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Women's Championship
Trish Stratus (c) vs Manami Toyota

Back-story: The Women's Championship has been held by Trish Stratus for a long time and she has seen off all challengers. Regarded by many as the greatest North American women's wrestler, she believes she is the greatest of all time...

But so does her opponent and challenger Manami Toyota, regarded by many as the greatest Japanese women's wrestler. She has set her sights on taking the title and answering the question of who the better woman really is.

This is the only match on the show where both opponents respect one another. This isn't a feud bound in hatred or egos. It is two respected greats trying to see who the greatest really is. Tune in to Grapplemania where we will find out the answer.

The Match: At the start Trish extended her hand to Toyota and when she shook it Trish gave her a flip as the fans cheered. The fans were about 60:40 in Trish's favour. Toyota however didn't seem rattled and ended up hitting a series of arm drags to leave Trish looking concerned.

The match seemed to be in Toyota's favour early on as she hit some spectacular high-flying moves sending Trish out to the floor. Trish looked frustrated. Trish was able to stem Toyota's dominance however by using some fairly questionable tactics. At one stage the ref asked Toyota to let Trish out of the ropes and Trish hit Toyota with a thumb to the eye. On another occasion Trish acted like she had hurt her ankle and as Toyota paused to let her up Trish hit her with some vicious shots. Trish was able to take control in the match in this way.

The finish of the match saw Trish hit her big moves on Toyota - Stratusfaction and the Trish Kick but Toyota kicked out. Toyota then was able to hit big moves of her own such as a brainbuster and a moonsault but Trish kicked out. As the match approached the thirty minute mark the fans were standing. Trish signalled for the end with the sharpshooter - would Toyota tap? No she made the ropes. Toyota then used impressive leg strength to reverse the move and put Trish in the same hold - would Trish tap? No. Fans urged a tap out but both women broke the hold and held their legs in pain.

Trish went for the move again but Toyota reversed it into a cradle - 1...2...3! We have a new Women's Champion.

Winner and new Women's Champion: Manami Toyota

Fans stood and applauded both women as Toyota shed tears of joy; Trish tears of bitter disappointment. The commentators put over the great effort of both women. Trish remained on her knees in tears as Toyota helped her up and extended her hand. However Trish angrily shook her head and blew the handshake off as the fans booed. Toyota shook her head in disappointment at this.

Why I went with this feud: I decided I'd try to have a strong women's division this year and I don't think you can get a stronger women's match than this tbh.

Why I booked it this way: On the shows I've been teasing a slow Trish heel turn and as I want this feud to continue, I think Trish needs to be in heel mode in future for it to last effectively.

No Disqualification
The Ultimate Warrior vs Batista

Back-story: Since The Ultimate Warrior debuted in the company he has set his sights on one man - Batista. As best as can be made out from his promos, he believes Batista's ego has led him astray from the path of immortality. He intends to take him down at Grapplemania and stop his reign of destruction.

Batista meanwhile has been left feeling disgusted at not being in the main event. He has no respect for Warrior and has laughed off the idea that Warrior can hit his finishing move on a man of Batista's size. Dave intends to shut up Warrior for good at Grapplemania.

It will be The Warrior vs The Animal as two eras and two egos collide. This one is set to be violent and vicious. Which of these titans will survive it?

The match: Batista appeared first and was wearing what appeared to be actual tiger skin draped around him. He had decent support from the New York crowd. Warrior got a long video package showing a satellite passing through various planets before landing in parts unknown as his music hit.

Warrior got some boos but mostly cheers. He charged to the ring and shook the ropes. After the music stopped Batista then shook the ropes trying to upstage Warrior but he got more boos than Warrior who began pumping his arms up and down. Batista then flipped off Warrior who charged at him.

Warrior hit his standard offence. Clotheslines and big shoulder tackles before signalling for his finisher. He was trying to end things early and went for the military press but his back gave way and he fell to the mat. Warrior looked up to the heavens in despair as Batista got to his feet and laughed. He began beating on Warrior.

Batista dominated for most of the match. He brought the steel steps into the ring and a steel chair and nailed Warrior. Batista connected with a big spinebuster on a chair but only got a 2 count. Warrior was able to come back with steel chair shots and a pipe he found under the ring. The action spilled outside and Batista set Warrior up for a Batista Bomb through the Spanish announce table but Warrior countered and sent Batista backwards into the regular announce table.

Warrior dragged Batista into the ring for 1...2..but Batista kicked out.
Warrior then hit a spash on the fallen Batista and covered again...but Batista again kicked out. He ran the ropes to hit a bigger splash but Batista got to his feet and landed a spinebuster on the steel steps as the fans chanted 'holy ****'.

Batista covered Warrior for the 1...2...but Warrior kicked out. Barely. Batista picked the steps up and threw them outside along with the chair. He made the thumbs up, thumbs down motion as the fans got to their feet. Batista set up for the Batista Bomb - and he connected.

Batista covered Warrior. 1...2...but Warrior kicked out! A look of shock filled Batista's face as Warrior looked to be going into another zone. Batista nailed him with punches but this time they were having no effect. Warrior then countered and hit shots of his own and knocked Batista down. He hit more clotheslines and shoulder tackles. He shook the ropes as the fans came unglued. He set Batista up for the military press - and did it. The veins on Warrior's muscles protruded as he amazingly held Batista's massive frame over his head and dropped him down. He ran the ropes for the big splash on Batista. 1..2..3. Warrior has done it!

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior

After the match Warrior celebrates as Batista looks in shock. Batista slinks out of the ring as the fans jeer him and the Animal can be heard mouting 'I don't believe it.' Warrior meanwhile mouths something to the sky, possibly thanking his gods.

Why I went with this feud: With the egos of these two, as well as the fact they are from different eras, this felt like an entertaining clash of characters.

Why I booked it this way: I think Warrior would need to be protected more as he's probably my second biggest babyface.

World Tag Team Titles
The Midnight Express (c) w/Jim Cornette vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express

Back-story: The Midnight Express have had a long reign as tag team champions. With their manager Jim Cornette also the Commissioner of the company, they have been well protected. They believe they can reign for a long time to come...

The Rock 'n' Roll Express have other ideas. They won a number one contender's match to face their old rivals and have had to overcome much diversity to get here, including Robert Gibson nearly having his neck broken by Ray Stevens, as well as Ricky Morton facing Jim Cornette's rage over bringing back the old HBK.

At Grapplemania these two legendary tag teams meet on the biggest stage of their lives to decide once and for all which one of them is the best. How will Cornette in the corner of the Midnight Express affect the match? Can the RNR overcome the odds one final time?

The Match: Cornette appeared first and ripped on the New York fans who gave him stick. He said the next two matches were the biggest of his career but since he can't get involved in the main event match (as the contract stipulated) he is however allowed to be out here to offer 'support' to the Midnight Express.

The match itself was a tag team classic with both teams working hard to give the fans a great show. The RNR looked to have the advantage early on using a series of impressive combination moves and ensuring Cornette was going apoplectic on the outside. Cornette however got involved in the action and pulled the legs of Morton which allowed the Midnight Express to get the upper hand. They too hit a series of impressive tag team combo moves on Morton and thwarted every effort of Gibson to get in the match. Cornette did too - at one point he got the ref's attention when Morton made the tag and thus when the ref saw Gibson in the ring he ordered him right back out. At another stage he pulled Gibson down off the apron to prevent the tag and delighted in seeing Morton take a beating.

Near the end, we saw Lane go up top for the Rocket Launcher on Morton but Morton was able to move out of the way. Morton then hit a hip toss on Eaton and hopped over for the tag to Gibson as MSG let out a huge cheer. Gibson was on fire and looked to have the momentum but Cornette again got involved and tripped Gibson. With the ref's back turned had enough and jumped Cornette and nailed him with shots as the fans went wild. Lane however went to his manager's aid and threw Morton into the barricade.

The finish saw Lane distract the ref as Eaton grabbed hold of Gibson. A bloody Cornette grabbed his racket and motioned to Eaton to bring Gibson over but Gibson fought out and Cornette accidentally nailed Eaton with the racket. Morton recovered and sent Lane into the steel steps and both Morton and Gibson hit a double dropkick on Eaton who was pinned 1...2...3!

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: The Rock 'n' Roll Express

Afterwards as the RNR celebrated, the Midnight Express began arguing with Cornette. Cornette began angrily thrusting his finger into their chests reminding them he was their boss and telling them they were nothing without him. Both Lane and Eaton looked at one other and then pushed Cornette to the floor as the fans cheered. The Midnight Express went over to the RNR and raised their hands aloft in a show of respect as the audience cheered.

Afterwards Cornette got back in the ring with a mic and ripped on the Midnight Express. He said he wasn't going to allow the night get any worse and regardless of what the main event stips were, he was going to stay out here and watch Michaels take on Misawa. However some attornies and security guys came out and said the main event must have no outside involvement. Cornette was humiliatingly escorted up the ramp.

Why I went with this feud: This is a classic tag team rivalry and I liked the idea of them having one more big match on the biggest stage to determine who really were the better men.

Why I booked it this way: I think the RNR needed the win more here. Since the M.E. had a long reign on my show, and with Cornette in their corner, I think the audience would be begging for a title switch and I think it made sense to give it to them.

Main Event
World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels vs Mitsuharu Misawa (c)

Back-story: Shawn Michaels entered the company a broken man. He had lost his faith following his Wrestlemania losses to Undertaker. He wanted to retire. However following a pep talk from old friend Ricky Morton of the Rock 'n' Roll Express, Michaels was urged to bring out the old HBK. Who knew the dire consequences this would have. Michaels returned to his Attitude Era ways and after signing a contract for the World Title match, he vowed to leave with the title in what he called 'the Ultimate Screwjob'. There can be no outside interference. There are no stipulations. Only one man stands in his way...

Misawa has been the company's champion for many months. He has represented the fans with honour and respect. Having wanted to test himself against Michaels since the beginning, Misawa has become appalled by Michaels's antics which included humping the Japanese flag and insulting the Japansese people. Misawa knows only he stands in the way of Michaels completing his grand scheme.

It is honour vs dishonour. Respect vs Disrespect. Morality vs degeneracy. Can Misawa save the company in its darkest hour?

The Match: As the pair faced off, Misawa had the majority of support but Michaels had some fans. Michaels began jaw-jacking with Misawa who remained motionless. Michaels then slapped Misawa in the face. The fans booed. Misawa then hit a massive slap back to Michaels's face that busted his lip. The fans cheered. Michaels smiled and the two exchanged shots.

Misawa got the early advantage, peppering Michaels's chest with some hard chops that drew blood. Michaels tried to reply but Misawa's blows were more effective. Misawa took Michaels to the mat and began to grind him down with his chain wrestling.

Michaels however showed he had plenty of fight. As the ref checked if he had the energy to continue Michaels found a second wind and began landing shots to Misawa. He hit an inverted atomic drop, clotheslines, a scoop slam and went up for the big elbow - but Misawa moved. Misawa went for a powerbomb and connected., Michaels got the shoulder up.

As the match wore on Michaels decided to revert to some dirty tricks. Taking a page out of Flair's book he backed off and acted like he was sorry but landed a cheap shot to Misawa. Michaels then proceeded to work over the legs of Misawa and was able to successfully wear down Misawa for a time.

The final stages of the match saw Michaels and Misawa brawl to the floor. Michaels set Misawa up on the table and hit a huge moonsault on Misawa, but Misawa moved. The table didn't break yet Michaels landed hard. Misawa then hit Michaels with his Emerald Flowsion through the table as the fans chanted 'holy ****'. Misawa dragged HBK into the ring and covered
1...2...but Michaels got a shoulder up. Misawa looked surprised. He picked Michaels up and hit Emerald Flowsion again and covered.

1...2...again Michaels kicked out. Misawa was stunned by this and shook his head. Now some HBK chants started.

Misawa looked to hit it a third time but Michaels fought out of it. He went for a Super Kick but Misawa ducked and Michaels nailed referee Mike Chioda. Misawa went to check on the ref and turned around into a DDT by Michaels who once again went for a sharpshooter. This time Earl Hebner ran down - isn't this familiar? Misawa reversed the piledriver and then hit a massive elbow to Hebner who crashed out of the ring unconscious. He was later helped to the back.

Commentators: Misawa isn't taking any chances!

Misawa looked to have the momentum now. He set HBK up for the Tiger Driver but Michaels fought out of it and sent Misawa into the ropes where he hit him with a running punch that floored him. Both men were down - but Michaels nipped up. To a mixed reaction Michaels looked to have the momentum now. He hit a scoop slam on Misawa and followed it with a diving elbow that connected. He went to the corner and began to tune up the band.

Commentators: Is this it? Is this the end of the road, ladies and gentlemen?

Misawa staggered to his feet - he turned around - into Sweet Chin Music! Referee Chioda was now alright as Michaels covered...



No! Misawa got the shoulder up. The fans were all standing. Misawa chants now started. Michaels looked shocked and went back to the corner and began to tune up the band again - he went for the Super Kick - but Misawa ducked. Misawa scored a cradle.



No! Michaels kicked out. Some fans groaned and some cheered. Michaels then scored a backslide on Misawa...



but Misawa kicked out this time. Michaels quickly hit a scoop slam and went up top for another elbow but Misawa recovered and crotched HBK on the turnbuckle. Misawa hit a huge Emerald Flowsion off the rope for the



no! Michaels AGAIN kicked out. Misawa shook his head as a loud HBK chant broke out.

Commentators: These men are giving it absolutely everything ladies and gentlemen.

Misawa stood poised as Michaels clung to the ropes to try and stand up. Misawa waited for him and as Michaels turned around, he set HBK up for a Tiger Driver but Michaels managed to hit a sunset flip - 1...2...Misawa kicked out. Michaels wasted no time. He made a tombstone gesture - was he going to try and use the move Taker famously used on him at Wrestlemania? Yes - Michaels nailed Misawa with a Tombstone Piledriver. And finally covered for the



Just a 2! Misawa kicked out. The fans were going crazy at this point wondering what it was going to take. An exasperated look could be seen on the face of Michaels as his weary body lay atop Misawa. The referee began to count both men who lay exhausted on the mat. Both slowly came to their feet at 9.

Michaels was first up and squeezed Misawa's face. 'I'm not sorry' said Michaels as he shaped for a final Super Kick - however Misawa caught the leg. He spun Michaels and landed a huge Tiger Driver on HBK. Misawa, exhausted, then draped his hand over Michaels...


2...! Michaels's shoulder came up again.

Commentators: I am not believing this. Michaels has kicked out of the Tiger Driver from Misawa

Screams are heard from the fans as grown men are seen jumping up and down at this classic match unfolding before their eyes. Misawa slowly rises to his feet. He has something in mind. He picks Michaels up and positions for - a Tombstone of his own. Is Michaels going to be put down with this move one last time?

...No - Michaels wriggles free and sends Misawa into the turnbuckle. He charges but Misawa sticks out a leg and catches him in the stomach. He brings Michaels up to the turnbuckle.

Commentary: My goodness Misawa is going to try a Tiger Driver from the top rope!

Michaels desperately fights out of the predicament and instead attempts a huge superplex from the top rope on Misawa, but Misawa is able to fight out of it, and sends Michaels crashing to the mat below. Misawa steadies himself as Michaels struggles to his feet. As Misawa sizes HBK up...

Michaels does the DX suck it gesture. Misawa stops in his tracks and a visible look of fury fills his face. Misawa springs off the top rope - right into a gigantic Super Kick from Shawn Michaels. The fans are stunned and the famous fecal chant is heard one more time. A spent Michaels finds the energy to raise a hand over Misawa's chest.



3. It is all over.

Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michaels.

At almost the 50 minute mark the match finally ends. Fans rise to their feet showing their appreciation to both men. In a moment reminiscent of Wrestlemania 12 Michaels has tears in his eyes. The mood changes quickly however as a grin forms on the face of Michaels - he starts to laugh.

Michaels can be heard telling the ref to tell Misawa to get the f*ck out of the ring as this is his moment - another thing reminiscent of Wrestlemania 12.

Misawa however walks over to Michaels and extends his hand. Michaels seems taken aback by this. 'After everything you wanna shake my hand'? Misawa nods. Michaels goes to shake it but then pulls back and spits in Misawa's face before quickly exiting the ring. He laughs and leaves the ring as the fans boo loudly.

Garbage is now being thrown at Michaels as he walks up the ramp with the title as Misawa stands with his hands on his hips in the ring.

Jim Cornette comes out at the top of the ramp and has a contract in his hand. He begs Michaels to stay. Michaels takes the contract - and then rips it up before Cornette's eyes. He waves bye bye in Cornette's face who calls him a son of a bitch. Michaels smiles and hits a Super Kick that floors Cornette on the ramp.

Michaels turns around and points to all the fans and then Misawa and does the 'suck it' gesture. He turns around around and exits the building.

Why I went with this feud: Well aside from the obvious that it's two great wrestlers who have never battled before, I liked the fact that Misawa was so respected in his career whereas Attitude Era Michaels was condemend for his antics. I liked the idea of Michaels returning to his Attitude Era persona (we last saw elements of this during his feud with Hogan) and embodying disrespect and ego against a guy like Misawa who embodied respect and humility.

Why I booked it this way: I think Misawa winning would be the easy, expected outxome but I think Michaels winning makes more sense long-term. If I were to continue this feud I'd do what WWE missed the ball on doing with CM Punk last summer and have Michaels show up in various settings for several months, continually disrespecting Misawa, the Japanese people and the company itself. Then the big revenge match would take place in Japan where the interest would be mega. Here I'd have Misawa win the title back in front in his home fans and offer HBK one more match on US soil to settle things once and for all.

With careful planning I think the feud between these two could go on for a good long while and produce many great moments.

That's it from me this year. Thanks to those who read along and to BH and D2D for their hard work.

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The announcers welcome us to Monday Night Nitro where Fergal Devitt will make his return to the ring for the first time in months.

Sgt. Slaughter's music hits and out comes the General Manager makes his way to the ring. Slaughter says he's back to reclaim his position of the GM of Nitro. Slaughter thanks Ventura for standing in while Slaughter was out and offers him the position of being Vice General Manager of Nitro. Ventura comes out to decent heat from the crowd and makes his way down to Sgt. Slaughter in the ring. Ventura says he was a better GM than Slaughter ever was and the Slaughter can stuff his offer. Sgt. Slaughter tells Ventura to watch what he says as he has the power to fire Ventura. Ventura calls Slaughter a coward saying he'd rather have a bunch of security guards escort him out rather than do it himself. Slaughter says he's no coward and if he has to, he'll drag Ventura out by what hair he has left. Ventura then squares up to Slaughter and says if he's that tough why doesn't he prove it as Wrasslemania in a match. Slaughter laughs and says he can take 5 minutes out of his busy schedule to kick Ventura's ass. Ventura says if he's that confident how about they add a stip to the match - winner becomes the permanent General Manager of Nitro. Slaughter pauses for a second before saying agreeing and offering his hand to seal the deal. Ventura shakes Slaughter's hand then low blows him before grabbing the mic and saying "better start training old man".

*Ad break*

The announcers recap what happened before the break saying that Sgt. Slaughter will go one on one with Jesse Ventura at Wrasslemania for the right to be the permanent General Manager of Nitro.

Dynamite Kid vs. Jeff Farmer

Squash match really. Farmer attempted the Rock Bottom, Stunner, and the Last Ride during the match as nobody in WTF knows who he is or any of his move set but the Dynamite Kid countered everything and easily disposed of Farmer.

