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I'm pretty new to this forum and I was just wondering would it be beneficial to learn Flash CS4 or continue practicing it.
I know it's used in flash banners on the web, but other than that does Flash really have a future in WebDesign or is it even relevant to designing apps for Android phones, ( iphones don't do flash, right?)
Any input would be appreciated.

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Adobe Discontinues Development of Flash Player on Mobile Devices

I don't see it as being relevant to Android, iPhone or Windows Phone and wouldn't employ it in web design as I feel there is no need with the current state of HTML5 and JavaScript.

I personally have flash disabled on my laptop and only enable it for certain websites where it is critical like RTÉ Player. I personally wouldn't be looking at learning Flash.

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p Registered User

In short it depends.

  • Flash is going to be less relevant in the coming years, it is a dying platform.
  • If mobile is not important to you, then Flash still has the most widespread support amongst browsers for multimedia content compared to HTML5.
  • Flash is still a great tool to mocking things up and prototyping things.
  • It's still great for e-learning and Kiosk style applications.

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im...LOST Registered User

You can develop apps in Flash cs5 and compile them for both Android and iOS.

It exports them as a package that can then be uploaded and sold through the App Store and the marketplace. It's no longer a Flash file so it'll work fine on iOS.

I dunno, I still enjoy it and it's my most comfortable programming language...

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