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I'm kinda looking forward to it - sadistic witch that I am

I'm reasonably fit but I'm finding it harder and harder to get to the gym. At least with this I have no excuse

Larianne Registered User

talkin said:
i used 30ds for three days and i couldnt walk up or down the stairs! it nearly killed me!

Make sure to stretch properly after to avoid the muscle pain or reduce it.

Misticles Registered User

I bought 30ds before Xmas and I'm ashamed to say .... It's still in its wrapping :/ butttt after looking in here earlier I have rooted out my little weights to take back up with me!!

Starting swimming too, I needed goggles and a nose plug though

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offaly1 Registered User

just done my first 30day shred I must admit i am delighted i have it done... but god is it tough, the legs are my weak spot, and i have feeling they will be sore tomorrow

On another note, couldn't find my little dumbells so i used a full budweiser bottle for each weight...

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