I was looking at universities for 2013 and am interested in doing physiotherapy.

Some of them have experience with physiotherapist as an entry requirement.

Do I have to do this for everywhere and is it just spending a week or two with a physio (I'll have to line something up over summer if I do).

Thanks, just need to clear it up as I don't want that to be a reason I don't get a course.


It's probably good to have some experience regardless of whether or not it's a requirement. I'm applying for primary teaching in the UK and experience isn't a requirement for all the courses but I'm glad to have it.

JackD9922 Registered User

Experience is vital if you are applying to the UK for a BSc of Physiotherapy. You really really need it to stand a chance

Vista255 Registered User

what if you have a ITEC cert in Holistic Massage Therapy an worked with clients?

JackD9922 Registered User

No unfortunately that wont do, colleges require hospital work experience. I am sure your ITEC qualification's experience would be another thing to add to your PS but I certainly would be relying on it.

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