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Hey everyone,

I spent this afternoon trying to compile an up to date list of as many useful weather links as i could, taking links from WolfIRE's thread, Billy the Squid's original thread and any other bookmarks i could find hiding away on my laptop. I updated/removed dead links and tried to combine and list everything into relevant sections. Many thanks to all the users that have contributed the links over the years and if you have any more to add or spot a link that isn't working properly just post here or let me know by pm and i'll fix it up!

Current Observations
Met Eireann -

Ireland's Weather -

NRA Road Reports -

XC Weather -

Weather Undergournd -

Irish Webcam Map - Google maps

Soundings -

Precipitation radar
Met Eireann -

UK Met Office -

Rain Today (UK and Ireland) -

Meteox (Europe) -

UK and Ireland -

EUmetsat (Western Europe) - (Western Europe) -

Northern Hemisphere -

Dundee Satellite receiving station (free registration required) -

Satellite Image Viewer -

Latest Satreps -

Lightning detector networks
UK Met Office (UK and Ireland) - (Click map and then lightning)

Meteocentre (Zeus data) Europe -

Blitzortung (Europe)

North Atlantic -

US -

Single lightning dectectors
Isle of White -

Cork -

Cloughfern, Antrim -

Belfast -

Durrow, Laois -

Killucan, Westmeath -

Convective Weather
European Storm Forecasting Experiment -

Torro (Tornado and Storm Research Organisation) -

Lightning Wizard (Convective Weather Maps) -

Keraunos (French convective forecasts/analysis) -

Models (GFS/UKMO/ECM etc)
Net Weather -;sess=

Weather Online -

The Weather Outlook -

Meteociel -

Wetterzentrale -

DMI (Hirlam) -

Wetter3 -

Westwind -

Weathercharts - (WRF) -

IPS Meteostar (Latest GFS run in tabular form for Dublin Airport) -

Educational Material
Su Campu's "Beginner's Guide To Reading Winter Charts" -

Types of frost -

Upper air guide -

Forecasting convective storms -

Synoptic setup of thunderstorms in western Europe -

Satellite Meteorology Manual -

The Weather Prediction Educational Site -

Irish Weather Buoy Network -

Oceanweather Inc. -

Magic Seaweed (surf forecast) -

SailWx -

Global SSTs (Sea Surface Temperatures) -

Dublin airport control tower -

Live flight info -

Skystef -

Global -

Uk and Ireland -

European Weather
European Weather services - -

US National Hurricane Centre -

Central Pacific Hurricane Centre -

Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (Western Pacific and Indian Ocean) -

Tokyo Tropical Cyclone Centre -

Austrailian Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre -

StormPulse (Hurricane tracking) -

Historical data
Tutiempo -

Ogimet -

Wetterzentrale (Charts archive) -

Snow cover maps -

BBC Monthly Outlook (Updated Weekly) -

Meteocentre -

Windguru (Wind map) -

Global Temp Graph -

Dust Forecast -

Aurora Forecast -

Space Weather -

Irish Meteorological Society -

Met Monkey (Great collection of forecasting and observational links) -

Cumulus (Weather station Software) -

UCD School of Meteorology -

National Weather Service Glossary - weather forum interesting past threads -

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another lightning strike site that's reliable and shows the UK and Ireland well is on the Isle of Wight

There's also another lightning site in the South of the Country at Cork

For the Miscellaneous section, especially if you have any interest in your own weather station, or software to upload weather station information to a web site,

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pistolpetes11 Moderator

A glossary of all weather terms , searchable by name or first letter att he bottom of the page.

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This site is great for looking ahead if you read charts:

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pistolpetes11 Moderator

Can I just caution re posting / taking as gospel these raw (and often useless) GFS precip/snow probability maps at this juncture. The alogorithm used for these is pretty basic, and I never even bother with them.

A far better route to understanding (at least from GFS) the PPN type prospects for any given area, plus crucial nuances of boundary layer conditions as well as aloft, is to pick-up on the profile soundings plotted for any part of the globe via the excellent http://ready.arl.noa...v/READYcmet.php (we compare these here to our UKMO-GM/NAE tephigrams).

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I think there was a post in the "Turning very cold with snow likely in areas through Friday/The weekend and beyond" thread asking why there weren't dewpoints given on Met Eireann's weather stations reports page. Here are two online calculators I found that may help. I originally posted this in that thread, but maybe if people want quick access to these calculators here a thread for them.

With the first one just imput the temperature and relative humidity and you should get the dew point. Seems to be fairly accurate.


The second isn't as accurate. Click to find what you want (temp, RH, DP), then slide the two bars to get a result. It gives a rough answer. No decimal point.


If anyone knows of a better online DP calculator, dont hesitate to add it to the thread. Thanks.

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Redsunset Registered User

An Interesting 157 page read about the state of Irish climate in 2012.

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Tae laidir Registered User

Interesting graphical site of current & past weather events:

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MetEireann Verified representative

Updated hourly. Derived from the HIRLAM Numerical Weather Prediction model .

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Villain Registered User

Water levels for Rivers and harbours available from OPW now at

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