Irelands SOPA could mean an end to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

Please make your voice heard before it is too late

The guy to complain to is Shaun Sherlock http://www.labour.ie/seansherlock


his email is sean.sherlock.oir.ie

EDIT: its sean.sherlock@oir.ie

gavmcg92 Registered User

deckybarr said:
his email is sean.sherlock.oir.ie

That doesn't seem to be working? Are you sure?

RobbingBandit Registered User

The OP put a dot(.) rather than the @ in their link. Email below copied from his official webpage. http://www.labour.ie/seansherlock


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Is there any organised opposition to this measure?

... something like an on-line petition to be signed?

Without a central place for people to sign up there is no real likelihood of many writing directly to their TDs or Sherlock.


Would it be hard to set up an online petition? I don't think that one exists.


Ok guys and gals,
The way this legislation was put down in America was by phoning their elected Congressmen non-stop and this freaked the Congressmen out. It's pretty simple really. We should get as many people as possible to phone our elected represetatives and ask them to oppose this legislation. Let's get this up and running. Anyone have a link for some TD's websites which would have their office numbers? I'll look for some. P.S. I don't think an online petition would have as much impact as people actually ringing the TDs' offices.


Great idea gu22222

here is sherlocks details which I got from his webpage at www.labour.ie/sherlock

Work Address
Davis (Flemings) Lane
Rear Main Street
Home Address
Davis Lane
Co. Cork
Phone 022 53523
Fax 022 57761
Mobile 087 7402057


Thanks I try!

Great! Here I have a link with the website details of the all elected representatives in the Oireachtas:

Get the numbers and Get calling.


Implementation of legislation to provide for injunctions for copyright owners in certain circumstance

Issued : Thursday 22 December, 2011

The Minister for Research and Innovation Sean Sherlock TD announced today that the Government will be responding with legislation to the High Court Judgment in the case of EMI and Others Vs UPC.

In his judgement Mr Justice Charleton held that he was constrained by the wording of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 and could not grant an injunction to prevent infringement of copyright against an information service provider in the context of a transient communication and he stated that Ireland had not fully transposed the relevant EU Directive(s).

Minister Sherlock stated 'the Government is proposing to introduce a Statutory Instrument, to redress the situation highlighted by Justice Charleton, by providing for injunctions for copyright owners against intermediaries whose services are used to infringe their copyright.

In granting such injunctions the Courts must take account of Court of Justice of the European Union Judgements. They require that a fair balance be struck between the various fundamental rights protected by the Community legal order and the principle of proportionality. That would include, inter alia, the protection of the fundamental rights of individuals who are affected by such measures, the freedom to conduct a business enjoyed by operators such as Internet Service Providers, the protection of private data and right of freedom of expression and information'.

The Minister went on to say that he hopes that the legislation will be introduced by the middle of January 2012.



How did that fly under the radar?

gavmcg92 Registered User

Right guys... I suggest you join this thread. I has a larger discussion on this matter as well as template emails to send to your representatives.



Archeotech Registered User

Spread this around and sign the petition,


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The SOPA and PIPA bills were halted in the States due to politicians being bombarded with phone calls of opposition to the bills. Here is the phone numbers of all the Irish TD's currently in government so that you can contact them to voice your opposition to the ACTA and irish SOPA bills