Winner: Dynamite Kid in 1:57

*Split camera in the back sees Fergal Devitt and Barry Windham preparing for the match later on*

LA Warren is out next. He takes a mic and proclaims himself as the next World Champion. Warren says no man or woman is a match for him and he plans on proving that by beating his opponent so bad tonight that she won't be able to compete for months - Eve Torres.

LA Warren vs. Eve Torres

Eve immediately slaps Warren in the face much to Warren's disgust. Warren then punches Eve sending her to the mat. Warren dominates the match, even taking time to showboat a little. Eventually he gets bored piledrives Eve for the 3 count.

Winner: LA Warren in 2:08

After the match Warren takes the mic again and says he just schooled Eve with his amazing wrestling skills. Warren says there is no place for women in wrestling and he plans on showing why men will always be the more dominant species at everything by out wrestling every woman that WTF has to offer.

*Ad Break*

We return to see Dusty Rhodes being interviewed backstage. The reporter asks Dusty why he did what he did last week on Nitro to his son, Goldust. Dusty grabs the mic and boasts about all the championships and accolades he won in his career. He says there was a reason why he is known as the American Dream, but all Dusty could dream about was having a son who could follow in his footsteps, a son who could be a bigger star than he was, a son who he could be proud of. Dusty says when he looks at Goldust he is saddened with guilt. He says he was never the perfect father but to have his son turn out to be a freak sickens him. He says he tried giving Goldust a second chance but he couldn't bare to be affiliated with him and that's why he walked out him last week. Dusty calls his son the biggest mistake he ever made before leaving the interview.

Samoa Joe & The Wild Samoans vs. Bruiser Brody & The Hart Dynasty

The announcers say that The Wild Samoans will face The Hart Dynasty at Wrasslemania for the Tag Team Titles while Bruiser Brody will go one on one with Samoa Joe in a No DQ match as well.

Decent 6 man tag match. The heels work on Tyson Kidd for most of the match until he gets the hot tag to Bruiser Brody who clears house. Brody tags in David Hart Smith before clotheslining Joe over the top rope and the two men end up battling up the ramp. Smith thinks he has the match won by pinning Afa but Sika is the legal man and he ends up pinning Smith.

Winners: Samoa Joe & The Wild Samoans in 10.21

*Ad Break*

The Dynamite Kid is back out for tonight's main event. He'll be joining the announcing team for the match.

Barry Windham vs. Fergal Devitt

Both men shake hands before the match. Very quick pacing, technical match. Devitt locks in several submission attempts but Windham manages to reverse most of the them. Real back and forward match. The finish came when Windham was outside the ring and Dynamite Kid attacked his already injured leg with a chair causing a DQ finish. Devitt came out after Dynamite and chased him up the ramp before going back to check on Windham. Dynamite came out one last time when Devitt was distracted at attacked him from behind. Dynamite rolled Devitt into the ring and placed a steel chair over Devitt's face before hitting a flying headbutt on him from the top rope. Nitro ends with Windham and Devitt laid out and the Dynamite Kid on top of the ramp with the World Title.

Winner: Barry Windham by DQ in 16:39

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As promised, I'm going to run down my PPV line-up feud by feud...


Magnum TA v Don Muraco (c) for the SWF Intercontinental Title


Week 1:

Don Muraco is the Champion. He makes his way to the ring, and in his wisdom, has organised the time to have a 5 minute pose for the people in attendance and those watching at home.

He talks first about being the most physically dominating Intercontinental Champion of all time. Nobody has been able to match him. He is what an American should act like, and should look like. He then literally goes through a series of flexes. Double Biceps. Double Triceps. Pectorals. The lot. The crowd are getting riled, as this posing lasts well over a minute.

Magnum TA comes out to a thunderous roar, as much down to relief that Muraco's performance is over as it is down to the star's popularity.

He simply shakes his head. He acknowledges how great Muraco looks, how dominant he's been, but takes exception to the fact that he calls himself anything like a role model in any sense of the word. People have the right to look how they want, and be who they want to be, and they are American as anybody else.

Bob Orton then hits him from behind with a left hand (covered in a cast), to the back of his neck.

Week 2:

Magnum TA v Bob Orton Jr (w/ Don Muraco on commentary)


Muraco tries to justify his comments from last week while on commentary, saying he just wants what's best for the people watching him...all this while Magnum and Orton have a match, which is the fallout from last week's blindside attack.

The finish comes after 7 minutes when Muraco tries to interfere by tripping up Magnum as Orton sets up to whip him into the ropes. Magnum reverses, and Muraco trips Orton. Orton remonstrates with Muraco, but Magnum then rolls Orton up from behind. 1.............2.................3.

Winner: by pinfall; Magnum TA

Magnum walks up the ramp, grabs a microphone, and gestures to his waist promising to win the belt...then points around the arena to the people.

Week 3:

Orton makes his way to the ring, none-too-happy. he grabs a mic, and starts ranting about Muraco, and demands an explanation for what happened. he calls him an arrogant meathead who should put on a grass skirt, and fúck off back to Hawaii.

Muraco comes out, and the crowd gasps, as his eyes are bulging as he makes his way to the ring. they go forehead to forehead. then start beating the holy hell out of each other. Magnum, being the good man that he is, makes his way down, separates them, and once everything is calm, Orton and Muraco turn on him at once. they proceed to beat him to a pulp, then even wrap a steel chair around his arm and Orton comes down off the top rope onto it. Magnum writhes in pain, as Hacksaw runs down to make the save with the damage done. Orton and Muraco scurry off through the crowd.

Week 4:

Magnum comes out to a huge ovation, although he has a cast on his arm. He is honest with crowd. He says he's beat up, he's hurting, but this Sunday, he's going to do what any good American does. he's going to do what the soliders in the Middle East have done. he's going to do what every American who has been struggling in these times has done. he's going to fight, and not only that, but he will be champion.

Muraco comes out on the ramp. He walks down as he talks. He tells Magnum to stop pretending he knows what makes this "true American" he keeps talking about. He only needs to look at Muraco for that. and on Sunday, first hand, he will experience an All-American beatdown.

Magnum, cast and all, looks ready for a fight as Muraco nears, but senses something behind him. It's Orton with a wrench. Magnum hits him with a Lariat, but then Muraco gets in the ring, hits him with another wrench right in the injured arm, and Magnum is again writhing in pain.

Muraco stands over, with the belt aloft, as the segment ends.

At SWF Revelation for the SWF Intercontinental Title...

Don Muraco (c) v Magnum TA

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SlickRic Moderator

Grudge Match:

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan .v. Bob Orton Jr in a "2x4" Match.

Week 1:

2 weeks before the PPV, Orton and Muraco attacked Magnum TA, Duggan's friend and tag-team partner. Duggan made the save, but the 2 culprits escaped.

Later that night, Hacksaw found Orton in the back, 2x4 in hand of course, got in Orton's face, shouted his trademark "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH"...and told Orton that he may have a cast as a weapon, but his lethal weapon is his wood.

the crowd laughs and Duggan leaves with Orton's face a mixture of confusion and worry.

Week 2: (the week before PPV)

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan .v. Tyson Tomko


2 minutes into a match that Duggan is dominating, Orton comes out, unbeknownst to Duggan. He sneaks over to Duggan's corner, and steals the patented 2x4. and scurries to the back, as Duggan finally notices what has happened.

Duggan, distracted, turns into Tomko's Chainsaw Kick, and suffers the shock loss.

Winner; by Pinfall: Tyson Tomko.

Tomko slithers out as Duggan comes to. He runs to the back, trying to find Orton. all of a sudden we see Duggan fall as a result of being tripped by the 2x4, and Orton then is seen as the culprit. He then cracks Duggan over the head with it, knocking him out as the segment ends.

Mr Slick then makes the SWF Revelation...

"2x4" Match (where the winner is the one who goes to the top of the ladder and grabs the 2x4; he can then use it as he wishes):

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan .v. Bob Orton Jr


PPV so far:

Don Muraco .v. Magnum TA

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan .v. Bob Orton Jr in a "2x4" Match

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Commentator – Welcome to another episode of Spongey Wrestling Entertainment. We are 2 short weeks away from Spongemania and we will know after tonight what the main event will be as Finlay and Wade Barrett battle for the right to challenge Randy Savage for the SWE Heavyweight championship. However we’re going to start with what promises to be a fierce battle between Kane & D’Angelo Dinero and after the beating that Dinero took from Kane last week I’m sure he will be looking for blood.

Match: ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero vs Kane
D’Angelo Dinero comes out to the ring but not his usual showman entrance but as if he means business and is there to fight. Kane comes out and makes his way to the ring. Dinero though does not let him get in the ring and immediately attacks him. He is throwing punch after punch and Kane is rattled. Dinero throws Kane into the guard rails and then attempts to throw him into the ring post. Kane reverses it and sends Dinero into the ringpost. Kane then starts to hit Dinero with uppercuts and punches. The battle moves up the ramp and both are trading blows. Eventually security comes out and separates the two of them but both are trying to get their hands on the other. Stephanie McMahon comes out with the mic and announces that at Spongemania this feud will be settled inside “Hell in a Cell”. The crowd love it. Result: No contest

Faarooq is in the offices of the APA crying into his beer. The Godfather and D’Lo Brown come in to see how he is. Faarooq says he can’t do anything right and has disappointed his employer Jamie Noble. D’Lo Brown can’t listen to this and tells Faarooq to cop himself on. He goes on to say that you are Ron Simmons, an all American college football player, the first black world champion in professional wrestling and a 2012 WWE hall of famer, a pioneer for all black wrestlers who we can all be proud of. Godfather adds that you can be that man once again if you put your mind to it and ditch that redneck of a boss. Simmons looks inspired, stands up, throws away his beer and says “DAMN” The crowd cheer loudly.

Match: SWE Interprovincial Champion Tito Santana vs D’Lo Brown
Tito Santana races down to the ring with his championship. D’Lo Brown makes his way down to the ring. He is wearing a chest protector after the two beatings he took the last two weeks. Santana starts off high tempo and is too much for D’Lo. Santana can’t get the pinfall though and eventually makes a mistake with a missed diving clothesline. Brown now has his chance and takes full advantage setting Santana up with a running powerslam to leave him laying in middle of the ring. Brown proceeds to the top rope and delivers a frog splash to Santana and he gets the pinfall. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion D’Lo Brown

Matt Morgan races out to the ring, As D’Lo is getting to his feet with his new championship Morgan delivers a carbon footprint to Brown and proceeds to pin him. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion Matt Morgan.

Morgan raises the belt in celebration at becoming the new champion. However Hernandez races out to the ring gets up on the apron, flings himself over the top rope into Morgan. This disorientates Morgan enough for Hernandez to hit the Border Toss on Morgan and get the pinfall. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion Hernandez.

Hernandez picks up the belt and celebrates but quickly faces the ramp in case someone else wants to try to win the belt. However Tito Santana sneaks back into the ring and hits Hernandez with a flying forearm smash which allow Santana to put the figure four leglock on Hernandez who taps out. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion Tito Santana.

Rick Martel comes out to the ring, gives Santana a backbreaker and proceeds to put Santana into a Boston Crab and Santana taps out. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion Rick ‘The Model’ Martel

The Godfather comes out to the ring, gives Martel a Death Valley Driver and pins Martel for the win. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion The Godfather

Gillberg makes his way out to the ring and the crowd go mad. They would love to see Gillberg as the new champion. He goes to spear Godfather but doesn’t make any impact. Godfather laughs but is surprised when he gets hit from behind with the championship belt by Rick Martel. Godfather is out cold but just as Martel goes for the pin Gillberg scares him off and gets the pin himself. Winner and new SWE Interprovincial Champion Gillberg

Stephanie McMahon comes out to the stage and demands a stop to everything. All the wrestlers ringside look up. She announces that she is furious at what is happening to the championship and decides to strip the title away from Gillberg. She announces that the SWE Interprovincial championship will be decided by a seven man elimination match at Spongemania. Two men will start in the ring and every five minutes a new entrant will come to the ring. The match will continue until six men have been eliminated and the winner will be the new SWE Interprovincial Champion. The crowd cheer. Stephanie further announces that next week there will be a Battle Royal between these seven competitors whereby the winner will be the last entrant into the elimination match. Stephanie leaves and all wrestlers are staring at each other in anticipation.

Wade Barrett is asked by the interviewer what his feelings are on the number one contenders match for the SWE Heavyweight championship against Finlay. Barrett points out that he shouldn’t have to fight a number one contenders match, that he should have been named number one contender. But in this case he is happy to fight against an Irish scumbag to show him just how superior the English really are. Barrett walks away.

Handicap Match: Goldberg vs Jamie Noble & Faarooq
Goldberg and Gillberg come out out the ring and await Goldberg’s opponent. Out comes Jamie Noble and he’s dragging Faarooq along with him while shouting at him as well. Once the bell rings Noble orders Faarooq to attack Goldberg which he does but Goldberg pushes Faarooq away. Noble is not happy and slaps Faarooq for his failure. This angers Faarooq and grabs Noble’s hand as he attempts to slap Faarooq again. The crowd cheer as Faarooq finally stands up to Noble. He picks Noble up and gives him a spinebuster and exits the ring to retreat up the ramp. The crowd love it and Faarooq is smiling again. Noble stumbles on to his feet after what happened but that doesn’t last long as Goldberg spears him and gets the pinfall. Winner: Goldberg

Goldberg is amused by what happened and celebrates with Gillberg in the ring. Bob Backlund comes out and walks to the ring. He gets in the ring and faces off with Goldberg. Goldberg comments that he has some balls to be standing so close to him. Backlund replies that he is not afraid of him and that he will make Goldberg pay for costing him the SWE Heavyweight Championship. He then shows him the voodoo doll that he obtained from Papa Shango last week. Goldberg and Gillberg are confused and ask what the hell it is. Backlund decides to show him and bends the arm of the doll. Gillberg goes down in agony clutching his arm. Backlund is shocked as he expected Goldberg to be the one in agony. Goldberg is shocked too but reacts quickly to spear Backlund. Backlund drops the doll and rolls out of the ring in pain. He retreats up the ramp shouting and complaining. Goldberg tends to Gillberg who seems to be ok. Goldberg grabs the doll and looks at Gillberg. He then starts to move the arms and legs of the doll in a dancing motion and Gillbergs arms and legs are flying all over the place. The crowd are loving this and egging the two to continue. Stephanie McMahon comes on the screen to tell the crowd that at Spongemania Goldberg will go one on one with Bob Backlund. The crowd love it.

Finlay is with the interviewer and is asked what his thoughts are on his upcoming number one contenders match with Wade Barrett. Finlay goes on to say that Barrett has been talking a lot of ****e but that’s exactly what Englishmen are, full of ****e. The Irish people have had to put up with a lot of ****e from their English oppressors for 800 years and they fought back. Finlay adds that we will fight back and show Barrett the true meaning of being Irish when he kicks the ****e out of him and goes on to bring the SWE Heavweight Championship to the Irish people. Finlay leaves to go out to the ring

Main Event: No.1 Contenders Match Finlay vs Wade Barrett
Finlay comes out to the ring with his shillelagh in hand and the crowd are still buzzed from his speech. He waits in the ring and Wade Barrett duly comes out and is accompanied by Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill. Just as the match is about to start Macho Man Randy Savage comes out to ringside to join the announcers.

The match starts slow with each applying a hold to the other only to have it reversed. A missed clothesline attempt allows Finlay to get in a few punches and he has control. He can’t get the pinfall however. Dave Taylor hops up on to the apron and while the ref is distracted Burchill sneaks in the other side and chops Finlay’s leg from under him. This prompts Drew McIntyre to come out to keep an eye on the two Englishmen. This allows Barrett to recover and now he has control. He slowly beats Finlay down and is ready to apply his Wastleland finisher. Finlay reverses it and applies a sleeper hold to Barrett. Paul Burchill sees that Barrett is fading and hops on to the apron to distract the ref. McIntyre is having none of it and pulls Burchill off the apron. The two start brawling and make their way up the ramp and backstage trading punches as they go. The ref is still distracted and Finlay sees his opportunity to grab his shillelagh to strike a weary Wade Barrett. Just as he is about to strike Dave Taylor pushes Barrett out of the way and it’s Taylor who gets hit by the shillelagh and subsequently rolls out of the ring. The ref turns around to see the shillelagh in Finlay’s hand, grabs it off him to prevent him using it again. This distraction allows Barrett to apply his Wasteland finisher to Finlay and Barrett gets the pin. Winner and No.1 contender for the SWE Heavyweight Championship: Wade Barrett

Dave Taylor gets back in the ring and starts beating on Finlay. Barrett grabs the mic and goes up close to Finlay’s face and says that’s how they treat pieces of trash in England. The two of them start beating on Finlay again. Randy Savage has had enough, takes off his headphones and goes in the ring to make the save. Barrett and Savage begin to fight and Savage knocks Barrett out of the ring. Dave Taylor however is still there and The two of them begin fighting. Savage also manages to knock Taylor out of the ring but while that was being done Barrett grabs the championship belt, gets back in the ring and knocks Savage out with it. Barrett then stands over Savage’s body and raises championship belt above his head in celebration. The crowd hate this and boo constantly.


PS. The anti-Irish views of SWE superstar Wade Barrett do not represent the views of the SWE and its co-owner Mr Spongey who is and will always be a proud Irishman

SPONGEMANIA II CARD (announced to date)

SWE Heavyweight Championship Macho Man Randy Savage (c) vs Wade Barrett

Hell in a Cell The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs Kane

Goldberg vs Bob Backlund

SWE Interprovincial Championship Elimination Match D’Lo Brown vs Gillberg vs Hernandez vs Matt Morgan vs Rick ‘The Model’ Martel vs The Godfather vs Tito Santana

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Part 1:

J.R.: Hello and welcome to the first ever PWF Pay-Per-View, Battle-Mania, live from Memphis, Tennessee. What an incredible lineup of matches we have tonight. Every match means something!

The full card is shown on screen:

Hardcore Brawl:
Crash Holly (c) vs Bart Gunn
No Holds Barred Match for the 24/7 Hardcore Championship

Rap vs Rock vs Dance Match:
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs Rhythm & Blues vs 2 Cool
Triple Threat Tag-Team match for the PWF Tag-Team titles with music contest to decide stipulation

Sports Entertainment vs Professional Wrestling Match:
Shane McMahon vs Bruno Sammartino
Steel Cage Match

Marks vs Smarks Match:
The Great Khali, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs the Mean Street Posse
6-man Tag Match

Little Jimmy vs Big Ricky Match
R-Truth (c) vs Rikishi
PWF Intercontinental Championship

HulkaMania vs SheamusMania:
Hulk Hogan (c) vs Sheamus
PWF Heavyweight Championship

Match 1: 24/7 Hardcore Brawl

Bart Gunn's music hits.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a no holds barred match for the PWF Hardcore Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 258lbs, Bart Gunn!!

Crash Holly's music hits.

Announcer: And his opponent, weighing in at allegedly well over 400lbs, he is the 24/7 Hardcore Champion, Crash Holly!!

J.R.: Well Crash Holly's experience has certainly given him the advantage since this 24/7 rule was introduced, but remember in theory anybody can interfere in this match tonight and pin the champion to take home the belt here tonight.


