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Has anyone tried this product?

Is it worth gettting?
Does it make any discernable difference to the sound of your acoustic

Here's the demo, but produced by the company itself so has to be biased Registered User

I have one in my Guitar. As a Planet Waves dealer when they came in I thought this looks like an interesting concept so I fitted one. My Guitar has a good bass end anyway but I noticed a little boost to the bass with the O-port. Not much but noticeable. I'd imagine it depends on the Guitar though.

Prior to the O-port I never had any issues with feedback when plugged in but at least with the O-port you're not shutting off the soundhole.

Interesting product that hasn't really taken off, as yet

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Squidgy Black Registered User

I've used a similar product on kick drums if that helps....

I dunno if it's that useful to be honest, surely it won't be as good as a normal soundhole cover for repressing feedback?

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