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Can anyone recommend an artist similar to Colleen. I love her music, its a perfect mix of ambient drone and instruments. Im not a huge fan of electronica in ambient music, I love this more traditional approach though, I'm after horsing through all three of her albums.

I've gone through all the similar artist on lastfm but none of them really are on the same mark. Maybe she is individual.

Here is just a sample of her awesomeness

(Invalid youtube)

Anima Registered User

Hmm maybe Deaf Center?

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jiltloop Registered User

Some Susumu Yakota would be along a similar vein. He uses nice organic smaples to make ambient music.
Not very similar but if you prefer more natural sounds then you might like it.

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oxygen Registered User

Thanks Anima. Ill check out Deaf Center today, Jiltloop, Ill check out Susumu Yakota tomorrow probably, I'm not much of a mutlitasker tbh

Léan Registered User

Hi there,

I'm a big fan of Colleen myself

I'd highly recommend Andrew Pekler, Marsen Jules, Juilien Neto (although he might be a bit too electronic) and Porn Sword Tobacco (ignore the name, fantastic music).

Andrew Pekler (album Cue)

Juilien Neto (album Le Fumeur de Ciel)

Porn Sword Tobacco (album New Exclusive Olympic Heights)

whelanslive Registered User

Excuse the rather obvious self-interest at play here given that I am promoting a show by them in March but it's entirely appropriate in this context I reckon - Natural Snow Buildings make some beautiful organic pasych drone music. They are also French.




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