J.R.: Vicious chair shots, barbed wire around 2x4s, crashed tables, we've seen everything in this opening match here tonight! And finally Bart Gunn with the cover....1.....2.....3. He's done it, but oh wait, Crash rolls him up....1....2....3 he got it. He's the champion again. But there's Greg Valentine...what the....chair shot. 1....2....3...and now the Hammer is the champion. And Oh My God, the Great Khali, Sammartino, The New Age Outlaws, everyone is out here. This has turned into an all out-brawl. Road Dogg has attacked Valentine and Valentine is down but now Lance Cade going after the Road Dogg. Well, if its good enough for everyone else, it's good enough for me.

J.R. leaves his table, runs into the ring and covers Valentine (who is still down) for the 1....2.....3. J.R. becomes the new Hardcore Champion. However he is quickly jumped on by the Honky Tonk Man who slams his guitar over J.R.'s head and covers him to become the new champion. Eventually J.R. returns to his commentary booth.

J.R.: That was fun, but now my head hurts. And wait a's Sheamus!! Sheamus has joined the frey. And he's taken out Crash. He's taken out Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, he's taking out everybody. And he picks up Honky Tonk Man....White Noise!!!! 1......2........3. He did it. Sheamus is the new hardcore champion. And he is walking out of here, determined, is this the first of two belts he will win tonight? Nobody dares challenge him. Look at the mass of bodies left in his wake. But's Rikishi, his ally Rikishi, from behind attacks Sheamus. And Rikishi Kick!

Rikishi shouts "It's all business, I know you'll understand". He covers Sheamus in the middle of the aisle.

J.R.: 1........2........3. Rikishi has done it and he is the new hardcore champion. And he helps Sheamus to his feet. Sheamus is dazed and confused. Bah God, what does this mean for the Irish-Samoan Alliance? Oh but R-Truth!! Hits Rikishi with the Intercontinental Belt. 1.....2.....3.

J.R.: He's done it. R-Truth has pinned Rikishi for the first time tonight and he runs off through the crowd with both belts. Can he do it again later tonight when they meet for the Intercontinental Championship. Rikishi looks stunned!

Backstage, Shane McMahon congratulates R-Truth and announces the hardcore title will no longer be defended 24/7.

Match 2: Rock vs Rap vs Dance

Jim Ross is standing in the middle of the ring.

J.R.: At this time I would like to welcome the 6 participants in the triple-threat tag team match. They will participate in a music contest. Whoever gets the loudest cheer will choose the stipulation.

First, 2 Cool!!!!!!!!

2-Cool come out and do their funky dance!!!!!

Good applause!

"Oh, you didnt know? Your ass better caaaaalllll somebody! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages: D-Generation X proudly brings to you, it's PWF

TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOORLD! The Road Dogg Jesse James, The Bad Ass Billy Gunn, The New Age Outlaws!"

"... and of course, if you're not down with that, we've got two words for ya! SUCK IT!"

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn continue rapping to cheers but are suddenly interrupted by the sound of Jailhouse Rock! The Memphis Crowd go crazy as Greg Valentine and The Honky Tonk Man come out.

J.R.: The winner of this contest, Rhythm & Blues!!! So you get to decide the stipulation!

Honky Tonk Man and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine shout in unison: No holds barred tornado tag match!

Honky Tonk Man quickly slams his guitar over the Bad Ass Billy Gunn as the bell rings and J.R. returns to his announce table.

J.R.: Oh My God, and Rhythm & Blues are clearing house here. That's two guitars the Honky Tonk Man has broken tonight! 2 Cool and the New Age Outlaws thrown out of the ring. I have never seen these guys so intense. They really want their tag team titles back. This is chaos. All 6 men are legal at the same time and there are no rules!! The first man to get a pinfall or a submission wins the titles for his team.


J.R.: The Honky Tonk Man now...Shake Rattle and Roll to the Road Dogg. His swinging neckbreaker! Can he do it. 1.....2.....oh and but Scotty 2 Hotty breaks it up. Both members of Rhythm & Blues going after Scotty 2 Hotty. It's 2 on 1. Oh and here comes Road Dogg...attacks The Honky Tonk Man from behind. And now he goes for Shake, Rattle and Roll on the Honky Tonk Man...same name, different move. And here we go...this could be it...1....2...oh and there is Grandmaster Sexay this time. And now, look at the New Age Outlaws, surrounding Grandmaster Sexay. Wait a minute....Spike Piledriver...that's gotta be it. Greg Valentine breaks it up.

J.R.: All four men going at it. And now on the outside. Rhythm & Blues...double belly to back suplex to Billy Gunn. Good God. Right there on the concrete. And now to the Road Dogg...another double belly to back suplex. Forget about it. The New Age Outlaws have been taken out of this match. Neither one can stand. It's between Rhythm & Blues and 2 Cool.

J.R.: I can't breathe, there is so much action. Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man back in the ring. And 2 Cool come off the turnbuckles. Rhythm & Blues are both down.

Oh and look!! Here we go!!!

J.R.: The Worm!! He hits it! That could be it. 1......2........ oh and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine breaks up the pinfall. And he clotheslines Scotty 2 Hotty out of the ring and both men fall to the outside. Wait a minute...there's the Road Dogg.....he's struggling to get back in the ring. watch out Grandmaster Sexay!! From behind.

J.R.: Pumphandle Slam!! Pumphandle Slam!!! 1........2........3. The Road Dogg has done it. He's picked up the pinfall and the New Age Outlaws have done it!!!

Announcer: The winners of this match,

Spoiler (Show)

J.R.: Good God Almighty, what an incredible tag-team match. And this night is only getting started. Someone get me some water out here!


The Mean Street Smarks are sitting around backstage. All three are in front of laptops.

Rodney: Bad booking IMO.

Joey Abs: Yeah this event sucks. Can't believe I paid the full $40 to watch it over again tomorrow night.

Bruno Sammartino walks in.

Sammartino: What you guys upto?

Joey Abs: I am updating Wikipedia. Just making sure these idiot marks know Wrestling is pre-scripted.

Joey Abs types and talks at the same time: The event features professional wrestling matches, performances with pre-determined outcomes between wrestlers with fictional personalities that are portrayed as real.

Sammartino: What would we do without your amazing contribution to the world? I was starting to think this rubbish was real.

Joey Abs: I know. It really is my contribution to the world.

Pete Gas: Wow, I just came across a spoiler for tonight. Apparently Hulk Hogan......

As he is talking, The Great Khali walks in.

The Great Khali: This crap ends.......tonight!

He picks up Pete Gas's laptop and throws it at Rodney, who ducks! They stare at each other for a few seconds. Finally, The Great Khali walks away.


Match 3: Sports Entertainment vs Professional Wrestling

Up next, the Chairman, Shane McMahon will defend his families honour against the longest-reigning WWE champion in history Bruno Sammartino. These guys have had a lot of history building up over the last three weeks.

A promo consisting of clips of the rivalry leading up to this match is shown:

Shane: You know, all my life I've lived in the shadow of my father. Even when I bought WCW I couldn't get the best stars to invade WWE like I always dreamed. I wanted to show that I am the man of the McMahon family. The failure of that invasion is my biggest regret. Now, for once I will prove that I can be better than my father ever was. I've signed the best ever WWE stars, the best WWE commentators, the best WWE everything.
Shane was interrupted by Bruno Sammartino.

Bruno: I'm sick to death of modern wrestling, or should I say, "Sports Entertainment." The McMahon family have torn apart everything that was good about wrestling and replaced it with bikini models and stunt actors.
J.R.:And...oh wait a minute, Shane just got attacked from behind by...what the? Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino just attacked Shane-O-Mac. Good God Almighty why Bruno, why??
Bruno: I come from a real generation of professional wrestlers. We were true tough men, not like these....sports entertainers. How about you put at least one proper old-school pro wrestler in a match at the PPV. I want you Shane McMahon, and I want you in a match that I only lost in once and I never will lose in again...........inside of a steel cage!!
Shane: Ok, how about this, I will accept your challenge at Battle-Mania to prove I'm not a coward. Me and you in a match you never lost in, inside a Steel Cage. And the Mean Street Smarks will fight Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and the Great Khali in a 6-man Tag match. If you win both matches, you can have control of the show.

Otherwise, you leave the PWF.

J.R.: Bah God!!!!!


J.R.: The steel cage is being lowered here in front of us.

Announcer: The following match is a steel cage match. Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 238lbs, he is the chairman of the PWF, Shane McMahon.

Slightly mixed reaction, but mostly cheers.

J.R.: Shane McMahon has a lot on the line tonight, that's for damn sure. Sammartino has criticised his families honour, and it's safe to say these two competitors have polar opposite views on this business. This match, and the following 6-man tag match, will decide the future of this business. And look at Shane, he has thrown a garbage can into the ring! I suppose thats a symbol of his feelings for Sammartino. It's all legal, there are no disqualifications. But what has Shane got planned?

Announcer: And his opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 265lbs, Bruno Sammartino!!

J.R. Sammartino has only one documented loss in a steel cage match during his career, and that was against Billy Graham. His winning record in this environment is notoriously very high. This type of match plays directly into his hands. Put simply, he knows how to escape from a steel cage.

The crowd reaction to Sammartino is very mixed, lots of cheers and lots of boos.

J.R.: It's safe to say the crowd are very opinionated but very mixed on their views on this business. Many people in this arena like Bruno's traditional view of this art, whereas many others in this arena simply prefer the McMahon family's Sports Entertainment viewpoint.


J.R.: Shane McMahon has survived numerous submission holds so far. But he's fought back and Sammartino is down in the corner. And Shane puts that garbage can in front of Sammartino. Oh my God, no don't do this. BAH GOD, COAST TO COAST!!! He leapt of one turnbuckle all the way to the other, slamming that garbage can straight into Sammartino. Sammartino is out cold. And now Shane climbs the cage. He's gonna do it! But wait a minute. It's the Smarks, the Mean Street Smarks. Shane's old buddies turned enemies. And they are climbing the outside of the cage! (boooooos). For God's sake what the hell are they doing out here! Shane McMahon punches Joey Abs. They are fighting back. Shane-O-Mac struggling to hold on. Oh but...there goes Rodney and Good God Almighty!!

J.R.: I can't believe what I just seen. Shane McMahon just pushed Rodney off the cage and straight through the Spanish Announce table. I can't believe it! And now he slams Pete Gas' head first into the cage. Gas is hanging on for dear life. He just has to get rid of Joey Abs, and Shane will win this. But..Joey Abs..oh my God he knocked Shane off the cage and Bah God!!! He landed on Sammartino!!

J.R.: FOR GOD's SAKE, WILL SOMEBODY STOP THE DAMN MATCH!!! ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!!!! As God as is my witness, Rodney is broken in half here beside me, McMahon is out cold in the ring, and Sammartino is rolling around in agony. Bah God, look at the carnage!!!! And Sammartino rolling towards the cage door..he is visibly in pain. Can he make it all the way there. It looks like he can't breathe. Shane still isn't moving! And Sammartino asking for the cage door to be opened...and he climbs out the cage door. He's done it.

Spoiler (Show)

J.R.: Sammartino has won the match, but with a little help from his friends. It's a victory for Professional Wrestling over Sports Entertainment!! But Sammartino cannot stand he can barely breath! And wait there's Rory McIlroy. The man Shane McMahon represents with his Sports Management company. Oh and he is attacking the Smarks with that golf club!!!! Who knew he had such aggression.

Match 4: Marks vs Smarks

Well, things are not looking good here at ringside. Shane McMahon and Bruno Sammartino are struggling. The medics are out here treating them. This doesn't look good at all, I'm afraid. At least Rodney is standing, I dunno if he can compete in the next match or not. Well, while the medics are doing their work, lets show you what led up to what's been called the clash of Marks vs Smarks.



Scotty 2 Hotty is going for the Worm against Crash Holly.

J.R.: Wait a minute, who the hell are these guys?

Sheamus: I think I remember them.

J.R.: Good god, it's the Mean Street Posse, what are they doing here.

JR: And...bah God! A steel chair, straight into the back of Scotty. Are they friends with Crash? Oh no, they are assaulting him too.

J.R.: Good God almighty, what the hell is going on here!


Pete Gas: We're no longer the Mean Street Posse. Say hello to the Mean Street Smarks!!!

Joey Abs: We're the smarks, the IWC, the bane in the lives of idiot bookers like Shane McMahon, and anyone who tries to turn wrestling into stupid dumb entertainment which only morons like only you stupid idiot marks can enjoy.


J.R.: And wait a minute, here comes the Great Khali.

The Great Khali gets up and walks towards the announce table and attacks the smarks, hitting the same stupid chop move over and over again.

J.R. Thank God. Do you still think he can't fight, guys, huh?

Pete Gas and Rodney help Joey Abs to his feet and all three run to the back.


J.R.: Oh come on, look at this. The Mean Street Smarks attacking Murdoch. And here comes his friend Lance Cade but nothing he can do - he's getting beaten back. And wait a minute -

J.R.: It's the Great Khali, The Great Khali. And look at those big chops. Over and over again. And the Mean Street Smarks escaping the ring.

Shane McMahon comes out.

Shane: Ok, how about this, I will accept your challenge at Battle-Mania to prove I'm not a coward. Me and you in a match you never lost in, inside a Steel Cage. And the Mean Street Smarks will fight Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and the Great Khali in a 6-man Tag match. If you win both matches, you can have control of the show. Otherwise, you leave the PWF.


J.R.: Both Bruno Sammartino and Shane McMahon getting stretchered out of here. This is so sad to see.

The Mean Street Smarks music hits. They are already at ringside from the last match and the crowd boos. Rodney holds his back. It seems his fall was not as bad it looked.

Announcer: The following is a six-man elimination tag match. Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at a combined 782 pounds, the Mean Street Smarks.

J.R.: The crowd telling the Mean Street Smarks exactly what they think of them. Remember though, that following Bruno Sammartino's win, if the Smarks win this one, they will take full booking control over the PWF!! And the chairman Shance McMahon is barely conscious enough to watch.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch's music hits and they enter, followed by The Great Khali.

Announcer: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 849lbs, the team of Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and The Great Khali, the Marks!!

J.R.: The Great Khali with those big chops. I wonder if he will ever learn another move. But Smarks going to work on The Great Khali now. They want the big man eliminated. Lots of quick tags. And now....double clothesline off the top rope. 1.....2......3. The Great Khali has been eliminated....3-on-2 now.

J.R.: The Smarks have been on top for some time now. Cade and Murdoch under pressure here. Oh but finally Murdoch makes the tag to Cade, and he takes out Joey Abs, then Rodney and now Pete Gas. Murdoch tags Cade back in. Picks up Cade....and Cade lands for a huge elevated leg drop on Pete Gas. 1....2....3. Gas is eliminated. Cade and Murdoch now with the quick tags. And now....Sweet and Sour. A lariat and chop block combo to Rodney. 1....2...3. Oh but here comes Joey Abs....oh but he gets hit with Sweet and Sour as well. That could be it....1....2.....3. This is over. The marks have done it.

Announcer: The winners of this match,
Spoiler (Show)

J.R.: And that means that the Mean Street Smarks have to leave the PWF.

The Ultimate Mark, Dave Wills is shown in the crowd. He starts shouting. "And that's's still real to me, dammit!!!"

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Sheamus and Rikishi are backstage.

Rikishi: I want to make clear, what happened earlier, in the Hardcore Title match, was all business. If the tables were turned, you woulda done the same to me. We both wanted that title and that's all that matters.

Sheamus: You sure, fella?

Rikishi: Yeah, whatever happens tonight, I got your back. I promise I'll prove my loyalty tonight!

Sheamus: I trust you, go out there and beat up R-Truth, let's show the world what the Irish-Samoan Alliance is all about. And I promise that by the end of tonight, Hulkamania will be dead, and Sheamusmania will be alive and well!! (smiles)

Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan delivers an intense interview with Mean Gene Okerlund.

Mene Gene: At this time, Heavyweight Champion of the World, Hulk Hogan, who will put that title on the line later tonight against Sheamus.

Hulk: Well ya know something Mene Gene, I am gonna do whatever it takes to hold on to this PWF title. All these Memphis Hulkamaniacs know that this foreigner doesn't have what it takes to take this title from the Hulkster. And when I defeat Sheamus, and prove I am the best, Hulkamania will run wild once again, brother. So Sheamus, I got one question for ya, Sheamus, whatcha gonna do, when the largest arms in the world, and Hulkamania, run wild on you???!!

Hulk Hogan shows off his pythons.

Little Jimmy vs Big Ricky

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the next two matches are the culmination of the Irish-Samoan alliance's attempts to take over this organisation. I don't agree with their methods but by the end of tonight, they could hold the two most important titles in this business.



Brutus Beefcake got assaulted yet again on his way to the ring, for the third time by a mystery assailant. He still made his way to the ring and somehow defeated Rikishi in a number one contendership match for R-Truth's intercontinental title!

The following week, Shane-O-Mac announced that Beefcake was taken out in his own house by a mystery assailant and Rikishi would replace him in the match at Battle-Mania.

Rikishi: You are gonna get squashed.

R-Truth: No. YOU...are gonna get got!!!! And that's the truth!

Footage of both men staring each other down is shown!


Rikishi's music hits and out he comes out to boos.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the PWF Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, from The Isle of Samoa, weighing in at 350lbs. RIKISHI!!!!


Announcer: And his opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina, and weighing in at 220lbs, he is the PWF Intercontinental Champion, R-Truth!

R-Truth walks out to cheers and looking intense.

J.R.: Let's hope R-Truth can finally stop this Irish-Samoan alliance nonsense in its tracks, it's gone on long enough!! Remember, R-Truth already pinned Rikishi earlier tonight to win the 24/7 Hardcore Title, can he do it again now, or will Rikishi get revenge!

(Invalid img)

A back-and-forth match.

J.R: And Rikishi Kick. From out of nowhere!! We have a new champion.!! He kicked out, R-Truth kicked out. Rikishi can't believe it........Rikishi
splashes R-Truth. Is he gonna go for the him up...goes for the Rikishi Driver.....but R-Truth escapes...and reverse STO. That's gotta be all. If R-Truth can make the pin he'll keep the title. 1..........2.............3 no......good god that was close. Bah God, what a match. And both men are struggling to continue...................................Rikishi somehow picks R-Truth up, he's hit the Rikishi Driver!!! Good God. 1.......2.......3....we have a new Intercontintal Champion, I can't believe it.

Spoiler (Show)

J.R: It's a victory for the Irish-Samoan this the beginning of a new era. One more match to decide that, and that is our main event, up next!! There is no question that Sheamus has been dominant since he joined this company? Can HulkaMania hold out, or will a new era of SheamusMania, as he likes to call it, take hold?

Backstage, Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke Hogan is talking to a friend.

Brooke: I'm a bit worried about tonight. Daddy is getting on a bit and, well Sheamus, he is a really tough guy.

Brooke's friend: Very tough.

Brooke: Very masculine, and don't tell Daddy I said this, but Sheamus is kinda hot, I love the Irish accent. It's so sexy. hehe

Brooke: Hehe Brooke

All of a sudden Sheamus walks towards the girls. He is smiling.

Sheamus: Hey, what's the craic girls.

Brooke (shy): Hey, Sheamus.

Sheamus: Ya's are looking savage tonight.

Brooke (shocked): Savage?

Sheamus (shakes his head): I mean, eh, fierce well.

Brooke: Fierce?

Sheamus: I mean, eh, hot.

Brooke: Oh.

Sheamus: I just want you to know that whatever happens between your dad and me, I've got nothing against the rest of his family. In fact, I quite like you.