Fine Gael

Name: James Bannon Constituency: Longford-Westmeath Phone: 01-6184226

Name: Sean Barrett Constituency: Dún Laoghaire Phone: 01-6183895

Name: Tom Barry Constituency: Cork East Phone: 01-6183328

Name: Pat Breen Constituency: Clare Phone: 01-6184224

Richard Bruton Constituency: Dublin North Central Phone: 01-6312172

Ray Butler Constituency: Meath West Phone: 01-6183378

Jerry Buttimer Constituency: Cork South Central Phone: 01-6183380

Catherine Byrne Constituency: Dublin South Central Phone: 01-6183083

Ciaran Cannon Constituency: Galway East Phone: 01-8896510

Joe Carey Constituency: Clare Phone: 01-6183337

Paudie Coffey Constituency: Waterford Phone: 01-6183902

Áine Collins Constituency: Cork North West Phone: 01-6183873

Sean Conlan Constituency: Cavan-Monaghan Phone: 01-6183154

Sean Conlan Constituency: Cavan-Monaghan Phone: 01-6183154

Paul Connaughton Jnr Constituency: Galway East Phone: 01-6183032

Noel Coonan Constituency: Tipperary North Phone: 01-6183842

Marcella Corcoran-Kennedy Constituency: Laois-Offaly Phone: 01-6184075

Simon Coveney Constituency: Cork South Central Phone: 01-6763925

Michael Creed Constituency: Cork North West Phone: 01-6183525

Lucinda Creighton Constituency: Dublin South East Phone: 01-6194309

Jim Daly Constituency: Cork South West Phone: 01-6183886

John Deasy Constituency: Waterford Phone: 01-6183596

Jimmy Deenihan Constituency: Kerry North-West Limerick Phone: 01-6313804

Pat Deering Constituency: Carlow-Kilkenny Phone: 01-6184235

Regina Doherty Constituency: Meath East Phone: 01-6183573

Paschal Donohoe Constituency: Dublin Central Phone: 01-6183689

Andrew Doyle Constituency: Wicklow Address: Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 Phone: 01-6183611

