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Hi lads,

If I wanted to buy tickets to a Liverpool match as a gift for a Liverpool supporter (I'm not one myself), how would I go about doing this without trying to get tickets through another fan?

Is it possible? It doesn't really matter what match or whether home or away, just wondering how I would go about this.


AdrianII Registered User

the way getting tickets goes for liverpool is the following:

Season Tickets or a Membership card.
With the member card you build up loyalty with ever game you attend. So the cat 1 games usually sell to season tickets and members with 6+ home games on there card.

Then for the cat 2 and 3 games, if they dont sell out to the season tickets and high loyalt members, then they reduce the attenance required - ie 2 or 3 games loyaly.

Then if they still cant shift the game they will release it to the general public.

So your options are either find someone with a membership and spare tickets or wait for a game that goes to general sale.

Hope that helps.

Or else look out on here for lads selling tickets - i have 2 tickets for the west brom game in april and im not 100% sure i can make it (if i cant i will post them on here)

Maximus Alexander Registered User

Thanks for your help. I had a feeling it would be like that, but wasn't sure of the specifics.

Do you know where would be the best place to keep an eye out for games going on general sale?

AdrianII Registered User

either at the box office or keep an eye out here then ring the ticket office

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