Brooke: Really?

Sheamus: Yeah, so how about ya give me your number, and after I beat the living hell out of your dad, we can go for a pint. (big smile)

Brooke: Ok (smiles, then serious), but promise me you will go easy on Daddy tonight, he's a bit older than he likes to think.

Sheamus: (thinks) No problem, I can't promise it won't hurt, but I'll make sure it's over quickly. That way we can meet for that pint even earlier.

Brooke: Well, ok. hehe. Let me write my number down for you.

She writes the number down on a piece of paper while Sheamus is smiling in that way he smiles. She hands him the paper.

Sheamus: Sound job, I'll see you later.

Sheamus turns around to leave but walks straight into a very angry looking Hulk Hogan. The crowd cheer.

They stare into each other's eyes intensely. Hulk Hogan has a very angry look on his face, while Sheamus is smiling.

10 seconds pass.

Sheamus: What's the craic, fella.

Pause. Hogan is fuming intensely.

Hulk Hogan: The what you are going to hear when I throw you head-first into that wall.

Sheamus becomes more serious.

Hulk Hogan: What the hell is going on here, Brooke?

Brooke: Nothing, daddy.

Hulk Hogan: Sheamus, whatever happens between us, happens between us only and in that ring. Stay away from my daughter.

Sheamus: I dunno what your problem is, personally I think we'd make a great couple.

Pause. Sheamus is smiling and Hogan is still angry.

Sheamus: Besides, me checking her out is a lot better than her own father perving over her.

Pause. Brooke is shocked, Hogan looks confused.

Hogan: What?

Sheamus: I see the way you look at her, you sick, twisted freak.

Sheamus laughs and walks off smiling. The camera focuses on Hogan who is literally fuming! He bangs his fist against the wall and storms off. Brooke and her friend look shocked and confused.

HulkaMania vs SheamusMania

J.R.: Here's a reminder of what led to this confrontation here tonight:



J.R.: Wait a minute, there's Sheamus, what's he doing out here?


J.R.: Oh my God! Brogue Kick, Good God, Sheamus just took out Hogan.


J.R.: Hogan is still champion! Oh but there's Rikishi and Sheamus. They are coming after Hogan and Beefcake and both men are knocked to the ground. Rikishi and Sheamus are out for revenge.


Suddenly, Beefcake is heard screaming. Eventually the camera man picks the camera back up to reveal Beefcake lying down, knocked out.

J.R.: Good god!!


J.R.: The Irish-Samoan alliance of Sheamus and Rikishi have defeated Hogan and R-Truth. And Hogan and Sheamus staring each other down.


Footage of Sheamus defeating Road Dogg is shown.

J.R.: Sheamus is going to Battle-Mania, but which champion will he face?


Footage of Hogan defeating Bruno Sammartino is shown.

J.R.: He's done it, Hogan has held onto the title. It's Hulk Hogan vs Sheamus at BattleMania for the Heavyweight Championship.


Brutus Beefcake is shown getting attacked again by a mystery assailant.


Shane McMahon: I need evidence that Sheamus and Rikishi were involved in the assaults of Brutus Beefcake.

Hulk Hogan got attacked backstage. Later, Brutus Beefcake also got assaulted yet again on his way to the ring, for the third time by a mystery assailant.

J.R: They've already attacked Brutus Beefcake three times, and now they've attacked Hogan. Who is doing this, any why?


Shane: Brutus Beefcake was attacked in his own house! He will be out of action for 4 to 5 months.


Hogan: Gene, when I find out who did this, and assaulted him all those other times, and who assaulted me last week, getting suspended without pay will be the least of these people's worries. They are going to be destroyed, brother. When the Hulkster gets his hands on them, I am going to pound them over and over and HulkaMania will run wild once again!


J.R.: That's Brutus Beefcake's wife.

Hogan: Sorry to hear about what happened. How is he?

Barbara: He's really bad.

Hogan: I'm going to find these guys, I promise. They will regret they ever put their hands on your husband. At Battle-Mania, the battle lines are drawn, and I assure you HulkaMania will be victorious!

J.R: Good God, and they are fighting through the crowd and everything. There is complete chaos. All four men have now being counted out. I have never seen anything... oh and R-Truth getting his head rammed into the table. And..Good god almighty. And a steel chair, and oh my god, this is insane. It's easy to see that none of these guys like each other a damn it. This show has overrun. Ladies and Gentlemen, see you at Battle-Mania!!!!! With so many questions to be answered........Hulkamania or Sheamusmania....and who the hell took out Brutus Beefcake? So many questions, let's see if we get Battle-Mania!

Hogan: If you decide you want to have beef with me and these 10,000 Hulkamaniacs, then beef is what you are going to get.

Sheamus: I am going to be the only star around here, everyone else is a prop for my rise to becoming the P Double-Ya F Champion, including you. And there is nothing you or your wannabe Irish Hulkamaniacs can do about it. At Battle-Mania, a new era will begin for the Irish-Samoan Alliance and SheamusMania! And Hulkamania will be dead, once and for all!!!


Sheamus's music hits. He enters to boos.

J.R.: Sheamus is a talented guy in the ring, but he has caused nothing but controversy since coming to the PWF. He has vowed to end Hulkamania once and for all. Can he do it? That is the question.

Despite using Voodoo Child before now in the PWF, Real American hits.

J.R.: What? My God Almighty! Hulk Hogan is going all out. He's brought back his classic music. This really is the return of Hulkamania. And listen to this ovation!!

J.R.: I can't believe it, it's like 1987 all over again. But remember folks, this is serious business tonight. These guys do not like each other a damn bit. Hogan thinks Sheamus has been taking out his friend Beefcake. Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a war.

Sheamus beats down on Hogan quite a bit at the beginning. The crowd is cheering for Hogan to get back into the match:

J.R.: Wait a minute, there's Rikishi walking down the aisle. His loyalty to the Irish-Samoan alliance of course called into question earlier tonight when he attacked Sheamus in the Hardcore Brawl. He said that was all business but order to win the Hardcore Title but you have to he out here to prove his loyalty or ...something else. I hope we don't have to find out..this match doesn't need a third participant. Hopefully the referee can keep an eye on Rikishi here at ringside.

J.R.: No special rules here remember, if Rikishi interferes at least one of these participants will be disqualified.

J.R.: After a long hard brawl, Sheamus hits Hogan with multiple running axehandles but finally Hogan ducks and manages to clothesline Sheamus and both men are down. Finally, Hogan starts shaking his head as he clambers to his feet.

J.R. Oh here we go. Hogan feeding off the energy of the crowd. The Hulkamaniacs are on their feet! Sheamus gets to his feet. Body Slam by Hogan!! He's gonna do it, this is incredible. The crowd is on their feet, listen to this reaction! And the ropes....leg drop!! Hogan got the leg drop. This is over!! 1..................2............wait a minute!!!!

J.R.: What...the?

J.R. For God's sake, there's Rikishi. Rikishi just pulled the referee out of the ring.


J.R.: For God's sake, this is rediculous.I think Sheamus might have got his shoulder up in time anyway, I'm not sure I guess we will never find out; thanks to the actions of Rikishi. Well, he's certainly proved his loyalty here tonight. And the referee out cold now. Oh come on.......Rikishi entering the ring. Somebody stop him. Hogan is outnumbered here and there is no referee to disqualify Sheamus. Sheamus and Rikishi now, this Irish-Samoan Alliance which has terrified the PWF in recent weeks are gonna work together to try to finish Hulkamania. Well Sheamus may have Rikishi on his side but Hogan has 20,000 Hulkamaniacs on his side. Lets see which is the difference maker. And now...Sheamus and Rikishi, going to work on Hogan. He's stuck in the corner!


"ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BEEFCAKE?" - played over the titantron. Brutus Beefcake's music hits. The crowd goes crazy cheering.

JR: What? Bah God, its Beefcake, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! Brutus Beefcake, he's here, he's here. Hogan's oldest friend, and look at the crowd's reaction.

Brutus Beefcake storms to ringside, obviously not injured.

J.R.: And look at the reaction of the men in the ring. Hogan and Rikishi look like they've seen a ghost, they are in shock.

Hogan is shocked to see Beefcake but looks relieved.

JR: I can't believe Beefcake is here, I thought he was gonna be out for months. (pause)Beefcake's got a steel chair from ringside. He enters the ring. And he's staring into the eyes of Sheamus. (pause)

JR: And, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

The crowd gasps.

J.R.: Good God Almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.R.: He just hit Hogan!! Brutus Beefcake just hit Hulk Hogan straight across the head with a steel chair.

JR: Why, Brutus, why? Goddammit!! (pause)

JR: Bah God, this is the guy who helped you, who did everything to find out who was attacking you these past few weeks. Your oldest friend, you entered the business together.

Beefcake nods at Rikishi and they shake hands. The same with Sheamus.


JR: And look at Rikishi and Sheamus, leaving the ring and now trying to wake the referee up. If they can wake him up, then I think, I think Sheamus is gonna be champion. No, come on, not like this, not this way!!

Beefcake asks for a microphone and is given one. (big booos)

Brutus Beefcake: I finally got out of hospital, after a week and I thought, my memory's hazy. I was telling myself, what my memory is telling me happened, didn't really happen. Luckily, I had gotten paranoid after all the attacks recently so had cameras setup everywhere so I could find out once and for all who was doing this to me. Every dressing room from now on, every room in my house, my car, everywhere I went. So this meant I could test how good my memory of last week's events were. I went back and checked the CCTV footage from my house and here's what I saw.

J.R.: This better be good.

Hogan starts to come around in the ring.

The screen shows some grainy video of a kitchen. Suddenly Beefcake is thrown into it and a man enters with a mask. In the ensuing scruffle, Beefcake managed to take the mask of the assailant and it's revealed on the camera to be......

Spoiler (Show)

J.R: What? No! It can't be!!

The crowd gasps and then goes silent.

J.R.: I can't, I can't believe it.

Brutus Beefcake: That's right. It was all a big set-up. Hogan acts all tough but the reality is he didn't want to fight Sheamus here tonight.He wanted him out of the way, suspended. He thought that by attacking me, Shane McMahon would think it's Sheamus and suspend him. But that's not the only reason. That's not even half the reason or close to the reason. The truth is, that Hulk Hogan, one of my oldest friends, my best friend; was ****ing my wife.

J.R: Bah God!!!!

Brutus Beefcake: And I don't give a **** about no stupid PG ERA either!! I'll say what I like. I had my suspicions my wife was having an affair. After watching the video earlier today, I confronted her about it and sure enough she admitted everything. (looks at Hogan).It was her that you manipulated into going along with your plan because you wanted me out of the way. You wanted to ruin me and break me, so that you could have everything your own way with her. You don't want me to be a success so you tried to stop me from winning the Intercontinental Championship. She gave you the key to my house so that you could break in last week and surprise attack me. You then tried to frame the innocent Sheamus by pretending you found that key in his locker room. You and my soon to be ex-wife bitch, even got a mutual friend to pretend attack you two weeks ago on Intensity, to make it seem like it couldn't be you, that someone was out to get both of us. You fooled this crowd into thinking you were the good guy and these two, two professional guys who just want to wrestle, were somehow involved in some kind of plot to stop us competing against them for the two titles. And of course top it off, when you don't wear that fake tan, you are actually very pale underneath, which allowed you to imitate Sheamus. How conveniant!

Rikishi throws the referee back in the ring and referee beings to stand up.

Brutus Beefcake: **** YOU Hulk Hogan. And **** Hulkamania. Hulkamania is dead and it ain't coming back no matter how much you want it.

Sheamus re-enters the ring as Rikishi walks back down the aisle.

Brutus Beefcake: If you want my wife you can have the bitch, but you cost me the chance to win one belt tonight, now I'm going to cost you the chance to defend this one.

Beefcake goes to attack Hogan with the chair again, but by this time the referee has come to, and stops Brutus. The referee then tries to get Brutus out of the ring.

While the referee is distracted by Beefcake, Hogan suddenly starts using heel tactics.

J.R.: And a low blow by Hogan on Sheamus. (booos)

The referee takes the chair from Beefcake and drops it behind him. Hogan picks it up.

J.R.: And Hogan has the chair, Hogan has the chair. And he hits Sheamus straight across the head. This is not a no-disqualification match, you know. Is this really what Hulkamania comes down to? It's not supposed to be like this. I'm still in shock. And finally, with Beefcake out of the ring, the referee turns around. Well, at long last. And now Hogan going for the like this, it can't end like this........kick-out. (cheer) Sheamus kicked out. Good god!! I don't know who I want to win this anymore. The crowd don't know either. And now Sheamus struggles to his feet. Hogan complaining to the referee about his counting...and now pointing to his head, I think he is trying to say Sheamus would be disqualified because of what happened earlier with Beefcake. He's trying to take the easy way out.

J.R.: And Hogan turns around.......BROGUE KICK!!!! BROGUE KICK!!!! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! He damn near took his head of his shoulder. Sheamus is going for the pin......1.....2.....3. He's done it, Sheamus has done it, he's the new champion.

Spoiler (Show)

J.R: I cannot believe what has transpired here tonight. This is shocking. Hogan's plan has completely collapsed here tonight.

J.R: He may still have Brutus's wife, but he's a broken man, he's lost his PWF Championship, and the world hates him. The man who always wanted to be loved by the crowd, is now hated more than ever. The crowd has changed their mind, they are chanting for Sheamus now.

J.R.:Oh but wait a minute, here's Brooke Hogan. Well, it's good to know that even in times such as this you can always rely on your family for support.


J.R. Oh but she just stamped on her father!! I can't believe it. I think she is as disgusted by her father's behaviour as everyone else. Hogan is coming around and he looks shocked. And Brooke is going up to Sheamus....and they are kissing. They are kissing deeply right in front of Hulk Hogan and we all know how protective he is of Brooke!! He looks disgusted. The final humiliation for Hulk Hogan. At the start of this match he was on top of the world...the return of Hulkamania, the love of his family, the PWF Championship, and the admiration of millions of Hulkamaniacs around the world. And now he's lost everything. And he's forced to watch his arch enemy Sheamus celebrate with his title and with his daughter. Sheamus is the opposite. He enters to boos from this crowd, now they love him! And now Sheamus has a microphone. He was wrongly accused by everyone, including myself, of being involved in the attack on Beefcake, but he has being vindicated!

Sheamus: Ladies and fellas, welcome to Sheamus-Mania!!!!!!

He holds the tite in the air with one hand, while his other is around Brooke! The crowd cheers, despite having booed him earlier on.

J.R.: Sheamus-Mania has begun. And it's another victory for the Irish-Samoan alliance. You have to think, this might be the start of a new era of Sports Entertainment. Good God, what a night!!!!

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Welcome to the final edition of MFW Steel before WrestleGlory. Tonight, Roderick Strong vs. Naruki Doi, the contract signing for Monty Brown vs. DDP, The Naturals and Simon Dean vs. The Rock 'n' Rave Infection and Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards faces Billy Kidman, there will be a 630 challenge between Jack Evans and Pac, and John Cena and Jeff Hardy will come face to face for the first time since The Clash and the last time since WrestleGlory.

Roderick Strong vs. Naruki Doi

Exciting clash between one half of the tag champs and one half of his opponents at WrestleGlory. After a series of nearfalls Doi hits Doi 555 and follows with the Bakatare Sliding Kick for the win.

Winner (13:57): Naruki Doi

Elgin gets in the ring and lays out Doi with a Powerbomb, Yoshino tries to make the save but gets layed out by Elgin aswell. Can Doi and Yoshino overcome Strong and Elgin at WrestleGlory.

Monty Brown and DDP are both in the ring for their contract signing.

DDP: "Monty, you wanted to send me a message well I've heard it loud and clear. You cost me a shot at the World title and you've jumped me from behind time and time again but I guarantee you, you will not beat me at WrestleGlory. The last thing you'll remember is being hit with a Diamond Cutter and being left flat on the mat. After WrestleGlory I will still be World Television Champion."

DDP signs the contract.

Monty: "You see DDP, the quantity of speech is not always indicative of the quality of thought. You're nothing but a beefed up neanderthal, you're a hippophant, half hippo, half elephant, hippophant. I am 'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown. The Alpha Male is me, he is I and I am him. You can't stop me, and at WrestleGlory, straight from the Serengeti, you will feel The POOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEE. Period!"

Monty signs the contract.

DDP: "You know Monty you're always talking about the Serengeti I know where the Serengeti is, so how about I give you a Geography lesson. What's the capital of Thailand?"

Monty: "Why don't you indulge me with you're geography DDP?"

DDP: "Bangkok."

DDP ball taps Brown, throws a few punches and goes for the Diamond Cutter but Monty bails.

Davey Richards vs. Billy Kidman

Malenko is watching on a monitor backstage. Davey dominates with Kidman getting some briefs flurries in but Richards looks ready for Malenko at WrestleGlory. Kidman submits to the ankle lock.

Winner (10:21): Davey Richards

At WrestleGlory, Richards challenges Malenko for the Cruiserweight title.

The Naturals and Simon Dean vs. The Rock 'n' Rave Infection and Eddie Edwards

Just as the match is getting going, Yokozuna hits the ring and lays out Rave with a Samoan drop, nails Hoyt with a Side Belly to Belly and crushes Edwards with a Bansai Drop. Vader then comes to ringside, levels Douglas with a punch, kills Stevens with a Powerbomb and squashes Dean with a Vader Bomb. Vader and Yoko come face to face in the middle of the ring and stare each other down, the tension is palpable. At WrestleGlory these two huge men goes one on one to determine the Number 1 Contender for the World title.

Winners (6:21): No Contest

Pac and Jack Evans both come to the ring for the 630 challenge. The winner is the man who the fans believe does a better 630 Splash. Simon Dean is already in the ring, still layed out after a Vader Bomb so he'll be the test dummy. Evans goes first hitting a near flawless 630 and gloats about. Pac oes up top and hits a 630 and rolls through onto his feet afterwards to a standing ovation and is the clear winner. Evans tries to jump Pac but Pac ducks and Evans falls to the floor embarrassed. These two face at WrestleGlory.

A video package outlines all the events that got us this far in the John Cena/Jeff Hardy rivalry.

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring to a huge response. He's soon followed by John Cena who is booed out of the building. There is a no physicality rule on this face off but as a precaution there's 20 security guards between Cena and Hardy.

John Cena: "Jeff the very fact that you're my opponent at WrestleGlory, the biggest event of the year, makes me embarrassed to be a wrestler. You're a disgrace to this profession. I will take on the personal responsibility to remove you from this business for the benefit of everybody, including these idiot fans who insist on cheering you despite what you are."

Hardy: "What I am? All I am is the man who is going to kick you're ass all around the building a WrestleGlory. You see John below you're tough guy exterior you're simply a coward, and for myself and more importantly for these people I am going to destroy you and take what you hold most dear - the World Heavyweight title."

They stand with twenty security guards between them staring intently at each other to close the final show before WrestleGlory.

Final Card for WrestleGlory:
MFW World Heavyweight Championship
No DQ, No Count Out, Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight
champion John Cena vs. 'The Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy

No. 1 Contenders Match for the World Title
Vader vs. Yokozuna

MFW Television Championship

champion Diamond Dallas Page vs. 'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown

MFW Cruiserweight Championship
champion Dean Malenko vs. Davey Richards

No. 1 Contenders Match for the Cruiserweight Championship
Jack Evans vs. Pac

MFW World Tag Team Championships
champions Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino vs. Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong

No. 1 Contenders Gauntlet Match for the Television Title

Andy Douglas vs. Chase Stevens vs. Lance Hoyt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Simon Dean vs. Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Edwards

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the global phenomenon, the grandaddy of them all, the Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, Champions League, World Cup, and All Ireland Finals all rolled into one - welcome to WrestleGlory.

