alan kelly Registered User

Hi Guys,

I dont know too much about Comms cabinets and networking so apologies for the stupid question.

I am looking to design a small comms room for a college assignment but dont know much about the loads used. I am guessing some large server units might use around 6 - 10 kw but aint sure.

If anyone had any info on a particular server unit or power rating i would be delighted.....


rolion Registered User

i'm dealing with HP servers only :

download the Excel file and you'll have most of the HP servers range !!!

good luck

alan kelly Registered User

That's great Rolion..

Cheers for the reply... Exactly what i was after..

DublinDilbert Registered User

You can always query the servers & equipment over snmp, that will give you exactly the power load

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