When I was little this really used to get me.........scary at the time, now just great

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It was live action but the wheelers in Return to Oz really scared me when i was a kid and i dont think i was the only one


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Potential-Monke Registered User

This programme used to freak me out:

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AeoNGriM Registered User

mikemac1 said:
There was another one but I can't remember the name
I know there were goblins and trolls and they had a song
And the boss had a pit and if a solider failed him they would be thrown to the crabs in the pit to be killed

There was a cartoon also set in India with a fat cat as the Raj.
And he'd have other characters executed

You're thinking about The Dreamstone, the head nasty was called Zordrak I believe.


Am **** at embedding. Have a nosy on YouTube, the scene you're talking about is in Ep1 I believe.

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I used to be frightened of Scooby Doo then they introduced that little **** Scrappy. Then it was just frighteningly bad.

spankmaster2000 Registered User

Does anyone else remember this programme on RTE and maybe even TG4 back in the mid 90's.
I've no idea if it was all puppets or half puppets, half real actors.

But, the main "Bad guy" was this kind of sock-puppet otter type of thing. And he planned to kidnap the children in the house, and bring them through the Wardrobe to his land / dimension.

All I remember is that that character was really sinister, and to this day, the memory of him freaks the shoite out of me!

GKidd Banned

The theme tune to wildfire used to freak me out...kinda like the trumpet solo in "My Lovely Horse"
0:31 & 0:54

Duggy747 Registered User

I'll just leave this here:

Asshole uploader put a loud scream at 0:25 but you'll get the idea of this cartoon before hand.

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Paddy Cow Registered User

u_c_thesecond said:
nota "childhood cartoon" but still creepy in its day

i have chucky 1- 5 and still love a good marathon of it - 5 is just awful though... awful

Ya I know it's not exactly a childhood cartoon but I saw it in childhood because our older brothers weren't supposed to watch it so made us watch it as well so we couldn't tell lol Brothers are cruel

BunShopVoyeur said:
Upload it to Image Shack and you'll get the code, not sure if that's the quickest way but it works.


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old hippy Banned

Ludwig, I guess. He was a diamond shaped voyeur, iirc

DEFTLEFTHAND Registered User

The Banana Splits scared me too. There was something quite menacing about them.

Also speaking of banana's, The Bananas In Pyjamas really frightened me as well. There was an underlying evil current to them.

Standard Toaster Registered User

Dafthead from Worzel Gummidge used to scare the bejayus outta me

Not all cartoons, but this one really freaked me out when I seen it as a child

Attabear Registered User

You have to be of a certain age but Flaherty's garden on Bosco was some surreal stuff.
Rte always seemed to show it out of sequence so that just added to the eeriness.

It was Beckett with stop motion animation.

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Standard Toaster said:

Ulysess was brilliant, some of the episodes were creepy enough...

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The Hooded Claw.

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