No. 1 Contenders Gauntlet Match for the Television Title
Andy Douglas vs. Chase Stevens vs. Lance Hoyt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Simon Dean vs. Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Edwards

Andy Douglas and Jimmy Rave are out first, new entrants are every 2 minutes. Next out is Chase Stevens and The Naturals double team Rave, eventually hitting the Natural Disaster. Simon Dean is next and The Naturals immediately eliminate him. He leaves again on his Segway. Lance Hoyt is the next entrant saving Rave from elimination as a two minute tag team match breaks out. All four men are down as Kidman is out next, he comes straight off the top with a Shooting Star on Rave and eliminates him. The Naturals charge Kidman but he ducks and dumps them both over the top to eliminate them.

Edwards finally enters as out final three are Edwards, Hoyt and Kidman. Hoyt dominates with power moves, hitting a Texas Towerbomb on Kidman but as he turns Edwards eliminates him. Edwards and Kidman go back and forth for another couple of minutes exchanging near eliminations before Kidman finally eliminates Edwards to win.

Winner (13:21): Billy Kidman

MFW World Tag Team Championships
champions Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino vs. Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong

The tag champs start out hot with them out-speeding and double teaming Elgin to take him out to the floor. Yoshino hits dropkick on Elgin while landing with a splash on Strong and the champions are reeling.

Doi attempts a Senton off the apron to Elgin but Elgin catches him and rams him gut first into the barricade. Strong and Elgin then take over and begin to pick Yoshino apart. Yoshino eventually makes the hot tag to Doi and Doi runs wild.

Doi low bridges Elgin to the floor and hits Strong with German Suplex. Doi sets up Strong in the corner and hits the Doi Bosou for a two count. Doi and Yoshino hit a Flapjack/Bulldog combo and then set up Strong on the ropes for a big Senton but Elgin comes in to make the save.

Elgin picks up both Doi and Yoshino and hits a Double Powerslam. He nails Doi with a Spinning Sitout Powerbomb. He tries the same on Yoshino but Yoshino Huracanrana's Elgin over the top with both men going to the floor. Strong attempts a Tigerbomb but Doi counters nails the Doi 555's and hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick to retain the titles.

Winners (16:32) and still World Tag Team Champions: Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino

No. 1 Contenders Match for the Cruiserweight Championship
Jack Evans vs. Pac

A crazy highflying extravaganza. They go back and forth with mind blowing counters, high impact moves and more flips than you can shake a stick at. Towards the end, Evans goes up and misses the 630, Pac immediately follows up with a 630 Splash to pick up the win.

Winner (12:21): Pac

MFW Television Championship
champion Diamond Dallas Page vs. 'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown

They start out with a test of strength which Monty wins. DDP charges Monty but Monty takes him down with a Shoulder Block. DDP starts throwing punches but Monty retreats to the floor. DDP follows up with a Slingshot Crossbody and throws Brown back in the ring.

Brown cuts DDP off and applies a body scissors on the ground to neutralise DDP. DDP fights out and makes a comeback hitting a Discus Clothesline, a tilt-a-whirl slam and punctuates it with a Swinging Neckbreaker for a two count.

He comes off the top with a crossbody but Monty caught him and turned it into an Alpha Bomb for a very long two count. He sets DDP up hits the ropes but DDP avoids The Pounce. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter but Monty pushes him off the ropes and as DDP comes back Monty kills him with the Pounce for the win.

Winner (14:21) and NEW World Television Champion: 'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown

Monty stands over DDP holding the TV title, this time it's actually his.

MFW Cruiserweight Championship
champion Dean Malenko vs. Davey Richards

A long feeling out process as neither man wants to make a mistake. Richards goes for an early Ankle Lock attempt but Malenko counters straight into a Texas Clover attempt which Richards promptly escapes and rolls to the floor to create distance from Malenko.

Richards tries to out-wrestle Malenko but Malenko takes control on the ground and begins to work over Richards with a number of his 1000 holds. Malenko lifts Richards with a Surfboard submission and Richards is in trouble. Malenko drops Richards back into a cover for two.

Malenko attempts a Clothesline but Richards ducks, goes behind and hits a big German Suplex and both men are down. They exchange blows as they get up with Richards getting the better, Richards hits the Alarm Clock and immediately follows up with a handspring enziguigiri for two.

Richards attempts a huracanrana but Malenko Powerbombs him down and turns him around for a Boston Crab. Malenko moves into an STO position but Richards won't tap. Malenko attempts to move into a Texas Cloverleaf but Richards picks the ankle and locks on an Ankle Lock.

Malenko struggles desperately for the ropes but can't make it and nearly taps but rolls through into a pin for a long two count. Richards hits a German Suplex and goes up top. Malenko cuts him off, lifts him onto shoulders and hits a gigantic top rope gutbuster but only gets two.

As Malenko picks him up Richards nails him with a kick and goes for another Alarm Clock but Malenko catches his leg, hits a Dragon Screw legwhip and locks on the Texas Cloverleaf. Richards writhes in pain but can't escape and eventually submits.

Winner (23:41) and still MFW Cruiserweight Champion: Dean Malenko

No. 1 Contenders Match for the World Title
Vader vs. Yokozuna

Both men stand face to face in the middle of the ring as the fans wait in anticipation. Vader strikes first and they begin exchanging punches. Vader begins to get the better of it but Yoko staggers him with a big side kick. Vader comes back with a Spinning Back Fist and both men stagger.

Vader clotheslines and both gargantuan men go over the top to the floor with a thud. Vader slams Yoko's head off the ring steps and hits a running clothesline and Yoko hits the floor hard. Vader picks Yoko up both Yoko hits a huge bodyslam on Vader. Yoko gets up on the apron and looks down at Vader and comes off the apron with a Bansai Drop that crushes Vader as there is an audible gasp from the crowd.

Yokozuna gets back in the ring and the ref begins his ten count. Vader makes it into the ring at the very last second but Yoko continues to dominate. He hits a side Belly to Belly for two and attempts to pick Vader up for a Samoan Drop but cant' quite do it.

That give Vader a chance to comeback. He begins to rock Yoko with punches but Yoko hits a side kick followed by a quick Samoan Drop and Vader is down. Yoko drags Vader into the corner and begins to set up for a Bansai Drop but Vader cuts him off and hits a gigantic Powerbomb out of the corner.

Vader follows up with the Vader Bomb but Yoko kicks out. Vader looks visibly concerned. He picks Yoko up but Yoko hits a second Samoan Drop, drags him to the corner and hits the Bansai drop, but Vader kicks out. Yoko hits a leg drop and goes for a Side Belly to Belly but Vader counters and hits a monstrous moonsault.

Vader looks around and seems to come to a decision. He climbs the ropes and comes off with a Moonsault that shakes the ring. Vader makes the cover and gets the win.

Winner (17:45): Vader

The crowd give Vader a standing ovation as Vader is the next No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

It's time for our World title main event as a video package recaps the John Cena/Jeff Hardy feud.

MFW World Heavyweight Championship
No DQ, No Count Out, Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight
champion John Cena vs. 'The Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy

They come face to face in the ring as the building is shaking in anticipation. The whole crowd is chanting Hardy's name. They begin by slugging it out, Hardy ducks a Cena punch and hits a series of big running clotheslines. Cena rolls to the floor but Hardy hits a Baseball Slide followed by a Slingshot Crossbody as Cena is in trouble.

Hardy runs along the barricade and hits a big clothesline. Hardy whips Cena into the barricade and comes off the ringsteps with a leg lariat crushing Cena against the barricade. The crowd are going nuts for everything Hardy does.

Hardy rolls Cena into the ring but Cena ducks a clothesline and hits two Shoulder Blocks, Hardy swings at Cena but Cena ducks and hits the Protoplex. Cena looks up and smiles before doing the 'You Can't See Me' and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle as the crowd are enraged.

Cena lifts Hardy for the FU but Hardy drops off. Cena whips him into the corner but Hardy shocks Cena with the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy picks Cena up and hits a Gourdbuster for a two count. Hardy attempts a Twist of Fate but Cena pushed his against the ropes and hit a drop toe hold as he came back and locked on the STFU.

Hardy comes close to tapping a number of times but rolls Cena up for two. Cena levels Hardy with a Clothesline and hits a Fishermans Suplex. Cena goes up top and comes off with a big legdrop to the back of the head for two. Cena picks Hardy up for the FU but hardy slips off, hits the Twist of Fate, goes up top and hits the Swanton but Cena kicks out at 2.99999.

Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate but Cena counters into an FU but this time Hardy kicks out and Cena looks astonished. Cena throws Hardy to the floor and suplexes him on the ramp for a two count. Hardy crawls to the top of the ramp and Cena follows. Cena looks off the ramp and sees a table on the floor.

He picks Hardy up and hits a huge FU off the stage, through the table. Hardy looks like he was hit by a truck as Cena slowly climbs down to where Hardy is and crawls over the wreckage to make the cover. The ref takes another few seconds to get in position and counts- 1.....2.....but Hardy kicks out. Cena has no idea what happened.

He covers Hardy again but Hardy kicks out again. He picks Hardy up and carries him back up to the top of the ramp saying he's going to finish Hardy once and for all. He picks Hardy up for the FU but Hardy drops off and hits the Twist of Fate on the top of the ramp.

Hardy looks up, looks at the crowd, looks up, look back at the crowd as the crowd go crazy and encourage him. Hardy climbs the scaffold and looks down, taking a moment to set himself. He then comes off the stage with a huge Swanton Bomb which crushes Cena's chest. Hardy slowly crawls up top of Cena - 1....2.......3!!!

Winner (28:54) and NEW MFW World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

The crowd go crazy as Hardy climbs back up the stage with the World title celebrating to close this epic event.

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Commentator – Welcome to the final episode of Spongey Wrestling Entertainment before our annual pay per view Spongemania II. Four matches were announced last week and we have just learned that the General Manager has added another match, a tag team match between the celtic duo of Finlay and Drew McIntyre against the English pair of Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill. We are going to start off with the seven man battle royal to decide the final entrant in the elimination match at Spongemania for the SWE Interprovincial Championship.

Battle Royal: D’Lo Brown vs Gillberg vs Hernandez vs Matt Morgan vs Rick Martel vs The Godfather vs Tito Santana
All seven men are in the ring and the bell sounds. They all launch into each other. Gillberg is face to face with Martel. Gillberg lets out a roar and Martel jumps back in fear and the Godfather is waiting for him to throw Martel over the ropes. Rick Martel is eliminated.

Gillberg is in middle of the ring and Matt Morgan faces him, smiles at the size difference. The crowd boo at the apparent mismatch. Morgan goes for Gillberg but he escapes under Morgan’s legs and out under the ropes. Morgan is angry but that is shortlived as he is attacked by Tito Santana. Morgan is backed into the corner. Santana backs off to prepare to run at Morgan while in the corner but Morgan hits him with the Carbon Footprint. Morgan picks up a dazed Santana and throws him out of the ring. Tito Santana is eliminated.

There are four men left in the ring and Gillberg is outside the ring. Hernandez starts fighting with The Godfather and Matt Morgan fights with D’Lo Brown. The Godfather has control over Hernandez and tries to throw him over the rope but Hernandez hangs on and is standing on the apron outside the ropes. The Godfather goes to finish the job but Hernandez flings himself over the top rope and shoulder charges The Godfather. Hernandez subsequently throws a dazed Godfather over the top rope. The Godfather is eliminated.

At the same time as Godfather and Hernandez were fighting, Morgan and Brown were feuding in the opposite corner. Morgan attempts a chop to Brown but doesn’t realise Brown is wearing a chest protector and hurts himself. This allows Brown to gain control and soon has Morgan prone on the mat. He goes to the top rope to deliver his frog splash. However Hernandez , fresh from eliminating The Godfather, gets to the rope and this forces Brown to lose his footing and come crashing down on the top turnbuckle. Brown is in pain as all men would be and this allows Morgan to get to his feet and deliver a Carbon Footprint to Brown and he goes crashing to the floor. D’Lo Brown is eliminated.

This leaves Morgan and Hernandez in the ring and they are friendly to each other. They point at Gillberg outside the ring and go out opposite ends of the ring to get him. Gillberg runs from Morgan but ends up going straight into Hernandez who throws him in the ring. Both Morgan and Hernandez get in the ring as well. Gillberg runs at Hernandez who grabs him with ease and walks over to the rope to throw Gillberg out. Gillberg holds on to the ropes and Hernandez and has Hernandez bent over the top rope. This allows Morgan to come along and eliminate Hernandez. Hernandez is eliminated.

Hernandez is furious and Morgan just shrugs his shoulders. Morgan does not notice that Gillberg sneak back in under the ropes and comes off the ropes and runs into the back of Morgan. This forces Morgan halfway over the top rope and this allows Hernandez to finish the job and drag Morgan over the top rope and to the floor. Matt Morgan is eliminated and Gillberg wins.

Gillberg celebrates and the crowd cheer very loudly. Hernandez and Morgan retreat back up the ramp arguing with each other.

Wade Barrett, Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill are being interviewed. They are asked their thoughts on the SWE Heavyweight Championship match at Spongemania. Barrett responds that because he is English he has superior genes to everyone else in the world and that it is inevitable that he wins the SWE Heavyweight Championship at Spongemania. Once that is accomplished he will move this wrestling promotion away from this ****hole of a country. Taylor and Burchill are asked about their tag team match against Finlay and Drew McIntyre. Taylor adds that they will show why they are superior to the Scottish and Irish when they beat them to a pulp. Burchill agrees and also says that when he gets his hands on McIntyre tonight in a flag match he will shove McIntyres Scottish flag up his ass where it belongs.

In The Ring
Kane comes out to the ring and the crowd boo. There is huge heat for the big red monster. He grabs the mic and tells the crowd that he is the devil’s favourite demon and has been sent to the SWE to plunge this wrestling company further into hell and the first step to doing that is to rid the company of all the good things that are here, namely preachers of the faith. He says that at Spongemania when he has the Pope trapped inside a steel cage the only way out will be down through the gates of hell. He lets out a maniacal laugh, raises his hands and slams them down to release the fire from the four ringposts.

D’Angelo Dinero though comes through the crowd with a fire extinguisher and sprays it in Kane’s face. Kane is temporarily stunned and Dinero proceeds to extinguish all four flames at each of the ringposts. He comes back and sprays Kane once again followed by Dinero grabbing a steel chair and continuously slamming it into Kane. Dinero rolls Kane out of the ring into a Tesco trolley outside the ring and proceeds to roll Kane backstage and into the lower depths of the Spongezone. They stop at a boiler room where Dinero throws Kane inside. He grabs a can of petrol and pours it over Kane and inside the boiler room. Dinero then locks the door shut and lets out a sigh of relief. His peace is disturbed though as Stephanie McMahon appears and asks why Dinero is down here. Dinero replies that he is just here to have a cigarette. Stephanie thinks that is a good idea and wants one herself, asks Dinero for a light and asks Dinero to come back to her office for some ‘ahem’ light refreshments. Dinero accepts but throws the lit lighter over his shoulder without Stephanie seeing it and it ignites the petrol on the ground which sets the whole boiler room on fire.

Flag Match: Drew McIntyre vs Paul Burchill
Paul Burchill is first out and he is carrying the Union Jack flag. The crowd boo but Burchill is lapping it up. Drew McIntyre is next out and has half of his body painted blue like Braveheart. He is carrying two flags, the Scottish and Irish flags. The crowd go mental in support of McIntyre. The ref attaches the flags to each wrestler’s corner posts.

McIntyre starts off strong with adrenaline keeping him going and hits Burchill with a flurry of offense. However his enthusiasm gets the better of him and a mistake allows Burchill to get the upper hand. He starts a slow beat down of McIntyre and includes a few insults to McIntyre’s face as he goes. After giving McIntyre a brainbuster he decides to go for his flag. Burchill slowly ascends his corner to get his flag. McIntyre staggers to his feet and manages to pull Burchill down before he can get his flag. Burchill’s head collides with the turnbuckle and he is dazed. Burchill, still dazed, staggers into McIntyre’s future shock DDT and he’s out. This allows McIntyre to climb to the top turnbuckle and get his flags. The crowd cheer as McIntyre starts waving both the Irish and Scottish flag around the ring. Winner: Drew McIntyre

In The Ring
Jamie Noble comes out to the ring and is not happy. He grabs the mic and starts to insult Ron Simmons. He says that he gave him a job and that he couldn’t do it. He adds that Simmons is a has-been and will never be as good as he was in his prime. Simmons has had enough and comes out to the ring. Noble is acting tough and squaring up to Simmons. Simmons has a mic and tells the little man to calm down. He says that he is sick and tired of being treated like a slave. He realises that JBL has moved on from the APA and it’s now time for him to move on as well. He adds that after speaking to Stephanie McMahon earlier she has sanctioned a match between him and Noble and that he has a lot of resentment to take out on Noble when he gets him one on one and he pities Noble to have to take that punishment. He adds one final word “DAMN” and the crowd cheer. Simmons retreats back out of the ring and Noble is upset.

Match: Goldberg & ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero vs Bob Backlund & Kane
D’Angelo Dinero is first out and enjoys his customary entrance with the money falling from the ceiling. Goldberg is next out and is accompanied to the ring by his friend Gillberg. They also receive a huge cheer. Bob Backlund is next out and is booed fiercely. Kane’s music starts as the final participant in this tag team match but there is no sign of him. Everyone is aware of what happened to Kane earlier in the show so the match would seem to be continuing as a handicap match, much to Backlund’s annoyance.

The match starts with Dinero facing up to Backlund. It’s not long before Dinero has control and he tags in Goldberg who is salivating at thoughts of getting his hands on a beat up Backlund. Goldberg continues the attack until a mistake allows Backlund to initiate some offense. A few suplexes later and Goldberg is crawling to make a tag. He reaches Dinero for the tag.

Dinero is now the legal man as Goldberg recovers outside the ring and is ready to engage with Backlund. The titantron comes on and this grabs Dinero’s attention. It shows the boiler room that was set on fire earlier in the show. Stephanie is supervising the firemen putting out the fire. She asks what could have started this. The fire is put out and as the smoke dissipates Kane appears at the doorway. Stephanie does not see him as she has her back to the doorway but Dinero can see him on the screen. The crowd are anxiously shouting “Look behind you” like someone would watching a horror movie but Stephanie can’t hear them. Kane grabs Stephanie and drags her away kicking and screaming. Dinero leaves the ring and rushes back there but by the time he gets there Kane and Stephanie had disappeared.

The referee had already counted out Dinero as he was the legal man and Goldberg is looking backstage in despair at having lost the match. Backlund however is stalking Goldberg and as soon as he turns around he puts Goldberg in a crossface chickenwing. Goldberg is in pain and can’t escape and Backlund only releases it when Goldberg is near passed out from the pain. He gets up and celebrates his achievement and then sees Gillberg outside the ring. He chases Gillberg and once caught he throws him in the ring and applies the crossface chickenwing to Gillberg. Backlund keeps the hold in place until Goldberg who is beginning to come around breaks it up. Backlund escapes and retreats up the ramp laughing and celebrating. Both Goldberg and Gillberg are nursing their injuries in the ring.

