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Just a cool story (I think) that I wanted to share.

Im a big fan of Reggie Watts but never seen him live, so I was delighted to see he was playing Whelans on the 21st Jan. Of course, being stone broke after Xmas it was only the week of the gig that I had money to get tickets . . . By which time it was totally sold out.

So the day before the gig, after searching gumtree, buy&sell etc & coming up empty... as a last resort I went on the twitter machine and put up a desparate plea for any spare tickets for sale. Didn't think Id get any replys . . .But checked back a couple of hours later...
& Lo & Behold! I did get a reply!! Not from someone wanting to sell a ticket but from Reggie himself saying he had seen my tweet & was putting me +1 on the guestlist!!

Thought it was a really cool & nice thing to do, spoke to him briefly after his set to thank him and he was really nice & sound. Oh,.. & the gig was hilarious too!

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t1mm Registered User

Missed it myself - was dying to go! Heard great reports of when he was in the Pav in Cork, disgusted I couldn't make it now!

Absolutely hilarious man

ShaneLad Registered User

was excellent gig.

Ive watched tons of his stuff on youtube and not once during the gig did he do a bit that I had seen him do before . . Totally improvised & random. Genius!!

Me , reggie & me burd!

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whippetgood Registered User

that's savage!!! was at the gig too - was fantastic. what a man!!! the irish song was amazing, I wonder if anyone recorded it would love to hear it again!

ShaneLad Registered User

Its on his CD (Whys $hit so Crazy?) that was on sale at the gig, the song is called "Fields of Donegal", pretty sure its the same song.

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Funkfield Registered User

Didn't know he was playing.

F***in' gutted.

The man is amazing.

whippetgood Registered User

ah brilliant!! will try get myself a copy of it. i'm sure its for sale on his site did you see him before in the Iveagh Gardens, supporting David O doherty?

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