Bernard Durkan Constituency: Kildare North Phone: 01-6183732/01-6183191

Damien English Constituency: Meath West Phone: 01-6184012

Alan Farrell Constituency: Dublin North Phone: 01-6184008

Frank Feighan Constituency: Roscommon-South Leitrim Phone: 01-6184289

Frances Fitzgerald Constituency: Dublin Mid West Phone: 01-6183771

Peter Fitzpatrick Constituency: Louth Phone: 01-6183563

Charles Flanagan Constituency: Laois-Offaly Phone: 01-6183652

Terence Flanagan Constituency: Dublin North East Phone: 01-6183634

Brendan Griffin Constituency: Kerry South Phone: 01-6184480

Noel Harrington Constituency: Cork South West Phone: 01-6183956

Simon Harris Constituency: Wicklow Phone: 01-6183805

Brian Hayes Constituency: Dublin South West Phone: 01-6183567

Tom Hayes Constituency: Tipperary South Phone: 01-6183168

Martin Heydon Constituency: Kildare South Phone: 01-6183017

Phil Hogan Constituency: Carlow-Kilkenny Phone: 01-8882402

Heather Humphreys Constituency: Cavan-Monaghan Phone: 01-6183408

Derek Keating Constituency: Dublin Mid West Phone: 01-6184014

Paul Kehoe Constituency: Wexford Phone: 01-6194080

Enda Kenny Constituency: Mayo Street, Dublin 2 Phone: 01-6194020

Seán Kyne Constituency: Galway West Phone: 01-6184426

Anthony Lawlor Constituency: Kildare North Phone: 01-6183007

Peter Mathews Constituency: Dublin South Phone: 01-6184443

Shane McEntee Constituency: Meath East Phone: 01-6072977

Nicky McFadden Constituency: Longford-Westmeath Phone: 01-6183938

Dinny McGinley Constituency: Donegal South West Phone: 01-6183452

Joe McHugh Constituency: Donegal North East Phone: 01-6184242

Tony McLoughlin Constituency: Sligo-North Leitrim Phone: 01-6183537

Olivia Mitchell Constituency: Dublin South Phone: 01-6183088

Mary Mitchell-O'Connor Constituency: Dún Laoghaire Phone: 01-6183302

Michelle Mulherin Constituency: Mayo Phone: 01-6183065

Dara Murphy Constituency: Cork North Central Phone: 01-6183862

Eoghan Murphy Constituency: Dublin South East Phone: 01-6183324

Dan Neville Constituency: Limerick Phone: 01-6183356

Michael Noonan Constituency: Limerick City Phone: 01-6764735

Kieran O'Donnell Constituency: Limerick City Phone: 01-6183808

Patrick O'Donovan Constituency: Limerick Phone: 01-6183610

Fergus O'Dowd Constituency: Louth Phone: 01-6782024

John O'Mahony Constituency: Mayo Phone: 01-6183706

Joe O'Reilly Constituency: Cavan-Monaghan Phone: 01-6183721

John Perry Constituency: Sligo-North Leitrim Phone: 01-6312243

John Paul Phelan Constituency: Carlow-Kilkenny Phone: 01-6184202

James Reilly Constituency: Dublin North Phone: 01-6711026

Michael Ring Constituency: Mayo Phone: 01-6041034

Alan Shatter Constituency: Dublin South Phone: 01-6183911

David Stanton Constituency: Cork East Phone: 01-6183181

Billy Timmins Constituency: Wicklow Phone: 01-6183384

Liam Twomey Constituency: Wexford Phone: 01-6184299

Leo Varadkar Constituency: Dublin West Phone: 01-6041062

Brian Walsh Constituency: Galway West Phone: 01-6184236


Eamon Gilmore TD 01 4082018 - -

Joan Burton TD
Dail: 01 6184006 -

Eric Byrne TD
Home: 01 4901305 - Fax: 01 4901305 - Mobile: 087-2548429

Michael Conaghan TD
Dáil: 01 618 4033 - Fax: No. 6184632

Ciara Conway TD
01.6184033 -

Joe Costello TD
Dáil: 01 618 3896 - Fax: 01 618 4596

Robert Dowds TD
Email : robert.dowds@oir.ie

Anne Ferris TD
Dáil Office: 01. 6183539 - Constituency Office: 01 2764699

Dominic Hannigan TD
Constituency Office: 01 835 3871 -

Brendan Howlin TD
Home: 053 -91-24036 - Dail: 01 6184366 - Fax: 01 6184542

Kevin Humphreys TD
Home: 6686854 - Mobile: 087-2989103
Email : kevin.humphreys@oir.ie

Colm Keaveney TD
093. 24070
Email : colm@colmkeaveney.ie

Alan Kelly TD
Minister of State, Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport with responsibility for Public & Commuter Transport
Office: 067 34190 -
Email : office@alankelly.ie

Sean Kenny TD
mobile 086 8126340 - Dáil 01.6183744
Email : sean.kenny@oir.ie

Ciarán Lynch TD
021 4366200
Email : ciaran.lynch@oir.ie

Kathleen Lynch TD
Office - Tel: 021-4399930 or 021-4212463 - Fax: 021-4304358
Email : kathleen_lynch@health.gov.ie

John Lyons TD
087 2113154

Eamonn Maloney TD
Email : eamonn.maloney@oir.ie

Michael McCarthy TD
Constituency Office: - Tel: 023 - 8855705 - Fax: 023 - 8855706 - Mobile: 087 - 6481004

Michael McNamara TD
Constituency Office: 065-6893639 - Shannon Town Constituency Office: 061-479020

Gerald Nash TD
(M) 087 271 6816 - - - -

Derek Nolan TD
086 3 777 624

Jan O'Sullivan TD
Office: 061-312316 - Fax: 061-313707 - Dail: 01 6183670 - Fax: 01 6184617

Willie Penrose TD
Home: 044-93-73264 - Constituency Office: 044-93-43987 - Dail: 01-6183734 - Fax Dail: 01-6184541 - Fax Constituency Office: 044-93-43966

Ann Phelan TD
Constituency Office: 056 7756000 - Mobile: 086-3294420

Ruairi Quinn TD
Minister for Education and Skills
Dáil: 01 6183434 - Fax: 01 6184153 - Skype: ruairiquinn

Pat Rabbitte TD
Constituency Office: 01 678 2011 or 01 618 3772 - Department Office: 01 678 9807 or 01 678 2000

Brendan Ryan TD
01-618 3421

Sean Sherlock TD
Phone: 022 53523 - Fax: 022 57761 - 087-7402057 -

Roisin Shortall TD
Home: 01-8370563 - Dail: 01-6183593 - Fax: 01-6184380

Arthur Spring TD
Office: 066.712 5337 -

Emmet Stagg TD
Home: 01-6272149 - Dáil: 01-6183013 - Fax (home): 01-6270601 - Fax (Dáil): 01-6184538
Email : emmet.stagg@oireachtas.ie

Joanna Tuffy TD
01 6280765(h) - 01 6183822(o) - 01 4575678(o)

Jack Wall TD
Constituency Office: - 059-86-32874 (ph) 33157 (fax) - Dail01) 6183571 - Fax: (01) 6184540

Alex White TD
618 3972

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin TD
086-8190336 -

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