Main Event: Macho Man Randy Savage & Finlay vs Wade Barrett & Dave Taylor
Wade Barrett and Dave Taylor make their way back to the ring to loud boos. Finlay is next out and the crowd go mad. Randy Savage is last out and is absorbing all the cheers from the crowd.

Savage starts off against Barrett but before they can lock up he retreats and tags in Taylor. The crowd don’t like this. Savage locks up with Taylor instead and Taylor can’t handle the hits and escapes outside the ring. Savage follows him and Taylor races around the other side of the ring and slides back in to the ring. As Savage gets back in Taylor attacks him and now has control. Barrett now wants in to face a beaten Savage and between the two Englishmen they give a slow beat down on Savage. A mistake by Taylor allows Savage to hit a diving crossbody and the two men are struggling. Finlay is gagging to get the tag and the crowd are urging Savage to get to Finlay. Taylor gets the tag to Barrett but just as Barrett reaches Savage he gets the tag and Finlay is in. He launches hit after hit on Barrett and Taylor and has the crowd going crazy.

A distraction by Taylor means Finlay gets fingers to the eyes by Barrett which is unseen by the ref. Barrett and Taylor continue to beat Finlay. At this stage Savage has gotten himself back in his corner. Barrett tags in Taylor and he fires Finlay to the ropes. Savage tags the back of Finlay as he bounces off the ropes which is unseen by Taylor. Savage ducks the attempted clothesline by Taylor and knocks Barrett off the apron. Finlay follows Barrett out of the ring and Taylor doesn’t see Savage hit him from behind. A vertical suplex later and Savage climbs to the top rope to deliver a diving elbow drop to Taylor and get the pin. Winner: Randy Savage and Finlay

Wade Barrett grabs Taylor and the two head back up the ramp. Finlay grabs the mic and decides to lead the crowd in a rendition of Amhran na bhFiann. The crowd sing along and as they reach the last line Savage grabs the mic and sings “Seo libh canaig amhran na bhfiann……ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, dig it”



SWE Heavyweight Championship Macho Man Randy Savage (c) vs Wade Barrett

Hell in a Cell The Pope D’Angelo Dinero vs Kane

Goldberg vs Bob Backlund

SWE Interprovincial Championship Elimination Match D’Lo Brown vs Gillberg vs Hernandez vs Matt Morgan vs Rick ‘The Model’ Martel vs The Godfather vs Tito Santana

Drew McIntyre & Finlay vs Dave Taylor & Paul Burchill

Ron Simmons vs Jamie Noble

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Genichiro Tenryu v Masahiro Chono (Grudge Match)

a 3-week build...

Week 1:

Tenryu .v. Sapp


The veteran Tenryu's wily offence up against the physical domination of Sapp makes this an intriguing bout.

it's a back and forth contest, with Tenryu gaining the upper hand towards the end of the bout through smart use of his leg sweeps, and smart kicks out of nowhere when Sapp is looking dominant.

the finish comes when Masahiro Chono comes out and walks down the ramp, simply clapping slowly and loudly. the crowd notice, and start booing this man, who has had a chip on his shoulder, ever since he lost a SWF Championship Number 1 Contenders Match to Naomichi Marafuki a couple of months ago.

Tenryu eventually notices Chono, his old friend from his Japan days, and looks very confused. As Chono nears the ring, Tenryu turns around and meets a spear from Sapp, who gets the victory.

Winner via pinfall...Bob Sapp.

After the match, Chono, without a break in his stride, slides into the ring, gets up, still clapping, slaps his FTS toe-hold submission on, and has Tenryu writhing in pain. he then gets up, smirking, then takes out handcuffs. the crowd and commentators are bemused by the length Chono is going to. he handcuffs Tenryu's leg to the second rope, gets a Kendo stick from under the ring, wails into the leg, then climbs the top rope, and leg drops onto it, surely breaking it.

Tenryu has to be helped out by medics.

Week 2:

Chono comes out, slow clapping again, sauntering to the ring.

he picks up a microphone, teases speaking, then drops the mic again, and continues the sarcastic clapping, much to the disgust of the crowd.

he then picks it up, and says he's American born, but certainly not American made. he's delighted he moved back to Japan when he did to get away from self-indulgent morons. he said that was part of the reason he attacked Tenryu. he said Tenryu looked upon himself as a role model. a pioneer a rebel. and this links all the way back to 1992 when Tenryu left All Japan Pro, and started his own company; a company he, Chono, was a part of.

Chono then said that was where he saw Tenryu's ego go out of control. he won, and won, and won, and won, even beating him at one point. nobody else got a look-in. and the company ultimately failed. self-indulgent bullshít, and Tenryu was nowhere near the talent he thought he was. he thought he was the man. Chono said that he knew better, and last week he proved who the better man is, and should always have been.

Tenryu comes out with a heavy limp, stalls to take in the adulation of the crowd, then perhaps surprisingly, limps to the ring. gasps can be heard from the crowd.

showing no fear, he picks up a mic, walks right up to Chono, eyeball-to-eyeball, and simply says...

"You want to prove yourself? Do it face-to-face. show you why I was always the better man"

the two stare for another few seconds, Chono backs away, and walks up the ramp to the back. Tenryu salutes the crowd on the ropes, with his back to the ramp, at which point, Chono runs into the ring, wrench in hand, and takes a wild shot at Tenryu's foot. Tenryu writhes in agony and is attended to again by medics as Chono smirks his way back up the ramp.

Week 3 (Final Week before SWF Revelation):

Masahiro Chono .v. Tyson Tomko

2 minutes into a fast-paced, hard-hitting match, Chono fells Tomko with his a low blow, his axe kick, and them synches in his FTS toe-hold, which seem Tomko tap.

all of a sudden Tenryu runs through the crowd. seemingly unaffected by his foot, he climbs the top rope, and jumps into a position behind Chono where he's ready to deliver, one can only presume, his Folding Powerbomb. but when Chono turns around, Tenryu just stands there, ready and waiting. Chono nips back, astonished at what he's seeing.

Chono then slithers out of the ring, and up the ramp, as Tenryu raises his arm aloft, not taking his eyes off Chono.

and so the match is set...

Masahiro Chono .v. Genechiro Tenryu

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Part I

(All credit for the posters/banners goes to
Teamshadowclan mega thanks)

LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment - LWE presents


The shows open with the Interim General Manager Bobby Heenan in the ring, he says he wants to welcome everyone here at Madison Square Garden and watching at home to the ppv and hopes it will be an awesome show. Heenan says that Cody Rhodes is here tonight and will be in the main event later on but if he does anything that Heenan don’t like he will take him out of the main event. Heenan tells them enjoy the show and leaves the ring.

Match 1 - Jimmy Wang Yang V David Otunga

Yang is out to the ring first then followed by Otunga who has a mic with him. Before he enters the ring he says he told his beloved Jennfier Hudson aka Jhud not to come tonight as he was going to destroy a stupid redneck and would meet her at one of their many Hollywood parties they must attend. Otunga says as he is Mr. Hollywood Heenan is making a big mistake not adding him to the main event as he would make the ppv buyrates sky rocket and have the ppv in all the tabloids tomorrow and be the top trending topic worldwide. Otunga enters the ring and Yang takes him drop with a drop kick. Yang starts the match well getting the upperhand on Otunga. Otunga rolls out of the ring mad a few times and onone occasion gets Yang’s cowboy hat and steps on it. Yang exits the ring and chases Otunga around the ring. Otunga re-enters the ring and attacks Yang when he re-enters. Otunga has the upperhand now. Nearing the end of the match Yang goes up top rope to hit a moonsault but Otunga knocks him off to the outside. The ref is counting and Yang makes his way back in the ring at 9. Otunga hits a spinebuster and pins Yang for the win.

Winner is David Otunga

Backstage we see Ted DiBiase Jnr speaking with Brian Pillman and Ted gives him a large envelope.

Match 2 - Teddy Hart (C) V Ricky Steamboat Jnr V Brutus Magnus for the LWE Intercontinental Title

We see a recap of Teddy Hart winning the title from Cody Rhodes on last week’s Friday Night Ignition show. Magnus and Ricky team up at the start of the match and take out Teddy. Both try for covers on Teddy but each prevent one another and start on each other. Ricky goes for a crossbody and pin on Magnus but only gets a 2 count. Teddy gets back to his feet and throws Teddy out of the ring. He takes down Magnus and goes up top for the shooting press which he hits and goes for the cover but Ricky breaks it up. Ricky tries to cover Magnus but he kicks out. Teddy locks a sharpshooter on Ricky but Magnus breaks it up and throws Teddy out of the ring. Magnus hits his move tormentum on Ricky and goes for the cover but Teddy comes back in and rolls Magnus up for a quick 3 count and wins. Teddy exits the ring fast with his title.

Winner and still IC champion Teddy Hart

Match 3 Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig (C) V John Morrison and Joey Mercury for the LWE Tag Titles

Mercury and Hennig start the match off. Mercury tags in Morrison and both work together on Hennig. Morrison goes for a cover but Hennig kicks out. Pillman comes out to the ringside and this distracts Morrison and Pillman has a poster of Melina and is kissing it. Hennig is able to get to his corner and makes a tag to DiBiase who knocks Morrison out of the ring. Morrison gets up and takes the poster from Pillman and puts by the announce table. Pillman leaves. Mercury is roaring at Morrison to get back in the ring. Morrsion gets back in and DiBiase takes him down and tags him Hennig who double team Morrison now. Morrsion finally gets a tag to Mercury who comes in and takes both DiBiase and Hennig down. Pillman again comes out with another poster of Melina but stays on the ramp this time. Morrison chases after him to back and now Mercury is fighting on his own. DiBiase finally picks up the win with his move dream street. Morrison finally returns to the ring and Mercury is angry at him. Mercury pushes him and calls him a fool and says that they are done from now on and leaves.

Winners and still IC tag champs Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig

Backstage Teddy Hart is outside the women’s locker room and he wants to wish good luck to both Beth and Lita and says that after their match they can all party together with him.

Match 4 Natayla Neidhart (C) V Lita V Beth Phoenix for LWE Women’s Title Ladder Match

Beth Phoenix and Lita have already started the match before Natayla comes out so she waits outside the ring while they go at it. Natayla finally enters and takes down both. She has the upperhand now and after about 10 minutes she brings in a ladder to the match. Lita knocks her down with the ladder. Lita now sets the ladder up in the ring and starts to climb and Beth quickly also starts to climb both are now up the ladder and still battling each other. Lita hits a litacanrana on Beth off the ladder and both are down in the ring. Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig run out and tell Natayla to get up and climb the ladder. The ref is telling them to leave and Natayla is slowly getting to her feet. Teddy Hart runs out and knocks Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig down with his IC Title. Natayla roars at Teddy asking what he is doing. She crawls out of the ring as she wants to check on Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig. Beth is also trying to get to her feet but is finding it hard to stand so she leans on the ropes. Natayla comes back in and knocks Beth out of the ring. Natayla starts to climb the ladder but Beth comes back in and knocks the ladder and Natayla falls to the outside. Beth fixes the ladder up and starts to climb but it slow as she is hurt. Lita is also coming round and also tries to climb she too is hurt. Both are climbing and trying to knock each other down. Both have made it to the top of the ladder and attempting to grab the title. In the end Lita knocks Beth off the ladder and grabs the title.

Winner and new LWE Women’s Champions is Lita

TBC ................................................................

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(Invalid img)
Welcome to BWA No Way Out!
(Invalid img)

Shinjiro Otani comes out before this one begins and cuts a great heel promo where he runs down the locals. He says that the BWA signing so many Mexican wrestlers recently is a joke and if they wanted top talent . He goes on to state that if they wanted to look to bring in the top talent they should have looked to his nation, japan. He says that his apprentice Akebono will show that tonight but for now he is issuing an open chalenge to anyone in the back be the a local wrestler or even someone already booked to compete here tonight... it isnt long before his challenge is answered by the BWA newest roster member Shane Douglas

Locally advertised Pre-PPV dark match
Shinjiro Otani vs Shane Douglas

Douglas starts this one strong and fast and it isnt long before Otani is feigning injury to try and get away from him. The ref isnt having any of it though and he is forced to fight on. Eventually Douglas gets up a head of steam and when he connects with a belly to back suplex which he follows up with his Franchiser Shoulder jawbreaker the win is his. Otani will no doubt claim his "Injury" was the deciding factor here but the crowd dont care and instead celebrate the Franchise shutting his mouth here tonight.

Winner: Shane Douglas

The Pyros hit and the oficial BWA No Way Out PPV begins as the annoucers hype tonights card. Whomever chose the order of tonights card decided to kick things off to the Mexican crowd's liking thats for sure says one announcer as tonights opening bout is announced

PPV opener
WGS member Dan Severn vs Blue Demon Jr

Backstory: Dan "The Beast" Severn recently returned from injury here in the BWA and since he has his attitude seems to have changed to. Last week he made clear his opponion on this rivalry. He thinks the signing of Blue Demon Jr is meerly another unwanted attempt to pander to the international market and that there are better wrestlers in the states. He takes exception to The Mexican wrestler bigging up his NWA world title reign and considers the belt worthless in comparison to when he held it. He also sees this matchup as an ideal way to prove himself to his newly acquired cohorts in the self proclaimed Worlds Greatest Stable lead by Jeff Jarrett. Meanwhile Blue Demon junior says he is relishing this chance to prove himself with his first ever BWA PPV appearance. He says he is proud of his run as a world champion and eager to prove to not only Severn but the BWA audience at large that he is indeed good enough to once again be a world champion. He says the facts that his opponent is part of a group spouting racist nonsense and that this match will take place in his backyard of Mexico city may have the crowd on his side tonight but with or without them he would vow that tonight as a way of making a mark here in the BWA he would start the end of the worlds greates stable.

Match: With his home crowd support BLue Demon Jr is the faster out of the blocks here and gets in some serious offense early on. A series of rights has Severn reeling and a very impressive Hurricanrana has the lucha fans in attendance calling out for more. It's just as the announcers are questioning if Severn is really 100% after his recent absence from the BWA through injury that the UFC hall of famer gets back into it. A near blatant low blow is used but apparently not deemed clear cut enough for a DQ and from that moment on the local hero is struggling. Severn hits multiple suplex variation before trying to finish things with his Beast Choker Dragon sleeper with a body scissors but Blue Demon Jr is able to wriggle as far as the ropes forcing the hold broken. He rolls outside and catches he breath, allowing which the announcers suggest is a mistake on Severn's part as now when he head outside himself to retrieve his prey he is put in a Three-quarter facelock which is transitioned into either a jawbreaker. Severn is now the one struggling as Blue Demon gets bak into the ring but he does get back to his feet and slides into the ring. Blue Demon Jr however is not going to allow him any time to recover and immediatly catches him with his second Huricanrana of the night, after which he locks in his El Pulpo Sharpshooter. Severn cant hold on for too long and taps giving Blue Demon Jr the win in his first match in the BWA during his first ever BWA PPV appearance.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr
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We follow Severn backstage after the match and he is seen vowing to make up for that loss when the camera pans to a shot of Bryan Danielson who has just arrived at the building, he has this to say

Last week this company had the opportunity to prove to the world that it was as I know it is, The greatest wrestling promotion bar none. You know what Hunter Hurst Helmsley did, he cheated infront of the world. He couldnt get the job done against Mitsuharu Misawa without an unfair advantage and not only that but he helped HBK cheat in the main event. He cost the promotion he wants to represent as its champion the opportunity to showcase just how good it can be and he cost me the chance to prove that I am the best wrestler in the world today. Tonight however he can do whatever underhanded tactics he wants, it wont matter, I will prove myself the best in the BWA and thats a promise

Elsewhere backstage we see Shinjiro Otani giving a pep talk to Akebono. Once again he runs down the crowd here tonight seemingly still irate about tonights dark show opnener (which the announcers make reference to) and says that they will not be so happy after the big man tears BWA favourite and crazy ass b*stard Necro Butcher up next. The two Japanese superstars then make their way out to the ring to big boos from the crowd

remember kids the BWA isnt PG and you should def not try this at home... looks like great fun though... but um yeah dont do it!

First ever BWA deathmatch
Necro Butcher vs Akebono

Backstory: Necro Butcher believes he was lied to when he was signed to the BWA promotion. He says that they knew his wrestling style and had promised to promote it on the biggest and best wrestling promotion in the world but instead he claims he has had his hands tied by management ever since his arrival. Consatntly booked in matches with no hardcore element and being punished for the use of weapons are two of his biggest complaints as he states they are trying to change him. He said that they were not letting him be the real Necro Butcher and the man the fans want him to be. He was even considering walking out on his contract when John Lauriniatis promised him he could have what he coveted most, a deathmatch live on BWA PPV to showcase his skills. As the weeks went on though his frustration once again grew as no answer came about who his opponent would be while he continued to be booked in ways that made him simply put rebel against management. Finally the answer to his question came but in an unexpected form, that of The Sumo legend turned professional wrestler Akebono. The giant Japanese combatant lead by his manager and occasional tag partner Shinjiro Otani shocked the wrestling world with their arrival to the BWA when the big man gave the Butcher a serious beatdown in anticipation of this match up. Perhaps he has more of a history in this kind of match up but going into the PPV many are questioning can The Butcher really overcome this monster or will this be his last Deathmatch?

Match: The Necro Butcher comes out for this one early and to a good crowd reaction. The announcers suggest he is here to prep the arena for his match as he is seen pouring tumbtacks across the ring floor, wrapping barbed wire around the middle rope and pulling multiple weapons out from under the ring including two chairs, a sheet of glass and a baseball which as he shows the crowd has a nail sticking out of it. He then pulls out a small blade and as The Monsterous akebone makes his way out he cuts himself just to see the blood on his hand as he wipes his brow. He's ready for this one it seems and after some commotion where Akebono's manager had to be removed from ringside much to the crowds amusement we are underway. During this however Necro Butcher his fists taped and dipped into glue and in broken and crushed glass, allowing shards to stick to his fists.

Some questioned if Necro Butcher could take on and beat the monster but now the announcers ask if Akebono truely knew what he was getting himself in for in this one. Butcher springs as his apponent and lands multiple punches on his midsection and as Akebone trys to turn away one shot noticably digs into the big mans arm cutting him open. It seems the monster has now truely been awaken though and the Butcher soon feels the brunt of his force as he picks him up with little ease and performs a military press dropping him right onto the announce table. He then picks him up once more and in a great show of strenght tosses him back into the ring and onto the thumb tack filled canvas. This one has gotten ugly fast and the big man isnt looking lke letting up as he gets back into the ring and heads towards Necro Butcher. He goes to pick him up again but is caught with a smack from the baseball bat which Necro Butch had conceiled under his body. He then hits the big man with a second and this time the nail sticks right into Akebono's arm just below shards of glass from earlier.

Finally Akebono is knocked out of his stride it seems but a second later with one big motion the former Sumo wrestler tares the bat out of Necro Butchers hand and his own arm before letting aout a big grunt and once again heading towards his prey. one big slwing of the bat later and the thing was broken in two across the Butchers head as the deathmatch verean lies slumped in the corner. Akebono now backs up into the opposite corner and after a moment where he taunts the crowd who have been on his back all match he revs up for a big running body press. At the last second Necro Butcher moves out of the way and then with the big man already stumbling backwards he smashes the glass sheet across his head. He has gotten him down to one but Necro Butcher does not let up instead grabbing one of the chairs in the ring and continuing to whale on him. Akebono is in a bad way when he finally stops and Necro Butcher takes full advantage setting him up in a guilotine on the barbed wire coverd ring ropes. The barbed wire truely does come into play and tares up Akebono's arms further when the Butcher hits another chair shot on him. The big man has now lost a lot of blood and when he finally frees himself he cant help but stumble right into a very impressive Choose Death Sidewalk slam. A signature move of the butchers performedon top of two folded steel chairs placed back to back which gets him the win.

