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tedshredsonfire said:
Hi Gingko the Japanese guy whose name escapes me might be the same one that made the surf video waking maeve hes still round strandhill. Don't know the Steve guys. On Paul well really sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Paul passed away last year while in Oz. Theres a facebook page here to his memory here
All round good bloke, a true waterman and usually a massive smile on his face.

re Paul Rennick, I knew he passed away just didn't hear how? Yes very sad indeed. Maybe just leave it at that. RIP.

May see Yugi again so if he's still about and it was just the one Steve! He shared a cottage with a couple of girls at Culleenamore for a while. Drove an old escort van? (i think)

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Sorry to dig up an old thread but has anyone been there lately? any updates?

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Haven't been in Strandhill for ages either! Wonder how the sandbars are and what the general vibe is like at mo?

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