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MadsL said:
It is not the City Council that need to do something, it's dog owners who need to get the message.

True but what I meant was the council could police the area and catch the dog owners in the act

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Tombo2000 said:
East Cabra is where I live.....but my guess is it could be anywhere.

For example the bridge over the railway tracks at Faussagh Road, from the gaeilscoil up towards Carnlough. That bridge always has a 5 or so turds to dodge.

Similarly, the patch of green just outside the gaeilscoil......literally cant let the kids run on it.

All around East Cabra, but especially the road surrounding the Church.

Part of the problem here is that if you do complain about it formally, you are effectively reporting your neighbours to the authorities, and that can create all sorts of bad blood that can last for...well decades....

why not try and better yourself and move to a respectable area!!


Sacred_git said:
why not try and better yourself and move to a respectable area!!

Very helpful post there, cheers.

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Sacred_git said:
why not try and better yourself and move to a respectable area!!

Why don't you try a different forum if you're going to take that attitude here?.

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Dog feces are one of the most common carriers of the following diseases:



Not sure if they still do, but in Paris they used popper scoopers on motor bikes , that went around sucking it up and then spraying the area with disinfectant. Sound like the way to go for me, so far as combating the health side of things. Not carried out anymore.

Penalties should still enforced though, if owners are not doing their duty.


Dog droppings are one of the leading sources of E. coli (fecal coliforms) bacterial pollution, Toxocara canis and Neospora caninum helminth parasite pollution. One gram of dog feces contains over 20,000,000 E. coli cells.[2] While an individual animal's deposit of feces will not measurably affect the environment, the cumulative effect of thousands of dogs and cats in a metropolitan area can create serious problems due to contamination of soil and water supplies. The runoff from neglected pet waste contaminates water, creating health hazards for people, fish, ducks, etc.[3]

The situation is particularly dire[citation needed] in Germany, where an estimated 1400 tonnes of feces are deposited daily on public property. A citizen commission (2005) overwhelmingly recommended a plan that would break even at about seven months. DNA samples would be required when pet licenses come up for renewal. Within a year, a database of some 12,500 registration-required canine residents would be available to sanitation workers with sample-test kits. Evidence would be submitted to a forensics laboratory where technicians could readily match the waste to its dog. The prospect of a prompt fine equivalent to $600 US (at 2005 exchange rate) would help assure preventive compliance, as well as cover costs.[4] In adult dogs, the infection by Toxocara canis is usually asymptomatic but can be fatal in puppies.[5][6] A number of various vertebrates, including humans, and some invertebrates can become infected by Toxocara canis. Humans are infected, like other paratenic hosts, by ingestion of embryonated T. canis eggs.[7] The disease caused by migrating T. canis larvae (toxocariasis) results in visceralis larva migrans and ocularis larva migrans.Clinically infected people have helminth infection and rarely blindness.[8]

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I lived on Quarry Road many years ago, and it was a problem even then. I was at a funeral recently in Christ the King church, and even the grounds of the church were full of dog crap. Walking along Annaly Road was like trying to pick a way through a minefield.

Mind you, I am living in the south inner city at present and the problem is the same here....

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Cabra is terrible for dog ****, I moved there last year and am constantly astonished by the mess all over the pavements. Every time I walk home I have to check my feet when I get in the door, especially if it's dark. There are a lot of dogs around my area that just wander the streets on their own, the owners leave them out in the front garden and let them wander around freely, so I'd imagine this is probably a large part of it.


Thankfully stray dogs wandering around is not a problem around here.
You can call the dog warden and explain that this particular dog is always out off it's leash and they will come and check the dog for ID and bring it back to the owner, telling off or fine, if no ID then it's off to the pound.

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