Winner: Necro Butcher

While medical personal help Akebono onto a huge stretcher Necro Butcher refuses their help and slowly stumbles to the back face covered in blood but with a big smile across his face and his hand and head held high.

While a big cleanup begins at ringside we are brought backstage and to the arrival of the 2nd man who will go for BWA heavyweight gold this evening Triple H. After being informed what Bryan Danielson has already had to say he had this retort.

Bryan, you know what the best in the world does? they get the job done. I didnt let the BWA down, you did! I defeated Monday Night Grapplings champion but you Bryan, you couldnt get the job done. I saw to that last then and i'll see to that tonight. As for the BWA being recognised as the best in the business well after tonight not only will I have beaten the MNG champion but I will also become the undisputed BWA champion and if someone from WECWF wants to get their ass handed to them too well you know where ill be, on my show BWA Raw every monday night!

BWA tag team title ladder match
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs Masato Tanaka & Hayabusu

Backstory: Charlie Haas & Shelton benjamin have been at the core of everything Jeff Jarrett's World Greatest Stable have done since their formation. The majority of recent times the target of their attacks have been the current Tag Team champions in the BWA Masato Tanaka and Hayabusa. They have stated that they will return the tag titles will return to what they claim is their rigthfull american hand and have repeatidly verbally attacked their opponents dubbing them such names as "the suicidal samurai wannabe's". The tag champs meanwhile have often overcome the odds and have stated they are willing to put their bodies on the line to keep the belt out of the hands of racist bigots. They say they fight for what is right and will get the job done at No Way Out. To add extra spice to things this match was made a Ladders match after the WGTT won the right to name the stipulation of the match but only today Hayabusa was quoted as saying that the stip suits him perfectly and that people should expect something big tonight. We dont have to wait much longer to see what he has in mind.

Match: Between this and the previous match we see that there has now been numerous ladders placed around the ring and entrance way, ladders which play an important part right from the offset here as Haas & Benjamin head to the outside the moment the bell sounds. Hayabusa & Tanaka are both right on their tails though and all four begin this as a brawl on the outside. Eventually the WGTT seem to be getting on top as Benjamin hits a big superkick on Tanaka and rolls him onto the Spanish announce table before climbing a small enough ladder next to it. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Haas had been in control of Hayabusa who he tosses into the ring. Hayabusa catches everyone off guard though as the moment he is back on his feet in the ring he slingshots himself off the ropes gaining momentum then makes a suicide dive to the outside where he knocks Benjamin clean off the ladder and both he and Benjamin come crashing down onto Tanaka and the spanish announce which a few seconds later collapses under the presure. The crowd begin to chant "Holy shi!t" and "This is awesome" as the action continues with Haas trying to take advantage and set up a ladder in the ring to go for the belts. He takes too long after mistakenly bringing a ladder which is too short into the ring. By the time he had set up a 2nd ladder and strted to ascend it Masato Tanaka was already in the ring next to him and used the smalle ladder as a weapon striking him repeatidly with it causing him to fall backwards to the mat. Tanaka then takes his chance to try and climb up and get the gold but he too falls subject to a ladder strike from behind this time from Benjamin who stops his attempt at the win.

The match begins to really breakdown at this point and even the announcers find it hard to keep up with all the action as all four men open up on each other. One thing they do note though is how Tanaka has placed a Ladder across the space from the ring aprom and the crowd rail, a ladder which almost snaps in two when Charlie haas is tossed out of the ring landing on it. Then Hayabusa again shocks everyone in attendance by springing up onto the ring ropes and bouncing up into the air executing his firebird 450 splash on Haas and actually splits the Ladder in two. The announcers are in total shock as Hayabusa immediatly gets up after this and we are seemingly atleast temporarily left with a 2 on 1 situation. How can he keep getting away with putting his body on the line like that they wonder. While Benjamin has joined Tanaka in a back and forth exchange of rights and lefts on the outside, Hayabusa is seen rooting around under the ring but seemingly cannot find what he is looking for and instead heads up the ring ramp and behind the curtain before coming back out moments later carrying the largest ladder that i'd wager has ever been seen in the BWA. The announcers suggest it must be near 20 feet tall as he sets it up outside the ring . Meanwhile his team mate has given them a great chance by delivering a tornado DDT to Benjamin leaving the current tag champs seemingly in total control.

Despite the announcers reminding us this is not a TLC match two tables are now pulled out from under the ring and set up beside it with Benjamin and Haas placed ontop of them. Hayabusa then begins to climb the huge ladder he brough out as the crowd get momentarily silent almost worried by what he is contemplating doing. Benjamin isnt totall out of it though and begins to fight back against Tanaka on the outside and trying to get himself off the table when suddenly Dan Severn comes charging out from the back. He is quickly followed by his opponent from earlier tonight Blue Demon Jr and the two eventually brawl through the crowd but before that Severn has the opportunity to interfere in a big way as he slowly tilts over the gargantuan ladder that Hayabusa is perched above sending him crashing down towards the tables set up below. Just before he hits Benjamin is able to get himself off the table and toss his opponent Tanaka onto it in his place. Second later Hayabusa nearly killing himself falls onto Tanaka and Haas on the tables and all three men are completely taken out, leaving only Benjamin still standing. Although obviously concerned about his partners well being he doesent waste too much time checking him and instead sets up a ladder in the ring and climbs up to claim the BWA tag team titles for the self proclaimed Worlds Greates teag team and stable.

Winners: The Worlds Greatest tag team

The crowd at home are then shown very brief highlights of tonights dark match opener with the emphasis on Shane Douglas whom the announcers then discuss in relation to his role as special referee tonight in a match they say could help shape the future of the BWA. as part of this discussion one of them brings up his imfamous shoot video on Big Johnny Lauriniatis

Clips from the before mentioned shoot video are then shown sorry too long already no time to search for it on youtube

We are then brought to footage from a fan Q&A earlier today with Killer Kowalski

Fan: How much are you looking forward to getting your hands on Kenta Kobashi tonight?

Kowalski: I can't wait. Kobashi has been running around here causing havoc without a word of explanation or remorse. He attacked my trainees and sent one of them to the hospital as well as interfering in countless matches along the way. Someone has to teach him some respect and that someone will be me.

Fan: There has been a lot of talk about wether your not you've still got it, what will you do if you cant beat Kobashi tonight?

Kowalski: (his tone here is a lot more somber) honestly i've not even contemplated losing. I've come here to be victorious and put Kobashi in his place but honestly if I'm not able to do that... maybe it will be time to hang up my wrestling boots.

We only saw a short snippet of that Q&A session but its ovious to see why that section was chosen as the commentators begin to speculate if maybe, just maybe we are about to see the great Killer Kowalski's last ever match in professional wrestling. And on that not the video package for his match begins.

Grudge match
Killer Kowalski vs Kenta Kobashi

Backstory: Both Kowalski and Kobashi are long time BWA competitors and both are close confidants to the current co GMs in the BWA and yet it was the BWA wrestling academy's rookie's that this rivalry revolved around initially and Kenta Kobashi's complete lack of respect for them. Not once but twice did he ignore head trainer Killer Kowalski's please to finish things early when trainees were having tryout matches against him and in one case he actually went as far as to send the rookie to the hospital. It went against his own intentions but these actions have drawn Kowalski out of his self imposed semi retirement and he plans to not only stand up for his trainee but what he feels is right here in the BWA. Has he still got it or was this the biggest mistake of his life, god knows if he doesent bring his A game here tonight Kobashi will eat him alive.

Match: A simple way to describe the beginning of this encounter would be... stiff as f*ck! as both start off by squaring up to each other and trading big punches in the centre of the ring and then huge painfull chops. neither man is willing to back down and both try their hardest not to even flinch but eventually as both mens midsections start turning red raw, Kowalski stumbles back a little. A smile creeps across Kobashi's face as he senses his opportunity and he charges at Kowalski knocking him down with a big shoulder charge.

Kobashi reaches down and goes for a boston crab but Kowalski is able to counter it and instead drap Kenta down to his level where Killer displays what the announcers call his wrestling 101 skills transitionally seemlessly between technical wrestling holds and maneuevers and truely schooling the 3 time BWA draftee Kobashi in mat based skills leading the crowd to once again chant "you've still got it". It's at this point that John Lauriniatis heads down to ringside to support his former tag partner and current enforcer Kenta Kobashi. He does prove a distraction at ringside and Kobashi seems to be getting back ontop as he delivers a strong DDT but it isn't long until Kowalski's own good friend and former tag partner Gorilla Monsoon appears on the scene to even up the numbers.

The finish comes a few minutes later when Kobashi has Kowalski stuck in a corner and is continously catching him with kicks and chops. Big Johnny at ringside gets physically involved holding Kowalski's leg so he cant get out of the corner and Monsoon has had enough and charges his rival. Johnny runs around to the other side of the ring but with Monsoon still in chase and getting close rolls into the ring to get away. When he stands up he is right behind Kowalski and gets to see Kobashi attempt to hit a running Burning Lariat to him. Kowalski is just about able to dip out of the way though and Kenta has to stop himself from hitting Johnny who realising his mistake gets out of the ring ASAP. It wasnt fast enough though as this distraction was all Kowalski needed and when Kobashi turned around Killer locked in his infamous Claw finishing move and moments later it was all over.

Winner:Killer Kowalski

The Franchise Shane Douglas comes charging down to the ring in full referee attire and clears both the victorious Kowalski & Kobashi out of the ring. Any continued fighting between the two is avoided as Kobashi is very reluctant to leave at first. He looks so peeved at Laurinaitis and in an unexpected twist to tonights events big Johnny is visably relieved when one former tag partner of his (Douglas) orders another (Kobashi) to leave the arena. While he reluctantly does so and tonights two competitors and the special referee are officially annouced despite having already been out at ringside for a while the promo video for this rivalry is shown.

BWA GMship on the line
Johnny Ace vs Gino Monsoon - Special Ref: Shane Douglas

Backstory:Ever since they were appointed the GMs were appointed they have been at each others throat and always trying to one up each other sometimes even to the detriment of BWA Raw. With this in mind and by the decree of BWA chairman Bounty Hunter we found out last week that both these men were placed back on the active roster and a winner takes all match booked for tonight. 2 men will be competing but only one will still have his job when were done and as if it needed any extra spice added to it John Lauriniatis's former tag partner Shane Douglas was added as special guest referee. Luckily enough for Monsoon though Douglas is supposed to have developed a real hatred for Johnny over the years.

Match: Monsoon is on top form as this one starts and his innovated Gorilla press slam has Johnny reeling from the get go, It isnt long before he is trying to finish things and hits a big airplane spin slam on Lauriniatis and goes for the pin.

What follows is a painfully slow count from Douglas. This enrages Monsoon and he gets right up in the special refs face. He looks like he is about to give him one hell of a beating but he never gets the chance instead Lauriniatis grabs him from behind with a roll up pin. This time its not a slow count though as it has become clearly evident that Douglas is back in cohoots with Lauriniatis. 1-2-3 and this one is over almost as fast as it started with Big Johnny now the permanent BWA Raw GM.

Winner: Johnny Ace

We are brought backstage to where Rey Mysterio is supposed to being interviewed but we are told the Mexican superstar is refusing to answer questions and says he will make a statement later tonight

elsewhere a dejected looking Gorilla Monsoon accepts a question from backstage reporter Josh Matthews about whats just gone down and how it has cost him his general manager position in the BWA

Monsoon: Will you stop Josh, I am the same man who fought sixty minute classics with BWA ledgend Bruno Sanmartino, I beat nearly everyone worth beating and if John Lauriniatis thinks thats the last of me then he has another thing coming. As you know im still on the active roster of the BWA and although i'll accept my fate with regards my GM position know this Johnny, I'm coming for you and your buddy Douglas

Intercontinental title match
WGS leader Jeff Jarrett vs Muhammad Hassan

Backstory: The WGTT had been attacking foreign wrestlers for a number of weeks but nobody knew why. They did however let slip that they were following anothers leadership and it soon became apparent who that was after the establishment of the self proclaimed Worlds Greatest Stable where Haas & Benjamin were joined by Dan "The Beast" Severn and the groups mouthpiece and leader who calls himself an American Hero, Jeff Jarrett. However another word more people seem to be using recently to describe him has been "Racist" as the groups anti-everyone but American rhetoric has really rilled many people up, most notably Muhammad Hassan. Hassan has personally overcome a lot of prejudice and racial sterotypes in his time since his time in the WWE and recently became a big fan favourite here in the BWA. This is the case to such an extent that he was recently a surprise entrant in the BWA/MTV joint venture BWA Legends house reality show, a show he walked off despite being the strong favourite when he heard that Jeff Jarrett had refered to him as "A Terrorist in waiting" in one of his promo's. Hassan returned and confronted both Jarrett and this supposed Worlds greates stable as quick as he could and almost just as quick tonights confrontation was booked. Jarrett has claimed he will defend and retire the IC belt tonight before introducing the US title in its stead and has even gone as far as suggesting that he would only allow American challengers for that belt then. Will this come to pass or will the fan favourite Hassan finally shut this bigots mouth once and for good? find out now

Before we get started Jarrett adresses the crowd here in Mexico

JJ: Ever since I arrived here I've had Mexican boys getting at my for what was it, o yeah, unfair sterotypes. (he lets out a little laugh and then continues) Well I want to say something to you all here tonight... I'm Sorry (a kinda shocked quiet decends on the arena momentarily until he goes on),

I'm sorry that Mexicans are generally lazy bumbs, I'm sorry your people fill up American unemployment lines and I'm sorry your wrestlers are masked spot monkeys. I really dont want these sterotypes to be true but I must say I'm sorry that they are. Alas despite wanting to rid the BWA of your wretched kind (there have been a lot of heat magnets here tonight but Jarrett rivals all of them here) I know that even you can learn from me so please do as you do best and take a break from doing a rich American's lawn and instead watch one show you how a real man wrestles.

The crowd nor Muhammad Hassan can take any more of this and he makes his way out to shut Jarrett up much to their relief.

Match: He starts fast and knocks Jarrett from one side of the ring to the other before Jeff rolls out of the ring. The announcers suggest he had been caught off guard by Hassan but their attension moves from this and swiftly onto the arrival of the new BWA tag team champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin on the ramp. Before they can have the slightest impact on the match however the ref also goes to the outside but only to bar them from ringside as security escourt them away.While all this was going on though the final member of the Worlds Greatest stable Dan Severn came through the crowd and slid under the ring undetected. The two competitors now back in the ring and joined with again by the ref meanwhile are going back and forth exchanging big moves. First Jarrett thinks he has the advantage after a Swinging neckbreaker then its Hassan's turn who connects with a snap suplex or two of his own. He then locks in his Camel clutch finishing move and looks in control.

Severn suddenly rears his head and checks out the goings on in the ring. As the announcers suggest its looks as if he may be planning to break the hold and save Jarrett here but before he can the man who defeated him earlier tonight Blue Demon Jr comes charging down the ramp. Just like earlier with Haas & Benjamin though the ref stops him and orders security to remove him. As he does this though the referee takes his eyes off the the in ring action and behind the ring where Severn had emerged and just Swing Jarrett's guitar at Hassan bringing it crashing down on his head breaking the hold and seemingly ending the challengers chances here.

When the ref looks back Severn has dissapeared by into the crowd and Jarrett is lying draped over fan favourite Hassan. 1-2-3 and we have a winner and still IC champion, the leader of the self proclaimed Worlds Greates Stable Jeff Jarrett

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Backstage we see HHH talking to John Lauriniatis, somthing about their meeting seems very shady but before the backstage announcer arrives Hunter has already left. Before doing so he lets out a little smirk and it seems he is happy with whatever was said. when finally confronted the sole GM of the BWA refuses to comment on what he was discussing with HHH but does remind everyone at home to join him tommorow night on BWA Raw, where he says he will lead a night of celebration for the new BWA champion. As we return to ringside the commentators suggest it's obvious who he wants as his champ.

Before the match which has been billed as tonights co-main event here in Mexico Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring to address the audience. It takes him a while before he is able to speak as the crowd are really on his back.

Rey: A few weeks ago I told you all about how I have been disrespected down the years. Whether that was by management overlooking me or by you the fans playing down my achievements and ability. I mean i'll be honest it hurt when I heard you guys say that I didnt deserve my reign as world champion, that I only got it because of Eddie Guerrero. I mean I was the man called the ultimate babyface, the man nobody boo'd and the man who would never let you down, i'd give 100% every night against far bigger opponents and yet none of that impressed you. To you I was just Eddie's mate and yet ask yourselves why in gods name did you love Eddie so much? He lied, he cheated and he stole to win his titles and to win your hearts and you know why... cos your all hypocrites (if the boos werent bad before they go off the scale now). You claim you want an honourable fighter, a role model someone to look up to but thats all garbage, i'll give you what you really want tonight, a son of a b!tch, that gets the job done cos thats what Eddie was. O yeah and before your favourites Mascaras and Blue Demon come out here i'd like to remind all you here tonight in Mexico of one thing and this isnt something new about me... I've been using you guys for years! god I love that hispanic market making me the big bucks, its you same fools that tonight will create a record for most masks in one public event thanks to my great marketing that will learn to cheer for me again after I beat your idols. You fools cling to the hope that Mexico is a great nation, well im sorry its not (damn ignore the boo's the BWA security now look worried we could have a riot on our hands). Why do you think I live in San Diego these days...

he seems like he could go on forever but instead he is interupted and the fans erupt as Mil Mascaras emerges sporting a Mexican flag mask. He truely is the man of a 1000 masks.

Loser loses his mask
Rey Mysterio vs Blue Demon vs Mil Mascaras

Backstory: As part of Monsoon & Lauriniatis trying to one up each other a number of high profile wrestlers were recently signed to the BWA label, the first among them was Rey Mysterio. He wasnt impressed however when on the very same night he made his debut big Johnny promised he would sign an even bigger Mexican superstar to the show the very next week. The following week Mil Mascaras was revealed as the BWA's most recent aquisition but in a shcoking move Rey spoiled the occasion attacking him after introducing him the the BWA audiences. The next Raw then say this new changed Rey demand a match at No Way out versus Mascaras to prove himself the betst Mexican in the BWA only to find out that he had already been booked in a match which say him face off against not only Mil Mascaras but also the legendary Blue Demon who's sudden arrival seriously threw Rey off his game. Now seemingly bitter and twisted Rey has not only renounced his Mexican fans but also promised he would take what his opponents treasure most from them, their masks. Who knows how he organised it but Rey made this a loser loses his mask match. Will that backfire on him or will one of these Lucha Legends be demasked for the first time ever right here in Mexico City tonight.

Match: This one starts fast and with a classic luch libre feel and ha great crowd interaction throughout with many in attendance considering this the true main event tonight. Its Mil Mascaras who goes for the first big impact move lifting Blue Demon up for a Vertical suplex. The nature of the triple threat match though doesent allow this as Rey Mysterio catches Mascaras with a big dropkick mid move knocking him to the mat and sending Blue Demon to the outside and taking him out of the match in the early going. Much to the crowds displeasure Mysterio now gets on top of the match and after countering Mascaras's attempt at retaliation with a DDT begins working on his opponents neck with a Dragon sleeper.

