishful thinking I know but I'm so desperate to find him. Its the not knowing what happened to him that's breaking my heart. I can't imagine someone stealing an 11 year old dog?? My family are worried that i'm just prolonging the pain but I cant stop thinking about him. Where did he go? It's all I can think about.

The fact that he's an old dog worries me. If he did wander off and got lost, I can't imagine him finding his way back. His eye sight is not what it used to be (eyes are cloudy) and I dont think his sense of smell is great either (you know when they're begging for food and you throw them down the corner off your slice of toast - Charlie would always spend a minute or two looking for it, even though it would be right in front of him), the misfortune

angelfire9 - i'll pm you now.

Thanks again everyone.

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saleda Registered User

My heart goes out to you. I've been following this thread since you started it and I'm sure there are many other silent watchers all hoping for some good news. When I saw you'd just posted, my heart even skipped a beat. You're doing absolutely everything you can and I really hope this story has a positive and happy ending... best of luck xx

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meoklmrk91 Registered User

Just wanted to let you know that I was able to share the pic last night. And like I said i will keep an eye out. Making a fb page especially for him is a great idea. Fingers crossed charlie comes home safe and sound.

Blogger50 Registered User

Thanks for keeping us all updated at what must be an awful time for you.

There are a lot of good people on this forum who will be thinking of Charlie every day until he comes home.

If you do the Facebook page and post the link I will personally harass and abuse all my Facebook friends until they share it

Thinking of you and Charlie.


P.S if the Mods dont allow you post the link to the FB page you can always PM people with it.

xxxJennyxxx Registered User

Have you checked buy and sell websites? Think donedeal/ etc who knows some chance may have picked him up and decided to try to make a bit of money off him by selling him.

Zapperzy Registered User

My heart goes out to you, my fella got out twice out the front door and my heart was in my mouth until he was back safe inside the house. My terrier's name is Charlie too. Did I miss where the facebook page or photo was to share it? I know a few people in college down in Limerick.

Inexile Registered User

really hoping your dog is home soon.

I know you are in Limerick but also check rescues in Kerry as well. If someone picked him up they could drop off anywhere.

Keeping looking and keep asking Im sure you will find him.

LordSutch Registered User

Suggest you get access to a photo copier and print as many "Lost Dog" posters as you can (with a picture of your Dog), then tape them to every Lamp Post/ Bus Stop & pole you can fine in a five mile radious . . .

Good luck, my heart goes out to you.

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saleda Registered User

Just a thought, I know you tried your local radio station, but have you tried 2fm, maybe Colm Hayes' morning programme? Not sure if they have the same policy, but it might be worth a shot.

Hooked Registered User

My heart goes out to you... Myself and my fella were just back from our morning run, flicking through the Limerick Post over breakfast when I saw Charlies picture in the missing pets section.

I know its feck all consolation... Just wanted to let you know I'll have my eyes peeled for him when we're out over the weekend.

awman Registered User

Thanks again to everyone for all your replies. Well I put a notice in the local paper today (2 local papers) but unfortunately still have not found him. I'm not working tomorrow so i think i might try put up some more posters and maybe walk the fields again. Don't know if i'm fooling myself about finding him at this stage. My husband is telling me to stop obsessing and to start understanding that I'll most likely never see him again (bit harsh if you ask me) but I can't accept it. I've set up a fb page dedicated to finding Charlie (well I think i've it done right anyway). I think if you type in it should come up. If ye try it and it works, let me know cause i'm not really sure if i've done it properly.

Thanks again everyone. Keep on praying and crossing ye're fingers for him.

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andreac Registered User

Dont give up hope. It could be that someone has him and has taken him in. Thats why you need to put up as many posters etc everywhere. Someone might see the poster then and get in touch.

Ive liked the page and i know loads have shared the other link from the Limerick Animal Welfare page.

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lubie76 Registered User

Don't give up Awman...the fact is Charlie is out there somewhere, and by keeping all lines of communication open, you are far more likely to find him! I know people think they are helping by saying you need to move on and forget but you need to do what you feel is best for him! I really hope there is some good news soon!

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Lambing season, is there a chance your dog was spotted in a field and got shot?
Then dumped in a ditch

Your neighbours farms don't have sheep but he could have strayed a bit further.

Sorry to blunt, just my first reaction
Yeah my post seems horrible but it's possible

Talk to the farmers, they're all in contact with each other and may know something

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