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I'm new to this & setting up my first site, so bear with me..

I have a Linux shared maximus account, and have registered an .ie domain. When I'm setting up my web hosting, there is a drop down box which gives me several options:

Parking, Single page website, Frame forwarding, Standard forwarding or website (Apache).

Theplan is to link this to a Wix site until the Joomla one is complete, so which of these options do i choose? Is there a comprehensive doc on the support site that I'm missing re. setting this up?

Thanks in advance.

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Choose one of the forwarding options IF the wixx site is accessible via a "sane" address eg. or

I've no idea how they handle things on their end, but I suspect they've it documented.

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And to add to that .. ..

With the forwarding setup you effectively are not using the hosting ..

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Done & dusted, thanks for the help.

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