Mysterio is extra aggresive tonight and continously tries to tear Mascaras's mask off while applying this maneuver. Mascaras is able to break the hold but as he rises to his feet Mysterio catches him with a headscissors takedown that leaves Mascaras lying on the bottom rope and prone for a 619 which Mysterio signals for. As he goes for it though Blue Demon who is now back to his feet grabs him in mid air and throws him to the outside before re-entering the ring himself. He gives a nod of respect to Mascaras who is now back to his feet before the two go at it.

Several punches, arm drags and big crossbodies later and Blue Demon is just about gaining control. He gives a big Irish whip into the corner after which another big cross body follows. At this point Rey is back on his feet and although outside the ring makes his way to the corner all the action is happening in and gets a few cheap shots in on Mascaras before once again going for his mask. While trying to tear it from his face Mysterio is hit by a big baseball slide by Blue Demon who now joins Mysterio on the outside and the 2 begin to brawl. This allows Mascaras a moment to compose himself but he quickly rejoins the action climbing the turnbuckle and doing his signature Diving Crossbody Press onto both his opponents. Again its Mysterio who seems to take the brunt of the damage and is left on the outside as the other two mexican wrestlers return to the ring.

Mascaras this time seems to be the one who gets the better of the exchanges between the two and after a big bear hug he has Blue Demon reeling. He charges at his downed opponent but is unexpectidly caught by a sweep to his leg that again sends him crashing into the bottom turnbuckle in the corner. Once more back to his feet on the outside Rey gets a few punches on on his downed opponent and then this time succesfully rips Mascaras's mask clean off his face. The Mexican legend covers his face with his hands before he can be viewed by the live audience and rolls out of the ring almost immediatly. He looks like he desperatly wants to go after Rey who has now re-enterd the ring and is goading Blue Demon with Mascaras's mask suggesting he will be next, instead though he makes his way to the back and the announcers suggest that he has been a loser here tonight with his mask on the line without even being pinned.

Mysterio mask/trophy in hand now seems supremly confident and as Blue Demon comes at him seems ligh on his feet avoiding attack and getting his counterpart with an armdrag counter which he follows up with a by going to the corner and as Blue Demon rises hitting him with a diving hurricanrana. He is now truely on top and climbs the top turnbuckle and sets himself up for a frog splash. Blue Demon though moves out of the way at the last second leaving Rey truely winded and prone as his is subjected to Blue Demon's Octopus hold. Blue Demon decides though to break the hold himself and points to the corner where he then climbs to the top rope and with Mysterio already down and struggling to breath goes for his own Frog Splash. As he does so he mimics the motions of the late Eddie Guerrero who Mysterio disrespected early tonight and yes he connects with it. 1-2-3! we have a winner.

Winner: Blue Demon, Pinned: Rey Mysterio

Blue Demon quickly elevates Rey to his Knees and undoes his mask revealing him to the world before leaving the ring. a few seconds later Rey gets back to his feet and his no visable facial features show just how angry he is. The little man even goes as far as spitting at Blue Demon who is now on the outside of the ring but despite the boos now being aimed at Rey the crowd was damn happy with that finish.

Before tonights main event Howard Finkel gets on the mic and has this to say

"Ladies and Gentleman, it is now time for tonights main event but I have just been informed that Mr John Lauriniatis who earlier tonight won total control of the general managers office here in the BWA has made a change to the match. Tonights main event match up is now... An Iron Man Match!"

the crowd go wild after the annnoucement and the announcers talk about how we are going to get atleast 1 hour of Danielson vs HHH here tonight and should be in for a treat (one suggests maybe this change is what Hunter was talking to Johnny about earlier) as the Fink starts introducing the competitors.

BWA World title Iron Man match
Bryan Danielson vs Triple H

Backstory: With two feuding GMs one thing which was thing which seemed to suffer recently and may have been a defining factor in BWA Chairman Bounty Hunter deciding one man needed to be in charge was communication. This was clearly evident when John Lauriniates attempted to award his talent aquisition Triple H the vacant BWA world title. He obviously hadnt checked with Gorilla Monsoon otherwise there would have been less shock the night the BWA universe was set a buzz as Bryan Danielson interupted proceedings. The American Dragon brought with him his WWE world title which he never lost and not only a claim to being the best in the world but also that he had been guaranteed a n oppoirtunity to prove this claim in a BWA world title match. Despite HHH's claims that Bryan was no more than an internet sensation and meerly the so called king of the Indies while he was the King of Kings and true best in the industry this match was booked for No Way Out. People have questioned wether this could mark the end of an era, if Hunter can get the job done without Vince or Steph by his side but in the weeks following the announcement it has been The Game who has stood tall at the end of most BWA Raw's and often at Danielson's expense. It was only 1 week ago that Hunter gave Bryan a pedigree in the center of the ring and now it seems he has the momentum as even the message boards have swung in his favour suggesting his experience in such environments will take him over the line. It should be noted that at the recent BWA/WECWF/MNG PPV Hunter not only defeated MNG champion Mitsuharu Misawa but also saw too it that Danielson went through hell at the hand of his D-Generation X cohort HBK. The underhanded tactics HHH has shown since this rivalry has begun is one reason the fans have begun to think he will do what it takes to go home with the gold tonight but its also why many hope he doesent. Bryan Danielson has shown himself to offer a more honourable way forward, he would show the company in the most favourable light, but can he overcome the odds can he play the game and win here tonight? With this now officially a Iron Man match it will take more than a one off flook to prove he's the best in the world but and as he makes his way down the ramp despite looking focussed the announcers suggest the occasion may be getting to him as he looks less jovial than usual.

Match: After Hunter's entrance he makes his way into the irng and the two face off for what seems an age as crowd anticipation builds to a frenzy before they finally lock up.

It starts out with both men tussling for position with numerous reversals and surprisingly its HHH who impresses using his mat based wrestling skills to get on top. He catches Danielson in a sleeper hold and slowly wears the man down before the underhanded tactics start early as he uncovers a turnbuckle while the ref is making sure his opponent can breath properly. He looks to set Danielson who has just gotten back up for a belly to belly which would send him into the now exposed metal but after Bryan springs at him with kick to the temple the game is sent reeling back into the corner. Danielson backs up and the goes to charge at Hunter but HHH hasnt been weakened too much already and can move out of the way in time and instead sees Danieslon go head first into the turnbuckle. Danielson looks like he is out cold as the game goes for the first pin attempt of the night. 1-2 no kickout!

Triple H looks pissed he couldnt finish this one early and picks danielson up to his feet before immediatly tossing him to the outside. On the outside as the announcers note Hunter shows a real mean streak which they suggest he will need tonight and dishes out a serious beatdown. He stops occasionally to stop the ref from counting him out but each time Danielson who looks determined to not even lose 1 pinfall in this Ironman contest gets back into the ring also just before the 10 count. This is even the case after HHH had hit him with a running knee strike when he was on the ring apron and sent him crashing into the announce table. It's clear to see the frustration growing within HHH as he eventually allows Danielson into the ring and the contest to continue. It seems like he has been in near total control since the start however which makes it more of a shock when The American Dragon is able to catch him with his Labelle lock after returning to the ring. Again though Danielson has not worn Hunter down enough and the game is able ot quickly power out of this but now as the two rise to their feet Danielson is oddly smiling it seems he thinks he can take whatever the game can dish out. HHH rushes at his for a clothesline and if the game wasnt frustrated before he is after Danielson avoids this and instead rolls him up in a small package. 1-2 no HHH kicksout!

Danielson is somehow now on top and when HHH gets to his feet he is already up and hits a sweet dropkick and then wit the game grounded locks in his Cattle Mutilation submission. The crowd are on their edge of their feet a "Bryan Danielson" chant breaks out but it seems this is only monetary as 1 rake to the eyes later and the hold has been broken. This time it's HHH who is first to his feet with Danielosn really selling his eye injury and the game is able to toss him once again head first into the exposed turnbuckle on the other side of the ring. Only now does the referee notice this though and as Hunter goes for a pin is fixing it instead of making the count. Hunter frustration finally gets the best of him as he gets up and grabs the ref. He delivers a verbal beatdown on the official before demanding he make the count and turning back to his opponent. His attention had been away 1 second too long though and he turned straight into another small package pin attempt and as he was orderd to the Ref makes the count, 1-2-3! 1 fall victory goes to Bryan Danielson.

a second later Hunter kicked out and man did he look unhappy and deliverd a thunderous right hand to Danielson who was still celebrating his pinfall. As he was reeling Hunter exited the ring and quickly reaching under the ring and got what the announcers wear fearing he was going for, his Sledgehammer! As he gets back into the ring the ref gets inbetween him and Danielson warning Hunter he will be disqualified if he uses that weapon. A moment later that same ref is rolling around on the outside after recieving a shot from the wooden handel of the hammer to the head. A minute or so later when a second ref runs out a second fall is officially added to Danielsons tally as a result of disqualification but Hunter does his utmost to ensure that he does as much damage as is possible to his opponent before the third fall with not one but two sledgehammer shots to Danielson's head and this time not with the handel. 2-0 Danielson

Upion his arrival the second ref refuses to make a pincount for HHH as he wants to check Danielson is concious first but when Bryan begins to move albeit very gingerly his is forced to allow action to continue. Perhaps he could have done otherwise but Danielson himself said he wanted to continue. Perhaps that was a mistake though because atleast at this second he is in no real condition to handle any offense from HHH. Thats exactly what comes his way though in the form of repeated leg stomp befor ehe is dragged into the centre of the ring as Hunter then applies a figure four leg lock. Considering his current condition its amazing Danielson doesent tap immediatly but after nearly a minute in the hold he tap and his lead is cut back down to 2-1 with nearly 10 minutes remaining in this Iron Man contest.

Danielson rolls out of the ring to try and get a bit of a breather but as the announces note Hunter really hasnt taken too much offense here tonight, he got caught in a roll up pinfall and was DQd for his losses but he's not too beaten up and obviously mentally still on the ball as he wont allow Danielson get any time instead following him to the outisde and continuing the assault there. He eventually tosses Danielson into the ring steps before getting back into the ring and hoping for a ten count but just as early Danielson gets back in just before the count is completed. He exchanges rights with HHH but its clear to see all his remaining energy is going into this and when Hunter catches him with a kick to the gut he looks out on his feet which obviously isnt the ideal time for Triple H to set him up for the pedigree, but thats what happens and there is litterally nothing Danielson can do to stop it. 1-2-3! things are starting to look bleak for the American Dragon with only 3 or so minutes remaining and the score tied at 2 pinfalls each.`

Triple H meanwhile looks if anything over confident as he waits for the ref to allow him to go back to work. He even does a DX crotch chop towards the downed Danielson as the ref finally suggests action can resume with Danielson momentarily back on his feet. A DDT changes that though and second later HHH is once again signalling for a Pedigree. He reaches down to lift Bryan up bugt is unexpectidly caught with an armdrag takedown that Danielson astonishingly transitions into his Cattle Mutilation submission. 2 minutes remain on the clock and HHH is doing everything he can to break the hold but placed in the centre of the ring he cant make the ropes and as the announcers point out Danielson seems to be using every single ounce of strenght he has to keep the hold in place. 2mins left now and despite Triple H's having had the best of the past hour it's the game really struggling here. No matter what he tries Danielson keep him held in place as the crowd shout 1min! they again start chanting as the last 20 seconds begin to be counted down on the titantron. Despite the crowd being so into they are momentarily silenced in shock as HHH finally taps out with 10 seconds remaining. Yes Yes Yes Bryan Danielson rolls around celebrating on the ground lacking the power initially the get to his feet as the countdown reaches zero. it ends with 3-2 win count and a new BWA World Heavyweight champion is crowned!

Winner: Bryan Danielson
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HHH looks like a broken man, he literally threw everything he had at Bryan Danielson here tonight but its the American Dragon that the Mexican crowd are now chanting for as if he were one of their own. It's a new day in the BWA and as he (Bryan) will say on the next nights raw, it seems the chinese calendar was a few months off as now the year of the Dragon has now truely begun.

BWA Roster 2012:
Triple H
Bryan Danielson
Kenta Kobashi
Mil Mascaras
Killer Kowalski
Rey Mysterio
Jeff Jarett
Muhammad Hussan
Gorilla Monsoon
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
John Laurenaitis
Masato Tanaka
Necro Butcher
Blue Demon
Blue Demon Jr
Shinjiro Otani
Shane Douglas

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Takeshi Morishima .v. Bob Sapp

3 week build...


Week 1:

After Bob Sapp wins his match with Genichiro Tenryu via a distraction from Masahiro Chono, and his subsequent spear, he's about to do an interview, when Morishima comes from behind, and delivers hit patented belly-to-back suplex on Sapp onto the concrete floor.

he then drapes a Japanese flag over Sapp's prone body.

Week 2:

Morishima comes out with a Japanese flag, and instead of his theme music, the Japanese National Anthem rings out across the arena.

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He gets in the ring, and talks (through an interpreter) about his pride in Japan. He's born and bred in the heart of Tokyo. He is fiercely proud of his people, and will do anything to protect the honour of his country.

and that includes destroying Bob Sapp. He calls Sapp an embarrassment. a man who says he has tried to engage with the Japanese culture, but has failed miserably, and all he's succeeded in doing is make a mockery of himself, and more importantly, cause embarrassment to his people, through ads such as this (which is played on the Tron)...

the crowd laugh hysterically, much to the annoyance of Morishima.

at that point Sapp comes out, and he actually does the dance from the ad on the way out. he says he loves Japan, and never meant to disrespect anyone, and knows for a fact that he didn't. he's proud to have made a living in Japan, and will continue to do so. he also loves the people. but if Morishima has a problem with it, then all he had to do was man up (as Sapp now walks to the ring), and tell him his problem face-to-face.

Morishima proclaims himself someone who has been champion all over the world, and represented japan all over the world. he knows what his people think, he knows what offends them, and he doesn't need some "negro" telling him what his people think.

(this garners a gasp from the crowd)

As Sapp enters the ring, Morishima slips out. Sapp's face changes from relaxed, to anger. and he challenges Morishima to a match at SWF Revelation in 2 weeks.

Morishima nods his head, and he can be seen to be mouthing "for Japan". Meanwhile, the interpreter has taken the flag and tries to smash Sapp over the back with it from behind. Sapp shrugs it off, then spears him to the delight of the crowd.

Week 3 (Final Week before SWF Revelation):

Morishima comes out for a match with a local jobber. He wins in 2 minutes with his belly-to-back suplex.

In victory, he grabs the Japanese flag, puts his hand on his heart, the Japanese National Anthem starts to play, and he starts to sing.

after 30 seconds of this, and some monstrous booing from the crowd, the American anthem starts to ring out, and Sapp comes out draped in an American flag, much to the delight of the crowd. Sapp gets in the ring, Morishima is píssed, and they start to go at it trading punches. Sapp gets the best of it, throwing Morishima over the top rope, as the proud Japanese star retreats to the back.

and so the match is set for SWF Revelation...a grudge match of huge proportions...

Takeshi Morishima v Bob Sapp

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Part II

Backstage we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jnr entering GM Bobby Heenan's office

Match 5 - Steve Blackman (C) V Brian Pillman V Rob Terry V Tyler Reks for the LWE Hardcore Title Extreme Rules Match

Terry and Reks start fighting down the ramp even before they make the ring. Pillman comes out riding his bicyle and throws some stuff from under the ring into the ring. Blackman comes out with the title and a kendo stick. He knocks out both Reks and Terry on the way to ring. Pillman throws a bin at him but Blackman ducks and hits Pillman with the kendo stick. Blackman is in control of the match from the start. Reks and Terry finally get in the ring and Blackman hits Terry with a chair twice. Reks gets Blackman's kendo stick and uses on him. Pillman is up and is using a Singapore cane on all three. He tries for a cover on Reks but he kicks out. Pillman then tries for a cover on Blackman and he too kicks out. All four men are going at it for a good 20 minutes when John Morrison comes out and he and Pillman fight all the way to the backstage area. Reks and Blackman are not fighting each other up the ramp. Terry is down outside the ring. He is trying to get to his feet he is bleeding from the head and mouth. Reks goes for two covers on Blacvkman but he kicks out. The have made it up the titantron and both start climbing it. Blackman knocks Reks off with a Singapore cane and then does a diving elbow drop and covers him for the win.

Winner and still LWE Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman

Pillman and Morrison are still fighting backstage and security tries to break it up. Mercury comes and picks up a dustbin and knocks out Morrison. He tells Morrison he belongs in the trash and that he too has tasted Melina and he wont be going back for seconds so he can keep her and walks off.

Match 6 - Christian V Cody Rhodes V James Storm V Nigel McGuinness for the LWE World Title

McGuinness is out first then followed by Storm, Christian and Rhodes. All four are in the ring and Rhodes knows that all of them will team up and attack him first so he rolls out of the ring. McGuinness takes down but Storm and Christian. McGuinness works away on Storm. Rhodes pulls Christian out of the ring and they are fighting outside the ring. Rhodes throws Christian into the ringpost and works on his injuried ribs. McGuinness goes for a few covers on Storm but he kicks out three times. Rhodes comes back in the ring and him and McGuinness go at it. Christian is down outside the ring and Storm down inside. Rhodes tries to cover Storm but McGuinness pulls him off. Storm gets to feet while McGuinness and Rhodes are fighting and starts to gain some momentum against them taking them both down. Christian is trying to climb slowly into the ring. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Rhodes but can get the cover as McGuinness throws him out of the ring. Christian spears McGuinness and also knocks the ref down. Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig run down and attack Christian in the ring. They pull Rhodes on top of Christian for the pin but the ref is down. Heenan comes out and Ted DiBiase Jnr and Joseph Hennig leave the ring and stand at the outer side. Heenan checks on the ref and calls for a second ref to come out. The second ref counts but Christian kicks out at 2. Rhodes gets up and goes to hit the Cross Rhodes on Christian but McGuinness goes back in the ring and knocks down both Rhodes and Christian. Hennig catches McGuinness's leg from the outside and he falls and he is pulled out of the ring. The ref is going to ring the bell but Heenan tells him no that is it now no disqualification match. Heenan gets a chair and takes out McGuinness outside the ring. DiBiase and Hennig work on Storm also outside the ring and leave him laying down outside. Rhodes is now sitting Christian up for the Cross Rhodes which he executes and goes for the cover 1, 2, 3, Rhodes has won and he, DiBiase, Hennig and Heenan celebrate in the ring. Wait music is played and it is Donna Summer 's track She Works Hard For The Money and the owner and former GM Liz makes her way out with a mic. She says this match isnt over yet and will be restarted she tells Heenan he is fired and gets security to escort him out. Heenan is mad and is mouthing off while been taken out. She tells DiBiase and Hennig if they dont leave the ring now they will also be stripped of their titles and fired. DiBiase is mad but eventually they leave. Rhodes is livid as he thought he had the match won with Heenan and his cohorts DiBiase and Hennig's help. The ref rings the bell and the match restarts Rhodes still mad is surpised by Christian who hits the Killswitch and pins Rhodes 1, 2, 3 and wins. Liz claps from the titantron and the ref raises Christian's hand as the new LWE world champion.

Winner and new LWE World Champion is Christian

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