Phenomenally Phrank said:
Well she can fuck right off because she's not getting one! plus i've got loads of choices of other shops I can use. If she'd asked me politely I probably would've complied. The bin was designed to be placed outdoors anyway, not indoors, so she was committing a health and safety violation in the first place. Sure, I wasn't going to leave a dog's **** on the ****ing ground, jesus fucking christ, talk about getting your hand slapped for doing a good deed!

To be fair, cleaning up after your own dog is not "doing a good deed". You should either be taking said deposit home, or using a council supplied bin for it. The shopkeeper may have over-reacted, but putting your dog crap into a shop is not acceptable.

Twee. Moderator

Phenomenally Phrank said:
I place it in the nearest bin available.Not expecting a fucking round of applause. I could've easily just left it on the ground.

Well, by saying "I could have easily just left it on the ground" does rather imply that that you want a pat on the back for putting in a bin.

The bin you chose was on private property. She may have overreacted, but I think you have as well. Save grief in the future and just use a public bin?

tatranska Registered User

Phenomenally Phrank said:
Yeah get off your ****ing high horse and STFU, Tatranska!

There are no horses in this part of cabra to sit on

turnsoutIwas Registered User

@Phenomenally Phrank:
I seriously cannot believe that you think its ok to bring your dog's crap inside somebody's workplace and leave it there. Tightly wrapped or not, it isnt sealed and is very far from hygienic. Are you honestly saying that if somebody arrived at your house with a bag of crap and asked did you mind if they put it in your inside bin that you would be perfectly fine with that?
I'm assuming that you arent trolling here but would you cop on...you do owe that person an apology, whatever you might think...

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tatranska said:
There are no horses in this part of cabra to sit on

There might be today, the fair is on in Smithfield, Dogs might be the least of your worries.

biancab Registered User

its the same all over the country so sick of it , lots of signs up but who`s gonna stop it from happening and who enforces the fine??? Mr Nobody

Dathai Registered User

I've only noticed that it's started to get worse in the past two months or so. Coming up New Cabra road or going down Quarry Road or Annamoe and there's dog crap on the path every couple of feet. It's not even against a wall or anything, right bang in the middle and smeared all over the path.

breadandjam Registered User

When I'm out with my own dog-with a couple of plastic bags stuck in my pocket- I've seen others let their dogs do their business all over the path. When I offer them the lend of a plastic bag they either ignore me or tell me to f off.

I wish I could catch the person who lets his dog **** right in the mddle of my gate though

eric hoone Registered User

Anyone suspect this problem is worse since the plastic bag tax took millions of free plastic bags out of circulation?

breadandjam Registered User

eric hoone said:
Anyone suspect this problem is worse since the plastic bag tax took millions of free plastic bags out of circulation?

No, it's pure laziness or distaste for picking up dog poo on the owners part

Galadriel Registered User

Phenomenally Phrank said:

Who was in the right there? Personally I think I was, since I had (A) picked up after my dog in the first place and (B) chosen a suitable receptacle for the 'refuse'.

She was in the right, you should not have put it in her bin in her shop and then refuse to remove it, maybe she's glad you won't be shopping there again.


Tombo2000 said:
So once again, I am walking with the kids to the child minders this morning. One of them gets tired along the way and wants to be carried.

I pick the child up and then notice the smell.

Dog crap on his shoe, dog crap all over my trousers from when I am carrying him. I get to the childminders and spend ten minutes cleaning dog faeces off the sole of his shoe. I have to return home to get changed instead of heading directly on to work.

I know its not the only place in Dublin that has this problem, but everywhere I go in Cabra there is dog crap on the footpaths. Its disgusting, its vile, its extremely dangerous also......who knows what disease is carred in this actual crap.

I'm just so bloody tired of not being able to bring a pram or a childs shoe or my own shoe into the house because of it. At least on the footpaths you can see it and have a chance of dodging it, but on any green area.....basically you have to stay off them and keep the kids off them because of it. Have dog owners in Cabra got no pride in their environs whatsoever that they allow this to happen? There is one corner near me that could literally be called Dog Crap Corner, as everytime I pass there are at least 5 or 6 different turds.

Now I know a lot of dog owners are responsible.

But there are clearly a huge amount who are not. My suspicion incidentally is that the irresponsible owners are elderly people who let their dog out "to do his business" first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

There are signs up all over the place saying it is littering, it is illegal, about the fines and so on, but to no avail. Is there anything that can be done about this.....in people's views. Or is it a pointless rant.

i live on the new cabra road and its covered in dog crap....... i wish the city council would put a few people to catch and fine the owners of these offending dogs.

kylith Registered User

It's not helped by the fact that bins have been removed all over Dublin. I know of several, including dog waste ones, that have vanished over the last few months. There is often a little pile of poo bags at the site where the bin used to be, like a shrine.

Of course, I'm in no way excusing people who don't clean up after their dogs, or pepole who leave bags around. I just put the handle of the bag round my wrist. There's always a bin somewhere.

breadandjam Registered User

As if the dog crap wasn't bad enough yesterday somebody dumped some dirty nappies on the path outside my gate. I discovered that there is an online mechanism to report illegal dumping on the City Council's website. It's quite easy and it seems to work as the Nappies were gone quite quickly.
So next time you see a pile of dog crap- fill this in. If enough of us do it then the City Council should get the message and do something


MadsL Registered User

breadandjam said:
the City Council should get the message and do something


It is not the City Council that need to do something, it's dog owners who need to get the message.

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