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Any help appreciated. Cheers. I have the 16gb 3g version. Kies telling me I have the most up to date firmware. Tab currently running 2.2

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Never mind. Got it done

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Ooo, do share how...and if it's worth the bother...

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robinph said:
Ooo, do share how...and if it's worth the bother...

Well... Did it riskily (with the help of a youtube turial). One or three heart palpatations later and i did it successfully.

This is the guy's instructions i followed (with a fair few pausings along the way):

ps. i didn't bother with the part he says is 'optional' - i was just relieved i'd got it on and didn't want to risk messing it up at that stage!

At your own risk as always though if you choose to try it!

PS. I have to say 2.3.3 runs beautifully on it. Noticeably faster when jumping from one screen or app to another, graphics obviously a little bit fancier with certain things like the market and that, and there's a new app called 'pulse' which is actually pretty cool... preinstalled on it

*note: it's only for the 3g version as far as i'm aware, Not the wi-fi only model* although there might be a version for that, it's not something i looked into

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