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There's a similar thread for Fair City, so I'll start this one for Ros Na Run, and I'll start things off with:

Dara does the maths and realises he's not the father of Caitriona's baby.


Evan to turn 21 next christmas.

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Grace/Alice to become desperate and do something horrible. I'm pretty sure she's already poisoned Bríd. I bet it'll backfire and Vince will end up sick.

I also think Tina will be first to twig that Dara is not the father of Catriona's baby.

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Grace to end up pregnant, or tell Vince she is anyway.

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Jason comes clean about the murder


Tina gets off due to lack of evidence and Jason gets away with it.



there is something wrong with Tina's baby and he/she needs something like a kidney/blood donation preferably from a sibling, caitriona obviously says no,

so dara sneaks the dna sample behind her back (to at least see if maeve is a match) while also getting tested himself and finds out the truth he's not Maeve's dad.

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Marie and Peader decide not to return to the village (probably obvious now by the for sale sign outside their house)

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Brid admits to stealing Micheal's lottery ticket

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branie said:
Brid admits to stealing Micheal's lottery ticket

And probably try to take Cathal down with her. I'm sure she still has feelings for him.

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